Why Should Startups & SMEs Invest in Android App Development?

There are a few reasons why you should invest in Android app development for combined business growth.

Let us make you understand that, as per Statista, there are more than 3 billion smartphone users on the planet.

Android has the biggest market share among any remaining operating systems accessible in the market. The expanded market share smartphone users as you have an application and convert those users into leads for your products.

It offers various advantages that help you with creating exponential profits and bring the business to the cutting edge. For instance, you can lay out your business as a brand and earn recognition in the global market easily. Moreover, the application also assists you with knowing your users.

Read on to know the advantages that Android app development will offer your startup and from where to dedicated developers India for your project. Likewise, understand why your startup should invest in Android application development.

Should Your Startup Invest in Android App Development? Let’s Explore

Here are some business benefits that startups can acquire through Android application development:

Wide-range of Opportunities

Every single day, an uncountable number of Android applications are downloaded by smartphone users worldwide from the Play Store. This demonstrates that users are searching for additional creative applications that can meet their prerequisites more effectively and rapidly.

The majority of the organizations who are searching how to app developers India to create Android applications intended for their business. If startups focus on Android application development by setting up the right resources and show their ability to enhance with Android, then, at that point, there are a lot of opportunities in the market to be served.

Offers Valuable Data

The importance of market research is immense. To run a successful business, one must understand the market and the customers. In turn, market research creates opportunities, improves communication, reduces risk, and provides a clear picture of what your consumers are looking for. Only when you have a clear picture of this, your developed product is sure to be a success.

Mobile apps not only help you with market research, but also help you answer your questions such as customer likes and dislikes and more information on how to create engagement. This valuable data can be used to grow your brand.

Greater Scalability

This is another significant reason why companies try to become Android-based startups. The platform isn’t simply restricted to smartphones, however can likewise be incorporated into gadgets running on different technologies like IoT, AR, and VR. This gives a more noteworthy extent of scalability for companies. This adaptability shows why companies all around the world are searching for qualified Android app developers for their app development project.

Despite the fact that it is actually the case that Android and iOS are in fierce competition with one another, choosing which one to pick can be troublesome as they bring their own advantages to the table to businesses. Nonetheless, regardless of whether you pick the advantages of Android applications for startups over iOS, you can continuously attempt cross-platform development to focus on numerous platforms to grow your reach.

Resources Readily Available

Not only is the Android Development SDK readily available, but even getting experienced Android app developers is easy nowadays. Which helps startups to recruit the required skill set in less time and start working.

Even in case of wear and tear, new companies can easily find a replacement. Therefore, the HR skills requirements can be easily met if you select the Android app development platform.

Open-source Platform

Android is an open-source platform. That implies that Google does not charge any fees for using this platform. In fact, Google provides Android app development tools and technology for free. Hardware device manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, etc. use Android as their default operating system. This is because the Android code is open source and therefore free.

This allows Android to capture most of the market. This also acts as a great factor in reducing the cost of the entire project. Although the cost of Android app development varies from company to company depending on multiple factors, the more devices you connect with the operating system, the higher the total cost your Android app startup ideas will have to bear.

Feature Rich Apps

The Android app development platform offers easy in-house customization to make your app more dynamic to meet business requirements. With the set of development tools and open source-code libraries available, an application can become interactive and feature-rich.

The more features an app offers along with user-friendly design, the more customers prefer to download the same.

Higher Return on Investment

Every businessman wants to invest less and earn more, as this is one of the signs of a cunning businessman. ROI is one of the most significant advantages of Android app development as you can easily use free tools and libraries provided by Android platforms to develop the app.

Since Android is an open-source platform, many Android app developers are available to ensure better results and generate higher returns on investment.

Therefore, experienced developers with excellent skills can use the SDK and the tools offered by the platform to deliver better results with limited investment.


To increase product perceivability across numerous platforms, you want to guarantee cross-platform interoperability. It is the need existing apart from everything else, since collaboration is a fundamental component to work on the worth of the brand among users.

Android applications have the type to interoperate with other applications to work on operational activities. Additionally, at whatever point you choose to opt application development, you search for third-party app compatibility between operations that will guarantee the success of your business application.

Future of Android App Development

Let’s know the future of Android app development so that you will understand why you should invest in Android app development.

1. 5G Technology

Verizon presented 5G innovation in 2019 as a component of its worldwide send off. In any case, it is one of the most rewarding application development trends for 2022. The four critical advantages of 5G innovation over existing 4G and LTE are speed, connectivity, bandwidth, and low latency.

2. Artificial Intelligence in Future Android Applications

AI is a major player; it assumes a fundamental part in the mobile app development process. Assist developers with creating more customized application experiences that address user needs. By 2023, the worldwide AI market will reach $70.94 billion.

Specialists predict that different applications will be developed using technologies, for example, predictive analysis and machine learning algorithms. Along these lines, Android app developers will offer a more enhanced customized insight to users.

Future applications may incorporate different AI features such as text, image classification, voice recognition, predictive maintenance, face detection, and more.

Future applications might consolidate different AI features like image classification, text, face detection, predictive maintenance, voice recognition, and more.

3. Blockchain Technology with Android

To be sure, blockchain technology has the ability to change the future. These days, current advances offer different advantages like privacy, speed, performance, and transparency, and so on. Android applications use blockchain technology in various ways.

One of the most outstanding forms of this innovation in Android application development is decentralized app development. Such applications speak with blockchain technologies like Ethereum and others to further save data and improve operations.

That’s what specialists say assuming you want a privacy-focused application, pick blockchain as your first preference. As individuals become more privacy oriented, the use of blockchain innovation will increase in the future.

As per Global News Wire, by 2026, blockchain innovation will grow to $52.5 billion. Blockchain technology is being utilized in payment apps, medical apps, and surprisingly, stock applications where data privacy is imperative and should be covered.

Concluding Thoughts

A startup and SME face different difficulties and tough competition in the present business environment. What makes the situation is the way that new startups are unpractised and have inadequate knowledge of market trends. In such a circumstance, a reputed mobile app development company can help out.

It can empower startups to reach an enormous audience while saving huge on operational expenses and bringing automation to unremarkable processes. Nonetheless, it is vital for startups to look into all the significant parts of Android app development prior to developing custom applications. So , if you want to android app developers in India, then who will be your best choice? Proceed further to know!

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