What Makes Call Center Philippines Stand Out As A Service Provider?

When we talk about call center the picture that pops up in our mind is an array of young people handling calls both incoming and outgoing all day long. But there is a bigger picture to it. Typically a Call Centre offers a huge number of services to help a business to prosper. Some of the leading services are:

  • a) Customer Service
  • b) Inbound Support
  • c) Outbound support

In the last few years call center Philippines has emerged as one of the biggest call center hubs in the world. Call Centre provides an array of services that helps in the overall growth of a business and they serve in almost every industry from manufacturing to automobile and from finance to IT.

Here are some reasons why a business should outsource to a call center from the Philippines to generate high-quality sales leads.

Low labor cost: The Philippines is a developing country with a population of around 110 Million. With these huge human resources, it’s easy to get a high-quality workforce. Due to the higher population, the cost of living is generally very low compared to the developed country like the US and UK. Therefore it’s easy to get quality manpower at a very less cost.

Low operational cost: When a business decides to outsource from a country where the cost of living is low then the overall manpower cost decreases to a great extent. Besides, the cost of recruitment, training, and operational support also decreases around 60% to 70 %. The Philippines being a developing country they offer quality manpower at much lower cost and Call Centre Philippines are armed with all the operational facility required to set up and run a process smoothly.

Good communication skills: If you take a dig at the history of the Philippines, you will know that this country had remained a colony to the west for a good number of years. Due to this Filipino’s are affluent in American English and UK English and moreover, they are quite aware of the work culture and ethics of the west. This a very good reason why they are excelling in dealing with foreign clients.

Excellent customer service: Filipino youth are communicative, educated, and smart, they are quite expert in handling issues with proper depth and knowledge. It has been reported that foreign clients feel comfortable speaking to them, and they work round the clock to accommodate the time gap. Due to this excellent support more and more businesses prefer their services.

Service with security: A call center knows how important a client’s information is to a business so they keep all the data securely in cloud backup. All the security systems use password protection, user access controls, and data encryption. So, that a business remains in good hands and doesn’t have to worry about lost data under any circumstances. In the Philippines, security professionals are working all the time to make sure your organizational data remain safe from cybercrime. This is another important reason to outsource to Call Centre Philippines.

There is an array of services provided by Call Centre Services to almost all sectors and to different lines of businesses. Some of the services are mentioned as follows:

Outbound support – There is a list of outbound support that a call center of the Philippines usually provides which is as follows:

Outbound Lead Generation: Outsourcing lead generation is very important for a business. Anyone who has a phone is familiar with cold calls. Cold Calls are tricky and it can be a bit challenging and time-consuming but Call Center Philippines are having experienced and aggressive telemarketing agents who work exclusively to generate more and more quality leads every day. They are qualified and trained to find leads and prospects.

Market research: A market research helps a business to know about the current market strategies and scenarios which helps them to understand the audience better.

Surveys: Similar to market research it helps to get a closer look at the audience’s needs and feedback.

Follow-ups: It helps a runaway customer to bring back within the support system.

Collections: It increases the profit margin of a company by collecting debts and pending payments through rigorous follow-ups.

Inbound support: Call center Philippines provide a series of inbound call center support which are as follows.

Answering service: They also provide quality customer answering services to handle all the customer queries and complaints.

Customer service: This call center caters to different industries from Telecom to E-commerce to outsource their customer care part and due to their polite attitude and expertise in problem-solving techniques they handle all the issues efficiently.

Helpdesk support: By using advanced technology, experienced workforce, and customize CRM these call centers are excelling in Helpdesk support outsourcing.

Enquiry handling: It is just similar to answering services, here the manpower requires to be more polite, knowledgeable along with excellent communication skills.

Inbound sales: It is a tricky part but managed flawlessly by these call center agents and more and more businesses is relying on these call centers lately to avail of these processes.

Toll-free services: It is similar to those services when a customer needs to contact the customer support of any business for any queries.

Technical support: It is another important part where an agent needs to be technically sound enough to address the technical queries of a customer.

Quick Support System: A key to success today especially with Gen Z is to provide quick support. They hate to wait. Call Center Philippines ensures faster support for the customers by being available. They provide instant support via call or live chat. And offer faster replies to emails and try to answer as soon as possible on social media sites and so on. In case of a voice call, they have access to the past customer behavior for better and intelligent support.

Every call center services trains its agents in the right way from the beginning so that they have the best support staff. These dedicated experts always assist the client and customers as and when needed. Every individual are having multilingual fluency.

By outsourcing these services a business will grow and run smoothly at minimum cost while it gets benefited from better customer service, quality lead generation, and well-managed systems that will increase all the aspects of the business in terms of quality and productivity.

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