Business Benefits of Partnering with Offshore Development Center

Offshore development centers, or ODCs, have undoubtedly become a widely accepted approach for employing software development teams. ODC teams are currently widely used by a wide range of types and sizes of enterprises that require software development services.

Growing market volatility and the current economic boom have driven businesses to make drastic adjustments and rethink their business strategies in order to create more resilient and flexible business models. Today, businesses are aggressively seeking to outsource their software development projects to Offshore Development Centers so that their in-house employees can focus only on their core business operations.

According to Statista, the entire global market size for outsourced services in 2020 will be around $85.6 billion, with offshore development center services accounting for a significant portion of that.

Today, in this blog, let’s take a closer look at the offshore development center model, the primary advantages of offshoring teams, and where to find developers to establish effective ODC teams.

Before we discuss about why companies/businesses all around the world are choosing Offshore Development Center, let’s quickly discuss:

What is an offshore development center (ODC)?

An offshore development center is a software development company that is based in another country yet delivers services to you.

Testers, IT professionals, remote developers, project managers, UI/UX designers, and other technical skills are all part of the offshore development center. The majority of ODCs are workspaces with the necessary infrastructure and technical professionals. All remote employees report to a manager or project manager.

To take advantage of the offshore development center model, you’ll need an offshore partner who can comprehend your specific business needs and supply robust, premium ODC solutions that best suit your goals. This is where companies like Quytech come in. They are an award-winning IT company specializing in providing tailored offshore facilities to help you save money by reducing needless resources, lowering operational expenses, and increasing productivity. They can help you develop scalable and extendable ODC solutions for your company/business.

Moving ahead, let’s talk about:

What is the difference between ODC and outsourcing? Both the same?

Some people confuse ODC with outsourcing, however the two are not the same. Offshore development centers like Quytech provide services or IT services from other nations, whereas Outsourcing simply refers to having work completed by a third party, independent of location.

The fundamental goal of outsourcing is to focus on core business competencies in order to boost productivity while allowing others to handle IT concerns, whereas the key motivation for ODC is the allure of cost savings. Both offshore development centers and offshore outsourcing, on the other hand, share the same goal of gaining access to a wider pool of IT talent at a reduced cost, speeding up the recruiting process, and streamlining their business.

When you require support for short-term projects, software development outsourcing is a better option. Finding outsourcing suppliers to allocate specific work to is simple. There is no constant supervision or a sense of urgency. You obtain your results on time by developers in India will work on other projects at the same time.

Moving ahead, let’s talk about:

Top benefits of partnering with offshore development centers in 2022

Offshore development centers can provide a variety of advantages. Take a peek at some of them!

#1. Diverse pool of talents

When you consider the time, effort, and resources required, forming a highly trained team to work on your IT goals is a lengthy process. Offshore development companies like Quytech, on the other hand, already have the proper mix of talents and industry experience, making them ideal for your app development needs. These developers are skilled in combining advanced tools with outdated systems, and they bring experienced knowledge to create a flawless experience. Most businesses will find it more convenient to outsource app development services.

#2. Backups

To provide superior solutions, businesses recruit professionals and particularly skilled resources while developing software products. The loss of such a resource could have a negative impact on the solution’s timetable and quality.

A resource backup for your in-house teams might be done with the aid of an offshore development center. These backups have a far better profitability and can take over the project’s responsibilities, assuring zero downtime. As a result, your organization’s resilience improves, and risks are reduced.

#3. Access to a wide range of technological tools

Outsourcing development companies with many years of experience use the most up-to-date techniques and technology to complete projects quickly. At every stage of the app development process, offshore companies use sought-after software. As a result, they may incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as Virtual Reality, IoT, AI, ML, Blockchain solutions for businesses, and best security capabilities.

#4. Quality & productivity

The offshore development center model gives businesses access to tried-and-true procedures, techniques, and frameworks that help them achieve better results. You can boost production and performance by leveraging the skills of an offshore development team.

#5. Faster product deliveries

Another important advantage of employing offshore development center models of remote developers is faster product delivery. When working with an offshore development center, you have the advantage of being able to use two different time zones and their overlap time. As a result, you may simply cut your software product’s time-to-market. If you’ve a mixed software development team, you can accelerate your project and get a competitive advantage over your competition.

#6. Scalability

With your offshore development center in a more affordable country, a business may simply scale up or decrease their team size depending on the deadline and technological advancements while still maintaining under budget.

#7. Ensures higher efficiency

Remote developers are substantially more productive than on-premises teams when using offshore development centers. According to a recent survey, many companies/businesses believe that remote employees are more productive than those who work on-site. The increased production of the organization is due to the greater efficiency of the offshore development center teams. You may boost the productivity of your ODC by implementing the most effective methods for managing remote development teams.

#8. Low operating costs

Convert fixed expenses to variable expenses! You can scale the team up or down at any moment, depending on your business needs and market conditions. This way, you may save a lot of money while maintaining a high level of quality.


When compared to outsourcing to a third party, hiring an offshore development center gives your business more control. Your business’s guidelines will be properly followed by an offshore development facility. An outsourcing company, on the other hand, will accomplish your responsibilities independently.

The key to success with an offshore development center is to work diligently to make a good working relationship with your offshore development teams, give them clear instructions, and review their progress on a daily basis. Finally, an offshore development center (ODC) is an excellent way for your company to save time, money, and focus on its core business without having to deal with human resource difficulties.

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