6 Different Varieties of Chatbots You Can Include in Your Business Process

The demand for chatbots is no longer hidden to anyone. We all know how brilliantly these virtual assistants can draw a conclusion for any business belonging to any field. Considering the recent market analysis, the chatbot market size is expected to reach 102.29 billion by 2026, with a CAGR of 34.75%. Definitely, it’s a huge hike if you follow the 2020 report. Companies are literally going crazy about incorporating chatbot software into their systems. However, chatbot deployment is not as easy as it seems to!

What is a chatbot, according to you?

A chatbot is basically a robotic machine that can simulate human-like conversation allowing business to improve their end-user interactions. Now, not necessarily; the end-user has to be a customer or a potential buyer. It can even be your internal employee searching for any query online. For example, chatbots integrated with employee management software, usually known as HR chatbots, are preferably used to serve the employees within the organization.

Likewise, multiple varieties of bots are available in the market that can serve different purposes. It is necessary to learn about them in detail so as to find it easier when it comes to incorporation.

6 Different chatbots you may include in your business process

1. Welcome chatbots: Welcome chatbots are required for all. No matter what business you opt for, you require someone to greet your clients as well as your employees. Such a gesture adds value to the brand. Thanks to the bots that perform the job without making any tired faces.

Whenever a potential buyer stops at the brand website, the bot pops up with a greeting message saying, “Hi! Welcome to XYZ. How may I help you?” Such messages trigger the prospects to share their requirements or priorities and think about an ideal purchase.

Even the same thing happens with any new employee joining the employee portal. The greeting message encourages the new hires to stay focused and engaged with the organization.

2. After-hours chatbots: After-hours chatbots are a savior for any business. Human support agents are not available after a certain period of time. This is when chatbot software performs its magic. Unlike the human support agents, the bots are utilized to serve the customers who connect the brand after office hours. Without taking any break, the bots provide customer support 24/7.

Besides supporting the customers, these bots can even be leveraged to serve the employees who find trouble in performing any business operation. When their issues remain unattended by the managers or supervisors, the bots come up with instant and accurate solutions. That’s the reason why they are integrated into the employee management software.

3. Lead generation chatbots: Chatbots are considered the future of marketing, compelling marketers to think twice before skipping them. They can boost customer interactions, build customer-business relationships, generate potential leads, and much more.

In order to drive in more new potential customers, businesses usually appoint a marketing team. They are responsible for interacting with the prospects and convincing them to make any purchase. However, the entire job takes enough time and effort. This is where chatbots come in. They can build smooth conversations, collect necessary information like customer email addresses, contact details, interests, etc., and use them whenever required.

4. Survey chatbots: Next comes the survey chatbots that can bring greater insight into the customer behavior, their interests, and priorities. For every business to grow, learning about the customer’s requirements and demands is very necessary. This enables the business to be more customer-friendly, leading to high customer satisfaction and a strong customer retention rate.

Feedback and ratings reflect the customer’s opinion and perspectives towards the brand. Even if you talk about employee feedback, they give a clear outlook about the employee’s behavior towards the organization. In both cases, survey chatbots play a vital role. Unlike circulating a survey form manually, the bots come up with a digital form where the end-users are asked to fill them with the details. These bots work efficiently when it comes to generating real-time feedback from customers or employees.

5. Appointment scheduling chatbots: Scheduling appointments is an important HR task that needs to be handled with utmost care. Managers are given the responsibility to interact with the customers and fix an appointment based on their convenience. The same goes for the employees. This, of course, requires proper concentration and efforts to handle the matter effectively.

With the use of chatbot software, not just do the managers get the flexibility to focus more on core competencies, but even the customers find it easier to make an appointment. For example, if you consider a healthcare organization, patients often look for an immediate appointment. Instead of visiting the clinics or making a voice call, they can simply use bots and book appointments. Nothing can be more convenient than this!

6. Competition chatbots: Undoubtedly, chatbots are good at handling a plethora of tasks. But they can even add fun to the customer journey as well. Besides allowing business to meet their business goals, they can entertain clients by conducting brand quizzes and learning programs. Winners are, of course, rewarded with discounts, offers, and free gifts. Such initiatives encourage the customers to stay connected with the brand entity for a long time.

Conducting a quiz program manually or in person is really time-consuming. Brands hardly have that time to let the team members work on these extra jobs. Nevertheless, such entertainments bring in more sales, improve productivity, efficiency, and overall business growth.

You can even introduce competition chatbots into your workforce management software to motivate and excite your employees towards their job. Employee retention and employee encouragement are more visible with these chatbots.

The Bottom Line

A chatbot software is designed with machine learning technology that can understand every user intent and make sentiment analysis. This helps the bots to deliver accurate and instant information to the users whenever required.

Chatbots are the pleasure for every business serving their clients on time. Of course, they are using the same AI solutions to assist their employees as well. You just can’t forget about the payroll bots integrated with payroll processing software. They equally benefit the business in acquiring tons of opportunities.

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