10 Amazing Benefits of Education App Development

A few years back, when we talked about education, all we would think of straight away is a white or blackboard. But now, in this digital era, everything has changed.

Today, when we talk about education? There are now modern thoughts which enter the mind, and these are Web and Mobile apps. This is known as the digital advancement in the education industry. Many schools have been closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the traditional classrooms being shifted to digital classes. The evolution of the education industry was excellent in 2020. The students became tech-savvy and extra smart because of the digital trend spreading like a forest fire.

Educational Apps are making our lives a lot more immersive and fun. Learning apps assist students in the process of learning new and interesting things. Educational mobile apps are fast emerging as potent tools of learning for every student. Indeed, Mobile education is a fast-growing trend that people worldwide embrace with open arms. Both parents and teachers also encourage children to use mobile learning apps to enhance their skills and overall competence level. In this article, I’ve mentioned ten amazing benefits for education app development. But first, let’s see the educational technology market size and stats.

Education Technology Market Size

According to GrandViewResearch, In 2020, the global education technology market size was valued at USD 89.49 billion, and is anticipated to witness a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 19.9% and will value at USD 17.80851 billion from 2021 to 2028. This clearly states that digital technology can improve access to education. Learners are also increasingly moving toward eBooks that can be accessed online from anywhere worldwide.

Education Mobile Application development is shining brightly even in a dark situation like COVID-19. Education applications are a life-saver for kids, adults, and those who want to sharpen their knowledge, tech skills and soft skills. So, now let’s move towards the benefits of education app development.

Advantages of Using Education Apps

1. 24*7 Availability

If we talk about traditional learning methods, students have to follow a particular timetable in school or institutions. But via educational mobile learning apps, they can study whenever they want. For learning digitally, students all need a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, with an internet connection and probably some pre-installed learning apps.

With 24*7 availability, most of these learning apps have child-friendly controls. Thus the kids can also use them independently without a problem. If a student needs the answer to any of his queries, they just have to log on to the educational app, and the work is done.

2. Better Access To Learning Resources

Indeed, libraries are very helpful to students, but mobile phones are the most popular and constant access to learning resources in this digital era. It provides flexibility to the students, allowing students to not carry large books to their home on a frequent basis. A typical mobile phone will have enough space to store as much information as a personal library collection.

There are applications such as book searching apps, which can help your student find better learning resources on any given precise topic. The most astonishing thing about these educational apps is that they can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

3. Improved Parent-Teacher Communication & Bring Transparency

The main concept of parent-teacher interaction is required for performance enhancement. Both parties may be often busy, so it is impossible to maintain consistent compatibility through physical interactions. But with mobile learning apps, teachers can now respond to the parents’ queries anywhere and anytime, which imparts transparency into the student’s growth in learning. Educational apps help to develop parent-teacher relations beyond the walls of educational institutes and bring transparency to the education industry.

4. Entertainment

Educational mobile apps promote entertainment also. However, learning is not a passive activity. While the lessons to learn are changed into the game via using gamification, the face of education is changed. Each level of the game inspires the students to reach the next level. Therefore, without a doubt, apps enhance education without the boring homework and lectures that students usually face. Thus various education app development services in the education sector are set to flourish.

Students have now significantly taken up modern ways of learning through educational mobile apps. These apps simplify student problems and aid learning. So yes, Mobile apps are the future of the education sector and, in turn, leading an education institution towards app development makes sense.

5. Digital Textbooks

For most students, traditional textbooks are a necessary evil. They’re expensive, heavy, and sometimes often underused by teachers, only requiring the book for a few key chapters. As digital learning methods become increasingly important and the world of employment favors the technologically savvy, it’s essential to embrace the digitization of printed books. While reading or learning, students can highlight a particular section and immediately search for significant terms, hear audio translations, adjust font, and many more. In addition, many digital textbooks provide practice questions and online quizzes based on the lessons that they have read.

6. Automatic Grading

An automated grading system allows instructors to quickly grade multiple complex computer literacy assignments. Key to the system’s success is the system’s ability to learn the correct and incorrect responses and store them for the future. Automatic Grading has a few vital benefits for educators:

  • It’s a very efficient way of grading tests, quizzes, essays, and other work.
  • It reduces the workload size and saves an enormous amount of time while also instantly grading students.
  • It will minimize the misclassification of students based on marks.
  • It will eliminate deleterious competition among high achievers.
  • It will provide the learner with more flexibility and will reduce societal burden.
  • It will lead to a focus on a better learning environment.

7. Leisure Hours Utilization

Childrens always have a lot of free time, which is often used for watching entertainment. With educational mobile learning apps, children can use their leisure hours to learn something productive. Parents don’t want their children to spend extensive time in front of a television or idle talk over the phone.

Indeed, mobile learning apps are an excellent alternative to develop time management in students at any age. It allows students to spend their leisure time in productive learning like puzzles, number games, and Sudoku. These activities sharpen the brains of students and enhance time utilization and management.

8. Better Earth

Education app development sounds great for those who are conscious of the environment. With this, the government can limit the traditional method of printing books every year, thus decreasing the number of trees cut for making papers. Therefore, this is the appropriate option for those who want to be eco-friendly.

9. Portability

Educational mobile learning apps are free from space constraints. Both Android and iPhone devices have emerged as regular companions for parents as well as their students. These devices are carried by users wherever they go, whether during a long flight or train journeys. Moreover, with such devices, students can stay in touch with learning at any time and any place. So, it proves that the developed education app is very portable and efficient for everyone.

10. Track Your Children’s Progress

Some educational apps allow tracking of the children’s progress, which is one of the essential things that every parent wants to know. Along with the progress, parents can also visualize how an education app is helping childrens to improve their skills.


While the world is stuck with COVID-19, education is one of the only industries continuing without any interruption. Education is the primary requirement for anybody across the globe.

Therefore, it is just the right time for developers to develop value adding education apps to enable education and successful market penetration.

So, these were the ten amazing benefits of education app development, you should keep an eye on in 2021. If you plan to launch your own learning app, you can leverage these above-mentioned benefits. Also, if you think you need support in validating your idea, you can approach a professional education app development company. They will help you build and finalize your app concept, as well as doing the design and app development.

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