Instagram Growth: 10 Instant Tips That Actually Work For Every Brand

With the number of Instagram users increasing drastically each month, more than 80% of them visit at least 2 or 3 business profiles daily. This scenario shows that Instagram has become a mandatory prerequisite for businesses. Now that most of the businesses hold an account on Instagram, they have a lot of questions in their mind on how to really grow their brand on Instagram. If you are a brand with many questions related to brand growth on Instagram, this article provides you excellent tips to help your way to success.

Instagram Growth Tip #1: Post consistently and frequently

Brands on Instagram need to post consistently at right times in regular time intervals.

This is more important to keep up the expectations of your loyal followers who wait eagerly to see what you post. Failing to post content can even lead some of your followers to unfollow you because all that they expect from you is just interesting content. If you are new to Instagram, posting quality content on a regular basis can help you grow your followers’ base. Laying out a content schedule is the first step of any Instagram marketing campaign and it greatly helps you to get maximum engagement avoiding unnecessary stress and pressure.

Instagram Growth Tip #2: Make Use Of Scheduling Tools

Rather than manual scheduling, scheduling tools make the work more simple and easy to post content on a regular basis. Planning ahead an Instagram campaign can achieve 100% success and Scheduling tools are the best way to do this. When you schedule content in advance, a lot of time is saved and there are no chances for errors to happen. Instagram has a scheduling feature within itself. Other third-party posting tools also have inbuilt scheduling features to support you in user engagement.

Instagram Growth Tip #3: Go Live on Instagram

Recent studies report that over 85% of people prefer watching live videos to static textual content and images. Instagram Live, the new feature launched by Instagram allows you to interact with your followers and customers which is the way to boost Instagram growth quickly. Your followers receive a notification whenever you go live on Instagram. Now they get to know that you are live on Instagram. The Instagram algorithm keeps track of notifications and favors such accounts that use the feature.

Such accounts are discovered easily by more Instagram users hence boosting organic engagement and growth.

Instagram Growth Tip #4: Collaborate With Other Brands

Joining hands with brands that already have a large following paves way for instant growth on Instagram. This is a kind of mutual partnership where both the brands receive equal benefits. You can get you content seen by a complete new set of people to gain brand presence on Instagram. Ensure that the brand you partner with aligns with your objectives to make this work. It requires that their audience are relevant to your brand to make this brand collaboration campaign.

Instagram Growth Tip #5: Run Instagram Contests

Instagram contests are another potential and interesting way to get more exposure to your brand page. The reason is people love receiving compliments and gifts. People never think to enter contests when you offer a giveaway. There are many brands who grew their followers count by running several successful Instagram contests. Asking people to repost photos, requesting them to comment and tag friends, to like your posts on Instagram and asking them to share your regular Instagram posts and stories can help you accomplish Instagram growth instantly. .Contests are a sure way to get you more followers because new people who just enter the contests are more likely to start following your Instagram profile.

Instagram Growth Tip #6: Post Stories Regularly

More than 500 million people post to Instagram stories out of which one-third of the most viewed Instagram stories are posted by brands. Stories are getting popular continuously without a break and allows brands to showcase their products in several creative ways hence engaging more audience.Instagram stories are simple to create with photos and videos that you have with you. A story lasts only for 24 hours but you can use the story highlights feature to both categorize them and to make them appear in your stories feed beyond 24 hours.

Instagram Growth Tip #7: Follow A Consistent Theme

As a brand, you need to stick to a consistent theme for your brand page on Instagram. For example, follow the same background for all your clothing photos if you are into the fashion marketing niche. But you can follow a use a different background for posting photographs of models in different environments or landscapes. Identify which lighting works perfect for your photos, like natural light, lighting close to a window, etc.,. Moving further,, you must also ensue to give a look-and-feel effect to each of your photos using Instagram filters and editing techniques. Nevertheless, customized and unique editing techniques followed for each photo can improve the focus of the main concept of the photograph.

Instagram Growth Tip #8: Use Hashtags

Using hashtags strategically are an effective way to grow your Instagram account much faster. Research reports that Instagram posts that contained hashtags received 13% more engagement than posts with no hashtags. Hashtags facilitate you to category similar content in your Instagram feed which maes your content appear on the top of search results. This makes it clear and obvious that hashtagged posts get more usee engagement than posts without hashtags. Be sure to have a clear strategy before including hashtags for your posts to avoid messing up everything.

Instagram Growth Tip #9: Create Instagram Ads

Instagram ads can open up many new business opportunities for you. Allocating a small amount in your budget for ads can help you drive significant brand exposure. Story ads, Video ads, Photo ads and Carousel ads are the different types of ads on Instagram and you can use one specific type based on your target audience. Don’t just overwhelm with the first ad itself because it might appear over-promotional. Promoting one of your popular organic posts is a good place to start with ads. Never ignore to try with this because a small investment can result in more ROI and increase Instagram growth.

Instagram Growth Tip #10: Be Caring

Of course, you are on your way to brand growth on Instagram.But that cannot happen without people. You need to care for your followers and your customers to maintain a stable presence on Instagram. A small help given to the community can take you places. Providing face masks for healthcare workers, offering food for local food banks and busy nurses and doctors are good ways to give back to the community. Posting these moments on your Instagram page can inspire many people to help others especially during this pandemic period.

Wrapping Up

Alongside using these tips for Instagram growth, checking out Instagram analytics can give additional information to improve your Instagram marketing campaign and amplify your business. Analytics helps better understand the preferences of people like what content they like, their most active times and so on. Cross-platform promotion in combination with the above tips can increase brand exposure and engagement hence growing your account even higher. Implementing post-specific strategies can skyrocket you Instagram growth. Instagram keeps launching new features everyday or the other.So you need to keep up with Instagram growth to sustain your Instagram presence.

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