Outsourced Lead Generation: Increasing your Revenue Through SEO Leads

The software sales sector is a continuous corporate war. Not only are you trying to one-up your software’s market share against the rest of the existing (and newly released) competition, but you are also attempting to grow and expand at the same time.

One common dilemma faced when attempting to combat this problem is knowing what to focus on. Would you spend your time working on customer acquisition? Or do you concentrate on keeping your current customers and turning them into long term loyal buyers? It’s essentially the option of new lead generation verses old customer retention and its important to seriously evaluate which solution will eventuate in the best outcome for your company – in order to do this, the key question to consider is this: What is the opportunity cost for your revenue generation when pursuing new customer acquisition verses increasing your share of wallet with existing customers? Most companies opt for long-term customer renewal as the safer approach. However another important question to consider is knowing to to keep the top of your sales funnel full of new sales leads. The solution? Outsourced lead generation.

Whilst you allow your sales team to focus on your existing long term customers, it’s beneficial to have a team of seo leads up your sleeve to help increase your sales profit and stay at the top of your game without wasting your time and company finances. Here are the top reasons why your firm cannot ignore the benefits of your own outsourced lead generation to increase your overall profits and revenue:

You minimise work pressure

Marketing and sales already takes a huge toll when it comes to responsibility. There is a considerable amount of work and energy in order to get the end results you need which means your sales team doesn’t have time to focus on anything else without jeopardising the progress on their current job. This applies to you as a business owner or director as you have another equally important aspects of the company to focus on. With seo leads, you can offload responsibilities and minimise undue pressure on your existing staff or yourself, resulting in a well maintained and balanced team dynamics, as well as the guarantee you can hit your growth numbers easily and never have to worry about missing your targets.

Outsourced lead generation = gaining years of experience

The constant problem with hiring any new internal sales staff is that it takes a fair amount of time which you may not necessarily have. To interview and recruit can be a tedious process as it requires you to figure out each salesperson’s strengths and weaknesses and then go through the right experimental procedure to have a feel of the right niche for each person. The business sales sector is an interchangeable and ever moving market, which means by the time you find someone suitable for the current market, it could have shifted entirely. By opting to partner with a recruitment company that specialises in providing staffing services in the IT industry, you already have quality assurance that they have proven experience when working with the current sales season, so not only do you eliminate the tiresome hiring stage, but you can get staff on board almost instantaneously.

You get meaningful, actionable analysis

One misconception when it comes to seo leads is that they believe it doesn’t extend beyond appointment time, a spreadsheet and quick notes. However an expert staffing solutions partner that specialises in software sales will provide you with a thorough and meaningful analysis on each new lead and appointment. In addition, you receive further identification of your targeted customers with information such as which industry converted the best, who the key buyers are and whether or not your list source offers robust leads.

You increase client satisfaction

Because your outsourced generation lead partner has been specifically hired by you to focus on sales experience, it means they’re 100% dedicated to delivering the best service possible for your prospective and closed customers. Since they’re an offshore team, they’re generally wanted to demonstrate value to your firm and thus more likely to get outstanding results compared to an internal sales team who may be too bogged down with work load to take the time to concentrate on customer care.

You have access to better tools

By partnering up with a reputable executive recruitment firm that can endorse a team that has been trained for this particular sales goal, they automatically come with the right tools and knowledge when you add them to your team. As mentioned, this takes a tremendous weight off your shoulders by eliminating any concerns that you won’t need profitability goals by not having the right prospecting tools – your newly hired outsourced team will most likely be on the same wavelength as you when it comes to priorities and will know how to handle these functions and providing/accessing tools for your company.

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