Top Feature You Aren’t Aware of QuickBooks Enterprise

When it comes to choosing accounting software, the first name that comes into the minds of most CPAs, accountants, and business owners is QuickBooks Desktop software. It is the most popular accounting software holding up the maximum market share today, with over 800 million global customers.

QuickBooks caters to all kinds of businesses from small to enterprise-level by offering various versions, including Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Accountant, POS, and Online, for your unique business needs.

So, suppose you’re a large business. In that case, you probably already know that QuickBooks Enterprise software can help you keep your finances organized, offer advanced reporting, and most importantly, reduce manual errors and save you time.

But, Intuit, the developer of QuickBooks, keeps updating the software every year to enhance its features and improve the user experience. So, here are some features of QuickBooks Enterprise software that you must not be aware of:

Data Level Permissions: Accounting applications are used to store sensitive client information. QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting allows accountants, CPAs, and business owners to customize access to their QuickBooks data and files as per the user roles.

By doing so, only the authorized users will get permission to access specific data in QuickBooks.

Bank Feeds: By enabling the online banking facility in QuickBooks Enterprise, you can connect with your Financial Institutions (FI) if your FI supports online services for QuickBooks and download your transactions and use other online services.

Before the latest update of QuickBooks Desktop, users had to enter the search details to import their transactions manually. With the latest update of QBES, the Advanced Mode of bank feeds allows users to improve their search by categorizing transactions that save them a lot of time, thereby increasing the overall efficiency.

Landed Costs: Landed costs is a functionality of QuickBooks Desktop that allows its users to track the product more accurately by allocating freight, shipping, customs duties, miscellaneous charges, and other costs along with the product.

With the latest release of QuickBooks Enterprise 2021, users get more control over while setting up, calculating, and sharing the landed costs.

Barcode Label Prices: This feature is available in QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 Platinum and Diamond edition. The new barcode label prices feature improves the pricing visibility for employees and customers as they can directly see the sales prices on the barcodes along with the product name and description.

This feature will also improve the customer shopping experience by giving them access to the necessary information for each product.

Alternate Vendor Reports: Vendor reports help users access various vendor-related data, including contacts, address, discount rates, and other factors.

With the latest release of QuickBooks Enterprise 21.0, users get access to an information center containing the vendor data. With this detailed information regarding the vendors beforehand, QB customers can make better purchasing decisions. This feature also helps users save time as the vendor info can be automatically included while creating purchase orders.

Automated Receipt Management: QuickBooks Desktop 2021 allows you to upload PDFs or images of your receipts from any device to your QB Desktop. It captures the receipts data and matches an existing transaction that you can review, edit, add, and match.

Moreover, you can also give access to users to upload receipts, add or create new transactions as per user permissions. This feature of QBES allows users to stay organized by uploading paperless receipts at once and efficiently manage the trails from a unified place.

Customized Payment Receipts: With the standard payment receipts, users weren’t able to edit their invoices or forms to add the customer logo or other information to categorize different payment receipt formats.

But, this most awaited QuickBooks feature is now available in QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, Plus, Accountant, and Enterprise 2021, where you can customize and format payment receipts as per customer groups. Adding a logo and other customizations using the layout designer will allow you to create multiple designs for specific customers and enjoy a consistent and professional layout for all customer communications.

QuickBooks Enterprise offers various features for the unique business needs of accountants, CPAs, and business owners. But listed above were some of the new and improved features that came along with this year’s release of QuickBooks Enterprise.

Now that you’re aware of all the features, it’s time to upgrade to the latest version of QBES to enhance your business productivity.

Did we miss out any feature? Let us know in the comments section below.

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