Why work with a staff recruitment agency?

Although it’s been long forecasted that staffing firmswould plummet as internal company recruitment teams and professional social networking sites are starting to trend in the employment market, the recruitment agency sector still continues to grow. It’s invaluable knowledge and ultimate dedication with sourcing and short listing potential staff has become an important route to being matched with the best talent.

Here are a few reasons why working with a recruitment company is better in the long run.


We know your industry inside out

Many staff recruitment agencies have a very extensive knowledge of the particular industry you’re looking to break into. This means that they are more likely to find you a job that matches your skill set and specific certifications rather than you resorting to settling for a job that only utilises a fraction of what you are qualified to do. Furthermore these staffing services are usually well connected to a multitude of businesses within your job sector and will be aware of “silent” jobs opportunities that aren’t publicly advertised.

Tailored interview preparation

Since a staff recruitment company knows your industry, they also know what your employers are looking for. By working with an employment agency, they can dutifully prepare you with tailored questions and how you should present and deliver yourself to achieve the best possible outcome. Interviews are usually the most difficult to succeed in as most of the time you’re entering blindly with no knowledge as to what to expect, especially with first time job seekers.

Provides honest and detailed feedback

Staffing firms have your best interest at heart and know that every rejected job attempt is a learning curve for you. Companies aim to give you the best feedback that you need so you can walk away with knowing what to improve on for next time. If taken on accordingly, your chances of being hired increase by a significant amount each time.


Saves you time

There are surely better things to do with your time than go through the laborious process of writing and designing an advert, sorting and shortlisting applications, calling for interviews and then having to write back to those on the rejection list. Although not particularly hard, it can take a huge portion out your day that can be better spent doing your actual job. A staffing solutions agency have dedicated staff who will gladly take this process off your hands meaning you can go back to concentrating on your workload and trust that you will be presented with carefully selected candidates.

They are specifically trained as recruiters

It’s no secret passive candidates are usually the most likely to suit the job description you advertised. You’ll then need exceptional recruiting skills when dealing with this demographic – staffing recruiters are usually proven to have excelled in the field of recruitment and thus have the skills to be able to hone in the best talent. Even if your own staff have the same skillset, they already have their own jobs to tend to and thus wouldn’t be able to dedicate 100% of their time to the task. Staff recruitment agencies have fewer of assignments and responsibilities meaning their time is committed to you.

Due diligence

Imagine having to filter through all your applicants from the job advertisement you placed online – not only do you have to filter through these but you also have to bear in mind that their CV’s may not be complete honest. Recruitment consultants speak with 20+ candidates a day so would know how to spot and challenge anything suspicious and separate those who are worth a face-to-face interview . Furthermore, consultants make sure that they take the critical time to do background checks and reference calls to solidify their credentials.

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