10 Recruitment Hacks For Your Search Agency

As a search agency, seeking the perfect candidates to fill specific requirements for a position can become a cumbersome task especially with the constantly evolving environment of the recruitment industry! Today, the world of recruitment has evolved to a great degree. The recruitment industry has become much more candidate-driven and not to mention the advancements in technology.

To help you stay caught up in your recruiting game, here are ten recruitment hacks for your search agency to search for the ideal candidates in this competitive and ever-growing field!

1. Hire Smarter With Technology And AI

It’s safe to say that the rise of technology and AI has caused a paradigm shift by revolutionising the recruitment landscape by automating certain tasks, reducing manual workload, and not to mention the huge cost and time savings. As a result, the entire recruitment process has evolved to become more innovative and dynamic. One of the smartest ways to incorporate technology into the recruiting process is integrating an automated Applicant Tracking System.

Applicant Tracking Systems have become such an integral part of staffing and recruitment agencies; according to a report by Capterra, 94% of recruiters and hiring professionals say their ATS or recruiting software has positively impacted their hiring process. It’s not just applicant tracking systems that are a game-changer for recruitment; other tools and software, including AI, talent rediscovery software, and automation features, significantly contribute to the productivity of recruitment agencies.

2. Make Use Of Social Recruiting

In recent years, one of the most flourishing recruitment trends has been using social media platforms to attract skilled candidates for open positions. With the limitless possibilities of the internet, information is available right at our fingertips making it easier than ever to source the perfect candidates!

Social recruiting has become such a significant part of attracting candidates these days that 75% of candidates first seek out the company’s site and social media to learn more about the employer (According to employer brand statistics by LinkedIn).

Social recruiting is an excellent way to source candidates for those hard-to-fill positions. Many experts can be found through numerous social media platforms like LinkedIn and even places like Quora. Another benefit to social recruiting is that it’s a great way to handle your employer branding. Globally, many job seekers spend their time on social media daily, so why miss out on such an opportunity?

3. Include Skill Assessment or Psychometric Tools During Interviews

Getting to know a candidate through resumes, applications, and interviews can only go so far. Therefore, pre-employment assessments such as work samples, skill assessment tests and psychometric tools are essential predictors of job performance for a role. Skill assessment tests give a clear insight into a candidate by objectively allowing you to evaluate them based on various soft and technical skills. Along with this, it also saves time as it provides more predictive accuracy during the selection process. Skill assessment and psychometric testing go far beyond screening candidates based on experience and educational qualifications, adding more rigour to hiring decisions.

4. Source Beyond The Obvious Places

To be the best at your game in such a competitive environment, it’s essential to expand your search in finding the perfect candidate beyond the conventional ways. But why is it so important to source through unconventional ways? Sourcing through job boards has fallen, and engagement with candidates through social networking has become more predominant. As mentioned, it’s important to expand your use of social media for sourcing candidates. These platforms can include Twitter, Quora, Facebook, and other niche sites like Talentbin. Besides social media, you can also keep an eye out for candidates by checking out speaker lists at professional events or alumni associations and encouraging employee referrals.

5. Write Effective Job Descriptions

You’ll be surprised at how many potential candidates miss out on applying for a position due to unclear or unrealistic job descriptions. This overlooked aspect of candidate sourcing is the very first factor that attracts potential candidates. Therefore, it’s crucial to perfect your job descriptions by making sure that they are brief, straightforward and hold all the necessary information about the position. Make sure your job descriptions reflect realistic expectations for the candidate by focussing on what’s expected from future projects instead of being specific about tasks. This helps give candidates better insight into what’s expected of them for the long term. Don’t forget to mention any incentives or added benefits about working for the required position!

6. Communication Is Key!

As a recruiter, you’ll receive countless applications for multiple positions in a day, and communication alone can take up a good chunk of your day. However, communication sets an impression amongst the candidates, deciding their willingness to work for a particular employer. To keep your candidates in the loop, establish clear and consistent communication throughout the entire process and take it a step further by using automated messages! Automation in communication can save hours of your day, and it ensures that all candidates are updated throughout the selection process.

7. Build A Talent Pool

Building a robust database of potential candidates can simplify sourcing by eliminating the dependency on external sources. A talent pool speeds up sourcing by shortlisting previous candidates who match the current set of specifications required for a role. Building a talent pool effectively increases your chance to find the perfect candidate. It reduces hiring time, as a potential candidate could be sitting in your database waiting to be discovered. An excellent talent pool has numerous benefits like saving time, reducing cost per hire, and improving hire quality!

8. Standardize The Hiring Process As Much As Possible

The hiring process can be extremely time-consuming. To save time communicating with candidates, consider using templates for emails, offer letters, job descriptions and rejection letters to create more uniformity. Other than optimising efficiency and effort, it also creates a more professional impact on candidates. Standardisation and automation of these simple tasks can streamline the hiring process’s time-consuming tasks and add a level of credibility!

9. Invest In Employer Branding

Creating an authentic and positive employer brand is the best way to attract potential candidates for an open role as it creates a sense of loyalty and credibility amongst potential candidates. To attract the best talent, it’s important to understand the needs and expectations of who would want to work for a particular role. Without a strong employer brand, you’re set to miss out on top candidates. Most importantly, employer branding makes a company a good employer and stands out to potential candidates.

10. Adopt Mobile Recruiting

If there’s anything that the pandemic has taught us it is the impact of remote working on the workforce! More and more employees are starting to adopt mobile work, making it crucial for hiring staff to consider mobile or online recruiting practices to attract candidates. Mobile recruiting provides a great benefit by allowing you to work on the go, providing greater flexibility and productivity. It also makes it easier to assess candidates by conducting everything online, cutting costs and time for both recruiters and candidates.

As a search agency, it can become overwhelming to deal with vast amounts of data and people, but it is vital to stay at the top of your game as the world of recruitment is constantly evolving. Hence, as mentioned, adopting simple but effective strategies can take you far, along with consistency.

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