The Best Free Video Conferencing Applications

The current pandemic has forced plenty of businesses to operate remotely, which can be quite tricky without reliable communication methods. This is why, recently, PC repair software and video conferencing apps have become a necessity. With video conferencing apps, employers can easily conduct meetings and even assign duties to ensure businesses are still running.

Sad to say, these apps have been costly over the years, thus making employers resort to cheap options. Fortunately, there are many free yet high-quality video conferencing apps that you can use.

In this post, we will show you the best free video conferencing applications that you should consider.

1. Skype

Skype is among the most popular video conferencing apps that you might’ve heard of or used. This app was released in 2003 and eventually became a huge deal after a while. With Skype, you can easily host a group meeting of about 50 participants and not experience any hanging or connection issues. This number was previously 25, but was later changed to 50, which explains why many businesses use it nowadays. If you want to host a webinar or meeting of around 250 people, you can purchase a Skype for Business plan, which is worth it considering its capacity and reliability.

One factor that makes Skype unique compared to other video conferencing apps is its real-time translation feature. The text translator feature supports about 60 languages. The voice translator, on the other hand, supports 10, including French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, German, Spanish, and English. Therefore, if you are planning to host a multilingual conference, then Skype is what you need.

To join a video call, you can easily use the web or smartphone version of Skype. Additionally, Skype has a call recording feature that any participant in the video call can activate. Doing so alerts everyone that the meeting is being recorded. Skype then saves the recording for about 30 days for free.

2. Zoom

Founded by Eric Yuan, Zoom is another excellent video-conferencing application that you should try. Most people who don’t use Skype prefer Zoom instead. Zoom supports screen sharing, which allows teams to work together smoothly. The app also enables you to make HD video calls to help keep things interesting when working remotely.

With a Zoom account, you can easily host a group conference call or webinar of about 100 participants. However, you would be forced to conduct the meeting for a maximum of 40 minutes only. This limit shouldn’t worry you, though, since you can quickly start a new session when one ends and continue with your meeting. If you want to remove these restrictions, then try the paid version.

You can join Zoom webinars and video calls using your Android or iPhone app, browser extension, or even through the web.

3. Google Hangouts

If you have been searching for a reliable video conferencing app, then you’ve probably come across Google Hangouts. To use Hangouts, all you need is an active Gmail account.

One thing that makes this application stand out is its unlimited time allowance. Therefore, if you want to host a long group meeting, then Google Hangouts can be a perfect option.

You can use this application to host a meeting of 10 people who can join using a shareable link or email. To start using Google hangouts, download its application on your Android or iPhone, or use the web version.

4. Cisco Webex Meetings

Webex’s popularity has increased a lot due to the excellent features included in its free plan. With a free Cisco Webex Meetings account, you can add up to 100 participants to your video call and talk for as long as you want. This app also supports file-sharing, video recording, and screen sharing, making it a great choice for big teams.

This app ensures organized meetings because it clearly indicates the active speaker, hence preventing confusion and disorder. Another excellent feature that you can use in Webex is real-time polling. This feature allows every participant in the team meeting to vote, which makes decision making easier and faster. You can also use calendar integrations when planning future events during the call.

Webex offers excellent security by encrypting all video calls to make it impossible for uninvited people to eavesdrop or steal crucial information.

The HD video quality also allows you to have longer video calls without straining or getting bored since you feel like it’s physical interaction. You can use the 1 GB free space to store the call recordings for future reference.

Cisco Webex Meetings has mobile phone and desktop applications that can be easily installed.

5. FreeConference

FreeConference is another excellent video conferencing app worth trying, especially if you love hosting audio meetings. This application allows you to add about 1000 participants in an audio call with no time limits. For video conferencing, the app supports only five people, which might seem limiting to some people. However, if you are a small team of about 5 members or less, FreeConference can be a good fit.

You also don’t need any software to make video calls with FreeConference, provided you have a web browser. But you can always install the FreeConference Android or iPhone app if you want.

6. Jitsi

Jitsi was released in 2017, and within this period, it has gained many loyal users who praise it for its unlimited call duration.

Unlike FreeConference, Jitsi supports group meetings of even 75 participants. However, if you want the best experience on this app, then add only up to 35 people and below to the call. The company plans to increase the limit to 100 people soon, which will help Jitsi stand out.

If your meetings require screen sharing, Jitsi can provide that. Also, if you don’t have a computer, you can easily attend the webinar using the Jitsi mobile app.

7. Google Duo

Google Duo is another interesting video conferencing app offered by Google. Although Duo was initially created for businesses, many people now use it to make personal video calls. Google Duo has a user-friendly interface that can’t confuse you and usually lets you add up to 12 participants in a group video call. However, every participant must have the Google Duo mobile app to join the meeting.

What’s more, this application can record a conversation and use end-to-end encryption to keep third parties away from your sensitive information.

8. Whereby

Whereby only supports 4 participants, thus making it more suitable for small group meetings. It also lets you lock rooms to ensure every participant must “knock” to gain access, which is great for privacy and security purposes. Other fun features that you can enjoy on this video conferencing app are:

  • Screen-sharing
  • YouTube integration
  • Permission to add more participants if you are willing to buy the Pro version


During this pandemic, many people are staying indoors and working from home. This has forced most employers and employees to search for the best PC repair guides and video conferencing applications to ensure they continue working smoothly.

In this article are the best free video conferencing apps that you can try today, depending on the size of online meetings you usually conduct. You can research more to properly understand what each app offers and pick the most suitable one for your team. Also, check out our blog for helpful PC repair tips and tricks that you can easily apply at home.

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