Why you should Implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

According to the LinkedIn state of sales, more than 64% of sales professionals use CRM applications in virtually any industry around the world. Keeping track of your interactions and designing the track to manage your customer data is the primary focus of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. This in turn helps the sales team to build a better relationship with the customers and provide a positive service plan based on the feedback received. This also increases the profitability of the company.

There are various CRMs available in the market. Being such a useful tool, you can choose from a variety of ranges according to your needs. Financially also you can choose free software like Hubspot and Net suite and Salesforce. This range often makes one confused about what would be the perfect one for their business needs. In this blog, we are not going to talk about these applications rather focus on Microsoft Dynamics Implementation. Believe us when we say considering all sides, MS Dynamics is the best CRM available around. Without any bias, we are going to list some of the reasons why the Microsoft Dynamics Implementation can be the best thing for your business.

  1. Performance of Sales Teams: With the help of inbuilt gamification tools you can empower your sales team to work more productively and with in-house and friendly competitions. With amusing features like being able to connect data directly from Outlook, you can work seamlessly across the MS Dynamics family just by connecting your data to the MS Dynamics 365 applications. The cloud-based technologies available with the application allow you to access the data from any location at any time. EVEN OFFLINE! This enables your sales teamwork according to their convenience and provides the best results for your business.
  2. Give a Trial before Buying: One of the best features of MS Dynamics is that you get to give it a free trial before buying it. You can get a free trial for 30 days to understand all the procedures. Your sales team can get accustomed to the solutions and understand the benefits before the actual Microsoft Dynamics Implementation. You can also consult with IT solutions to analyze the features better and see for yourself if the solution is going to be perfect for your business requirements or not.
  3. Insights and Analysis: The ground breaking insights offered by MS Dynamics are the best options for you to make informed business decisions and for your team to work most efficiently. This data-based analytics helps you to understand sales-related weaknesses and rectify them. Conversation intelligence, predictive insights and analytics, and lead prioritization help you to effectively point out the gaps in your sales cycle and decrease them with improved sales opportunities and better plans. The insights features are available as add-on options for working effectively with Artificial intelligence-based features.
  4. LinkedIn Navigator: There is a Linked sales navigator to help you with building trust, ensuring selling capabilities, and securing warm introductions with MS Dynamics 365. Get the most insightful information about your best next actions, potential customers, and personalized conversation starters. These features you will have access to after the Microsoft Dynamics Implementation will effectively help you to deal with sales-related issues and make key decisions for the best returns from your business.
  5. Extendable solutions: There are already several extensive features available with MS dynamics 365 business solutions to provide the best sales solutions for your business. However, there are ways to extend the features to get even more out of it. You can connect Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with other robust Microsoft applications in the dynamics 365 suite like field service, customer service, and business center to help you with other departments by improving their collaboration and processes. Along with these, App Source offers various extensions to the functionality of dynamics 365 sales.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is the best solution when it comes to managing your sales department most efficiently. With unique features like personalized analytics, insights, and driven AI-based recommendations you can make the most appropriate key decisions for your sales department. Several extensions are also available after the Microsoft Dynamics Implementation to make your experience even better.

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