The 3 Best Food Tracking Apps to Help You Stay Healthy

Who you are is determined by the foods you eat. That is why it is important to watch what you eat or use a food chopper to help you stay healthy. It is the reason why most people are resorting to digital food trackers to help them determine what to ingest. They are food tracker apps that will count the calories you eat and help you discover your cravings and the foods you don’t love. The apps will help you learn the best way to prepare nice meals including keto diet plan and help you start loving the foods you don’t like. Some will help you shop smarter and mind about any food you put in your mouth.

In this era of modern science, the smartphone has become an important tool that helps one process more data, a million times than what the Nasa machine that guided the Americans to land on the moon could process. It is this processing power that the diet apps leverage to help the user take control of their health through diet plan nutrition. So what are the most effective tracking apps you can use to track your dietary plan? The list is long, but we will focus on the most important ones. Before then, let’s first take a look at what nutrition apps are.

Nutrition diet Apps

They are meant to help people track their nutrition while helping them find restaurants that cater to their dietary needs when the need arises. Some apps are designed to offer graphs showing the relationship between specific foods and how one feels after eating. Also, some of them show the relationship that exists after eating other types of foods including paleo diet plan.

The nutrition apps feature strategies that can help you lose weight if you follow the best diet plan. They are meant to help you change how you relate with food. Unfortunately, not all apps will work for everyone. There are those that are appropriate for people recovering from eating disorders and those that are meant to help obese individuals lose excess weight. So choosing the most appropriate one for your case could help you recover. But first, you need to know your goals and come up with a strategy to help you assess whether a diet plan app can help you reach your goal or not.

1. HealthyOut App

If you are always on the move, dining out is one of the things that you cannot avoid. So you need the best diet meal plan app that can help you manage the menu and get the most out of it. HealthyOut is a healthy diet plan that will help you stick to your dietary plan. It will allow you to filter foods and drinks that do not meet your dietary requirements. It is designed to help you find healthful dishes and allow you to choose nutritional preferences. It allows you to search more than 500 cities in the United States and will suggest restaurants that serve the dishes of your preference.


  • It has an interactive and attractive interface
  • It is easy to navigate
  • features icons representing ingredients you may want to select


  • Offers calorie counts for chain restaurants
  • Does not offer all the information you may want when dining in a restaurant

2. MyFitnessPal

It is a popular app for diet tracking and counting the calories in your diet. It helps to track the weight and recommend the calories you need to intake every day to help you stay healthy. The app is designed to provide the food diary that will help you stay out of danger and the exercise log that could help you keep fit and burn the excess calories. It features a homepage that will show the calories you have consumed each day and the remaining amount that you may need to consume each day. It also shows the number of calories burned each day through exercise.

The app is compatible with fitness devices and could come in handy when looking for data since it syncs with the devices. It will also track your progress towards your goal and allow you to share your thoughts through chat forums. While on the forums, you will learn about recipes, personal success stories, and tips to help you get the best results.

One of the reasons why the app is becoming popular is that it contains more than five million foods and allows you to download and custom dishes and foods.

MyFitnessPal features a scanner that allows the user to enter the details or nutrition information of the packaged foods. It gives the daily breakdown of fat, protein, and carbs while allowing you to record how things worked each day.


Indeed MyFitnessPal is one of the best apps for diet and weight loss that boasts of a huge database that helps you track what you ingest. It provides data on a diet served in many of the restaurants. The tracker can also download recipes online and help you to calculate the content available in each serving. Lastly, the app allows you to quickly add calories if there is no time to include details of certain meals.


Despite it being a great app for anyone who cares about their diet, the app comes with a few downsides. It is possible for starters that the calorie count may not be accurate given that individuals upload it. Also, there could be multiple entries on the same food type. Lastly, editing the data may be hard, and so the serving may be smaller or larger than what is listed.

3. Fiber Counter & Tracker

The counter is designed for iPad and is an ideal app for people interested in eating the recommended fiber daily allowance to remain healthy and maintain a normal cholesterol level and blood sugar. It helps ingest the right amount of fiber to promote a healthy gut microbiome resulting in a healthier metabolism.

Including the recommended amount of fiber in your diet reduces the likelihood of becoming obese. Also, it reduces the likelihood of having a host of diseases, including type2 diabetes, cancer, hemorrhoids, diverticular diseases, metabolic syndrome, constipation, and heart diseases. What’s more, is that consuming the right amount of fiber enhances your mental health and improves the immune system.

It is an app for diet and health which helps in monitoring fiber intake and could also be used as an organizer tool to help keep your daily record, including a bar chart showing the amount of fiber in each food you consume.


  • It features an easy to use interface
  • You don’t need the internet to use the app


Here we are! These are the most effective apps you could rely on to track your dietary plan. They will help you cut down on calories, eat the right amount of fiber, and engage in meaningful activities that will increase the rate at which your body burns fat.

Feel free to share your comments and mention any other app you feel could help anyone interested in watching what they eat.

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