Where The Tattoo Industry is Headed With The Advent of Digitalization

Zeroes and ones are crawling all over the world. The curation, communication, and consumption of information are all being digitized and metamorphosed into the internet’s universal language. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, all enterprises are hitting the wave of digital transformation. They are churning digitization into new activities, processes, and transactions. Our tattoo industry stands no differently!

With digital swimming in, people are spending more and more time on their screens – the way people will discover and tell others about your business will change significantly. Similarly, your strategy to acquire new customers will need an alteration too.

Today, I promise to make your transformation a little less daunting once you learn where the tattoo industry is headed with the advent of digitalization. Most importantly, how your business can adapt the best practices and leverage this growth to better your business.

#1: Discovery

With the good old days of the phone book directories coming to an end, local businesses are optimizing their local marketing efforts. It’s easier to find your tattoo studio, but with online directories, you can reach out to the potential clients that would otherwise have to look you up in their yellow pages.

Setting up a business profile on platforms like Google My Business holds up an endless number of perks for local businesses.

  • Your local business will start to show up on more platforms

One of the most critical factors that customers choose to take into consideration is proximity to their location. Although a quick Google search is handy for narrowing down the options – especially for those on their smartphones – most people prefer Google Maps to locate local businesses closeby.

  • You get a chance to be highlighted in Google’s three-pack

Google’s local search results now support the limited 3-pack that was once an inclusive 7-pack. Most businesses worldwide are struggling with a bunch of SEO tricks to level-up their local rankings and be a part of Google’s local 3-pack. The truth is, by merely signing up for free Google My Business, you can increase your odds of making your way onto this sought after list.

  • You get fast and free advertising

Google Ads campaign is an excellent way to get to the top of ​the search ​results​, but you need to have a budget for running ads. However, there’s another way to get to Google’s first page by mastering SEO, essentially content-driven. This method is more grounded, but it does take considerable time to build up your ranking and authority.

On the other hand, Google My Business listing will offer free and fast advertising. Along with the advertisements, you get highlighted on the world’s most trusted engine.

  • Your business earns an edge over your competitors

Your online directory displays the potential information your clients require to engage with your tattoo studio. A description offers a snapshot of your studio and depicts something authentic to help you show your value. Your business description allows you to stand out from your competitors in your client’s initial scan through search results through a content snippet.

#2: Self-Service Online Appointments

Every tattoo owner’s dream features more client bookings and higher profit margins. However, you will rely heavily on calls and walk-ins for consultations without an online booking system – a tattoo shop management software platform with online booking functionality is truly а necessity!

Needless to say, this generous gift of digitalization will help your tattoo studio grow exponentially.

  1. This will give freedom to your potential customers to book an appointment anytime they want. Additionally, it will maximize your clientele because you are no longer limited to those working hours.
  2. Your number of no-shows will drastically decrease since prospective clients who reserve their spots online are much more likely to show up.
  3. It will reduce workloads for you, your staff, and optimizes customer service. Moreover, you make sure your bookings are well-synced, and your artist’s availability is updated with each booking.

#3: Appointment Reminders

Adults are forgetful. It happens to the best of us. It happens all the time. Hence, appointment reminders can be a real game-changer – for your clients as well as your fellow tattoo artists!

  1. Automated messaging will save up a lot of time and resources.
  2. You will be able to provide better customer service with fewer touchpoints.
  3. These reminders (at times, customizable) can help you plan out your and your client’s day.
  4. It will help you manage your waiting lists as your clients will have the flexibility to cancel or reschedule their appointments.

Sending appointment reminders to clients is yet another impressive way to leverage digitalization. Time is scarce in our world, lives are busy, and our minds forgetful – automatic reminders can be a smart choice to ensure you stay at the top of your to-do lists!

#4: Online Payments

Online payments are becoming the dominant mode of payments globally. You may end up being at the losing end if you are planning on expanding your tattoo business and not accepting online transactions. Simply put, PayPal, TransferWise, or crypto transfer platforms – integrate ’em all or have a tattoo shop POS system that can do all.

  1. The quick and easy online setup will facilitate more sales and a more extensive clientele.
  2. It will add a lot of convenience to your recurring payments.
  3. It gives your studio a competitive edge, and an option to receive online payments can improve your reputation, further enabling you to gain your customers’ trust.
  4. Most importantly, it will influence impulse tattoo-getters.

#4: Reviews

Trouble-free access to the web has wholly transformed the way customers look for small businesses today. It’s rare to decide from dental services to tattoo studios without digging through the online reviews blindly. As a result, holding a positive online presence gives you several advantages!

  1. An established social-proof drives more customers.
  2. They make you more visible. Most customers will go through the search engines, or even on social handles when deciding which tattoo studio to choose. These websites all have their typical methods of surfacing content and indexing. Yet, they all value fresh content, and customer ratings and reviews can feed these content machines, keeping your tattoo studio strongly favored by algorithms.
  3. No secret, they make you look trustworthy.
  4. They will create more conversations whirling around your studio. Reviews, good or bad, have their way of spreading, and this, in turn, boosts your outreach.
  5. Needless to say, they’re increasingly important for your prospective client’s decision making.

The way the search engine speaks about your tattoo studio is essential, but having your customers talk about you online is a phenomenal way to enhance your message and establish your work.

We are head over heels for these digitalization waves and tactics. It’s 2020, and it’s time for humans and machines to start working and evolving hand-in-hand. However, We understand, change is uncomfortable and challenging. Keeping up with the ever-evolving digitization requires courage.

The good news, the inclusion of an analytical tattoo studio software solution that generates detailed marketing reports, manages appointments, deals with online reputation management for its users can help you stay well up-to-date. Straightforward, simple use of this software can help on the number of returning and new clients, help you understand your target audience’s requirements better, and adjust your efforts accordingly!

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