Top 7 Best Magento, Magento 2 eCommerce Cloud Hosting Providers

When it comes to hosting an eCommerce platform like Magento, there are several options available, including self-hosting, managed hosting, and cloud hosting. Among these options, cloud hosting has gained significant popularity in recent years due to its scalability, flexibility, and ease of management. In this article, we will delve into the concept of Magento cloud hosting and its benefits.

Magento cloud hosting refers to hosting your Magento website on a cloud infrastructure instead of traditional physical servers. Cloud hosting involves utilizing virtual machines (VMs) and virtualization technologies to create a virtualized environment. This enables businesses to host their websites on a distributed network of servers, ensuring high availability and fault tolerance.

There are several Magento cloud hosting providers available in the market, offering different plans and services tailored to meet the specific needs of Magento stores. These providers take care of various aspects of hosting, including server maintenance, security, backups, software updates, and performance optimization. By offloading these tasks to a reliable cloud hosting provider, businesses can focus more on their core competencies and marketing strategies.

Now let’s explore some of the key benefits of using a Magento cloud hosting provider:

  • Scalability: One of the significant advantages of cloud hosting is its scalability. With traditional hosting, businesses often need to invest in additional hardware to handle sudden spikes in traffic or seasonal demand. In the case of cloud hosting, businesses can easily scale up or down their resources according to their requirements, ensuring optimal performance during peak periods without any upfront capital investment.
  • High availability: Cloud hosting providers deploy redundant server clusters across geographically distributed data centers, which ensures high availability and minimal downtime. If one server fails, others can seamlessly take over, mitigating the risk of website downtime and revenue loss.
  • Flexibility: Cloud hosting offers great flexibility in terms of resource allocation and management. Businesses can add or remove resources as per their needs, allowing them to match the infrastructure to their current requirements. This flexibility also extends to the pricing structure, with most cloud hosting providers offering pay-as-you-go or subscription-based models, making it easier for businesses to manage their hosting costs.
  • Security: Magento cloud hosting providers put a strong emphasis on security to protect sensitive customer data and prevent unauthorized access. They employ various security measures such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, SSL certificates, and regular security patches to safeguard the hosted websites.
  • Performance optimization: Cloud hosting providers use caching techniques, content delivery networks (CDNs), and global edge servers to optimize the performance of Magento websites. These techniques ensure faster page load times, enhanced user experience, and better search engine rankings.
  • Managed services: Magento cloud hosting providers often offer comprehensive managed services, including daily backups, automated updates, monitoring, and support. Businesses can rely on their expertise to ensure smooth operations and quick resolution of any technical issues that may arise.

Magento cloud hosting providers offer a reliable and scalable solution for hosting Magento websites. By leveraging the benefits of cloud infrastructure, businesses can achieve high availability, flexibility, and security while streamlining their operations. If you are considering hosting your Magento store, it is worth exploring the options provided by Magento cloud hosting providers to find the best fit for your business needs.


Nexcess – managed Magento hosting platform that fulfills the promise of ecommerce. Fine-tuned performance, autoscaling, PCI compliance, and support 24/7/365.

  • Server-side scripting, dedicated IP addresses, instant autoscaling
  • On-demand performance testing to troubleshoot and improve site speed
  • Ultra-fast loading worldwide with a CDN powered by Cloudflare and advanced caching
  • Always-on security monitoring and support from Magento experts 24/7/365
  • Generous resources and PHP workers for robust performance


FastComet – the most cost-efficient Magento Cloud hosting solution when your online business is growing, but you don’t want to manage everything on your own.

  • Fully Managed
  • Rapid Provisioning
  • Powered by cPanel
  • SSD-Only Cloud
  • Root Access
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Backup & Snapshots
  • Completely Scalable


Artifakt – offer an outstanding online shopping experience to your customers with our fast, optimized, and reliable Magento hosting platform that meets the needs of your e-commerce business.

  • Scale your infrastructure up & down as you go
  • Experience one single platform for the entire team
  • Provide a seamless online experience
  • Secure your online business without compromising


OVHcloud virtual private server range has been designed to combine flexible administration, high performance, and competitive prices.

  • Unstoppable performance
  • Enterprise-grade/on-demand scalability
  • Highly customisable features


Hyve is a fully managed UK-based cloud hosting provider with a passion for technology specialising in Private Cloud, Dedicated Servers and Colocation.

  • Select and Control Information to Share Across Multiple Online Stores From a Single Admin Area
  • Assign Roles and Permissions Across Users
  • Web Services API for easy integration between Magento and any third-party application
  • Custom Website Design and Styling
  • Manage Online Customer Groups
  • Integrated Content Management System (CMS) for Creating and Managing Informational Pages
  • Google Website Optimizer Integration for A/B and Multivariate Testing


Breeze – managed Magento hosting optimized for speed, scalability & security with Redis, Varnish Cache, MySQL 8.0, Elastic search and some other notable features.

  • Deploy in Minutes
  • Efficient Management
  • Unmatched Experience


20i – Managed Magento hosting to help you sell more. Free SSL, backup, Edge Cache, CDN, Redis Cache, PHP-FPM, PHP OPCache & ElasticSearch for blazing-fast ecommerce.

  • Fully Managed Cloud Hosting
  • My20i Control Panel
  • Unlimited FTP/SFTP Accounts
  • Online File Manager
  • SSH Access w/ Google 2FA
  • Directory Indexing
  • One-click Google Workspace Setup
  • Access/Error/Bandwidth Logs
  • Custom Errors
  • Sitemap Generator
  • Migrate using FTP/SFTP
  • Unlimited Subdomains

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