Why Readymade Gojek Clone Is a Boon for Entrepreneurs

People love to use instant online solutions to offer them comfort and convenience. Besides, business owners also love to stay on trend with what is booming globally and what customers like more. A new movement draws business owners’ attention to how sugar attracts ants. Implementing the new technologies, digitization, mobility solutions, etc., has set a trail ablaze.

Before a pandemic, people and business owners were used to overlooking technology, but this sudden outbreak has slapped their faces, and they realised how important it is to have an application for their business. From booking movie tickets online to ordering food and groceries, and even medicines, people’s inclination toward online ordering has been increasing, and businesses are trying their best to fulfil their rising needs with the latest solutions.

But to perform the above tasks, users now no need to install separate applications as super apps like Gojek, WeChat, etc., allow them to access products and services under the same roof. Now you must be wondering what Gojek is? Let’s start with a bit of introduction for those who are not aware of the Gojek app.

Gojek is an Indonesian super app, launched in 2010 by Nadiem Makarim, and offers an extensive range of various services like food delivery, transportation, grocery, etc., in a single app. It is an all-in-one on-demand app and a perfect solution for those who don’t have too much time to browse new apps and services.

Therefore, entrepreneurs globally take a keen interest in Gojek clone development because investors don’t have to pay hefty amounts for different mobile apps separately. In a single app, they can get desirable results in a short time. Indeed, a super app like Gojek has brought a revolution to the on-demand app industry.

What is a Gojek Clone?

The Gojek clone is an on-demand multi-service platform offering various services like ride-sharing, food delivery, grocery delivery, all under one roof. The Gojek clone solution is a ready-made super app that can be customised with advanced features and services as per your business standards.

Today in 2022, wide access to the Internet and smartphones has become prominent. With the increasing penetration of smartphones, the demand for gojek clone app has also seen a healthy rise in its implementation and deployment. When smartphones made their way to the market, the apps back then were designed to provide a single service efficiently.

Ang Gojek is a classic example of the same and brings you various services from a single app. And Gojek’s overnight success has raised the eyebrows of other entrepreneurs across the globe, and they are keen on investing in similar applications with potential.

So, how can you truly benefit from this amazing creation? As an entrepreneur, if your mindset is one step ahead of the curve, we have got you covered through this blog if you want to understand why a readymade Gojek clone helps you expect outstanding results instead of nominal profits.

What are the Benefits of Readymade Gojek Clone?

In addition to the over 15 percent increase in new app downloads, the average time spent on smartphones has risen in some areas due to COVID-19. One-touch payments, food delivery, reservations, and ride-hailing options are a few of the features offered by this Gojek like app based on contactless technology, QR codes, and digital wallets.

One thing is clear: the future of super app, and business owners are very keen to develop such an application, but time and development cost sometimes hinder their business growth. Hence, they prefer a readymade solution that can be customised and saves time and money. Now, let’s explore what benefits business owners can get from a readymade Gojek clone.

Increase Brand Visibility

Embracing a readymade solution is the best way to make your brand known to your target audience without being obtrusive, especially if you run a business that offers more than one product or service from a third party.

Enable Your Business to Scale

In order to attract more notable clients and customers, your company must have the ability to offer more features, products, and services. A readymade app like Gojek can transform your business from a one-stop shop for specific items to a full-service company that can satisfy the needs of each customer and client. When done right, your clients and customers will keep coming back. They will even recommend your app to their social circles.

It Saves Your Time and Other Resources

It takes time, financial resources, and human capital to develop a solution from scratch. Although a custom solution might seem the best option at first, you may soon find that it does more harm than good to internal business processes and costs more money. Even if you think you can build it yourself, you should also factor in marketing time.

In cases where you require rapid deployment, cutting corners on any of these steps can leave you even further behind. However, in cases where time is of the essence and speed is vital, a more cost-effective option may be to invest in a readymade solution.


Apps like Gojek are trending these days as customers want instant gratification for everything, and businesses are also trying to cut the cost. In short, a readymade Gojek solution can help you utilise your business’s unique branding to offer a product or service without spending on IT upfront cost.

Consequently, businesses can focus on building a brand and selling their services while simplifying the road for their customers.

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