Here Are The Top 10 Educational Apps For Students And Kids To Keep An Eye On in 2021

Education in 2021 gets a new meaning. Due to the pandemic, it is tough for school authorities to keep the school open for kids. Therefore, home education is getting tremendously popular. Various educational apps are there in the market which simplify the educational system. These apps are the best reference to cope up with academic pressure.

The mobile app development company designs these educational apps in such a manner that student finds them attractive. Sometimes the teachers also refer to these apps to ensure that the students are keeping track of the same.

Among all these apps, it is tough to choose which education app is the best. In this article, I will share the ten best educational apps to help you choose the best one for your studies. The details of the apps help you know about the apps in detail. Let’s begin:

Khan Academy

For newbies, this app works wonderfully. The app will not disappoint you, and even adults can take help from the app. The app is user friendly to both Android and iOS apps. You can check the beautiful courses on the app from anywhere. If you want to enhance your skill, then enroll in the course and complete the course.

For kids, they have an app where one will get the subject ranging from English to Math. Even they have a quiz section in the app. One can find a reward system, learning method and better learning experience for children.


In the learning platform, you can enroll in the course and get advance in your career. You can learn from industry leaders. You can take up courses like design, business, science, art marketing and other different types of subjects. You can open the app on your Smartphone. You can even access the website on your browser.

Google Classroom

It is a virtual class which makes it easy for you to conduct the course. It is even simple for teachers to handle and schedule the assignments for class in a better way. It improves the communication process between both the teacher and students. It enhances the grading process.

Solo Learn

For programming and coding classes, you can use this app. It is the best app where you can learn from coding content that is available free. You can download the app on mobile and get coding coaching instantly.


Learning a language has become so easy with this app. One can learn any language in the app. There are different games in the app at each level. It improves your grammar and vocabulary. You can set goals and track the improvement towards the goals. There are almost thirty languages, interactive stories, and forum discussion; there are competition and learning events.

Endless Alphabets

It is the best app for babies to deconstruct and construct words and set the words in the correct form. There is a video for the kids to watch and learn the meaning of the word. Through the app, the kids learn unique words, even advanced words.


You can take a picture and solve the problem in math. It makes math problems easy and smooth. For every math problem, you get a stepwise solution of math problems. The app offers graphs, animation, and scientific calculators to solve math problems. You will get the app on Android and iOS.

Let’s Read

For kids who love to read books, then this app is just excellent. It improves reading skill and even develops a good reading community from a young age. You will find this app on the iPad.


There are almost ten levels, from toddlers to kids of second grade, and altogether there are 850 lessons. One finds social studies, reading, math, science, language on the app. Different activities like songs, puzzles, games and printable are even there on the app. Even parents can track the progress of the kids.

Toca Life: After School

In this app, you will get various types of after virtual school activities. The child can take part in different activities by using fingers on the screen. This app has many games which keep the kids busy after school. Parents can also join in in the app with the kids.

E-learning strongly impacts the lives of the students, especially in the year 2020 and even in 2021. There is no more a shortage of apps on educations. Now parents can have a home teacher all the time for their kids. It makes life simple for both parents and students.

Benefits of E-Learning Apps

  • It offers an overall engagement as per the child’s age. You can boost the interest of the kids. The animation, interactive session on the apps makes it worthwhile for kids to enjoy the apps.
  • Now kids find using smartphones easy. The interface of the apps is smooth and friendly. Hence, they are skilled in operating Smartphones or any other digital device.
  • No more pressure on education. Children can learn at their own time. They give more focus to the material of learning. There is no hurry in mugging up educational materials.
  • Learning is always available on the platform. Hence, if the student wants to revise, they can go to the app without any hassle. Thanks to the mobile app development services from app developers in creating interactive apps for students.

Everything in this world has both benefits and adverse effects. Let’s see the disadvantages of the e-learning apps:

  • Kids are stick to the mobile screen, and hence they have no empathy towards people.
  • They have very distracting attention.
  • The apps offer theoretical knowledge. Kids do not learn practical skills.
  • Excessive mobile screen time destroys sleep quality.

How to Choose the Best Education App for Kids

You must understand the exciting pattern of the kids. It helps you keep track of the kid’s interest. You will know which app interests the kid more. Research yourself and then only decide which app is suitable for kids. You do not have to go by the advertisements. You can check reviews on the search engine platform to know which one is the best.

Always use the app beforehand to trust the app and later give it to the child to handle. Check the quality of content and focus on whether it provides feedback to the kid. Also, choose the app which has parental control. It is suitable for toddlers so that they can watch that thing which you want them to watch. As parents, you have complete control over the app. It is good for both you and your kids to keep track of the progress through apps.


In today’s fast life, Smartphone is an integral part. Pandemic has allowed us to stay at home and be with our kids all the time. Therefore, these education apps are blessings for parents who struggle to find ways to keep their kids engaged.

But, the use of apps should be done in moderation not to become addicted to them. The kids should enjoy a good quality of social life with parents and family members. Education apps must be a part of their life. But, it should not be their entire world. Have reasonable control over the apps and even on the kids to learn and enjoy the app at the same time.

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