Which Affiliate Products can Bring Benefits

Affiliate marketing is a popular money making gig you will come across these days. In my opinion, it is the digital term for a middleman. It acts as a channel between the seller and the customer online to find the product or service of his or her interest. You don’t really have to manufacture the product or provide the service on your own, rather just have to attach your blog to some online store, manufacturer, or provider.

An affiliate marketer just refers the audience towards some platform online and if the visitor buys through their referral link, the marketer gets a certain percentage of commission out of the sale. It is as simple as that. Like a property dealer, he doesn’t own the property but gains profit by helping in renting, selling, and in the purchase of property from some seller or buyer.

There are thousands of products available online, but choosing from a wide range of products and services for the affiliate marketing program turns out to be a great hassle. Especially hunting down the affiliate products which can earn you high commissions. If you’re thinking of starting your own affiliate marketing channel then don’t worry, we have got you covered on this one. There are certain domains that are new and can help you gain a good commission on referral sales. Let’s see which hot domains can prove to be fruitful for new affiliate marketers.

3D Scanner

3D scanning is a very latest technology for producing high-accurate 3D models of real-world objects. It works like this: a 3D laser scanning a physical object takes a 3D mesh, basically a digital mapping of an object. The shots are then redrawing into a 3D CAD file view, an accurate 3-dimensional copy of the object, which you can rotate and view from different angles on your laptop. Thee type of files can used for conceptual purposes, manufacturing, or legacy part cataloging. One of the best known 3D scanning services provider is Tangent Solutions, a California-based design engineering company that provides 3D laser scanning services both domestic and internationally.

Managed Cloud Hosting

The increasing demand for Managed Cloud Hosting has made it a profitable affiliate service. Most people have no idea about server management and find Cloud hosting very handy. Website owners, agencies, developers, and even Freelancers find this service very accommodating in order to save themselves from the trouble of hosting. Managed cloud hosting is also known as Cloud Computing. It can be purchased in slices or as a whole virtual server. There are several providers offering affiliate programs with great commission rates for Managed cloud hosting.

Managed cloud hosting would require a reliable and high-speed internet connection to constantly keep connected to the cloud. Speaking of a reliable connection.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has been in news for a long time but now the products have finally kicked into the market and it seems they hold great potential for affiliate programs too. Improved VR technology has made VR products a great attraction for people. Many believe that VR is ahead of the current technologies and certainly, this year will prove to be a step forward for it. No one can deny the potential VR holds. VR products and services hold a great advantage for affiliate programs. Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook is introducing a new Virtual reality headset.


The growing use of drones to get to places where the human eye cannot reach has made it a profitable affiliate product. Although drones are now a common thing, still there is no sign of them slowing down in the future. Their extensive use in photography, filming, spying, etc. has made it all the more a hot affiliate product. Drones are being extensively used by photographers to explore places that haven’t been explored by the human eye before.

In 2015, a Polish photographer took his drone with him to K2 and returned with breathtaking photos which broke the internet with their amazingness. This industry shows great potential for the affiliate program.

Home automation systems

Increasing indulgence of the internet of things in our lives is making it a very profitable affiliate program. Home automation systems are a product of IoT and its market is expected to reach the US $116. 26 Billion By 2026. You can clearly see the potential of the domain in the near future. Google and Amazon are the major players in home automation systems.

Research conducted by Statista at the end of 2018 depicts that more than 45 million smart home devices will be installed in the US which will generate revenue of $490 per home. Right now only 12-16% of people have home automation systems which leave a huge segment of the market un-catered. The home automation industry is expected to experience a 22% growth rate this year.

Health-focused Wearable devices

As I have mentioned above the importance of IoT, digital Wearable devices that keep you connected to the internet world are also a growing affiliate program for affiliate marketers. Right now the popular and most used wearable devices are health-focused. Like watches that tell blood pressure, heartbeat, calories you burned in a day, steps you walked, etc. Fitbit is a huge name in health-focused wearable devices. These wearable devices pose a great opportunity to earn great commissions.

Tip: In order to gain success in this domain, attach yourself to huge stores rather than going for a single manufacturer. This will cost you less and gain you a higher profit. CPA marketing is also very useful in this regard.

Wrapping Up

Being an affiliate marketer, I would say it is highly important to keep yourself updated with the current market trends. Most of the products or services you choose will have a short-living trend. Keep an eye out for the products or services that you think do have a good market in the coming few years. Google trends can be a big help in this regard.

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