Top Essential Secrets of Song Writing

Are you the one struggling with writing a song? Do you always wish to have a catchy song written by yourself? Even if you are not a musician, songwriting is a skill that can be learned with constant practice. Imagine all the great songs on your playlist were they possible without efforts or popular songs just hit the luck. Well, there are some secrets. Today at genius lyrics let us help you share the greatest secrets of most popular songwriters.

1. Have a Story in Your Mind or on Your Paper

The most essential step in songwriting is having a storytelling structure of the song. Before you focus on melody or lyrics try to have a Story in your mind. Your Story will lead to a vision you want your audience to see through your song. it’s usually seen that musicians share their personal experiences in their songs. An interesting story will lead to a strong impact on your audience. When you listen to your favorite songs you come to realize that these songs have different stories in them. Sometimes there’s a conflict. Sometimes a powerful message to young ladies out there and sometimes just a cry of the heart to the loved ones who are no longer part of our lives anymore. Needless to say, we listen to and love those songs which connect to us at deeper levels.

2. Human brain – Sound Processing

Why some of the songs are stuck in our minds and some of the songs we never wish to listen to again. This is because the human brain process different sounds differently. The catchy words and rhythms always sound better and they are well retained in your mind. it is an ideal approach to have songwriting in your daily conversation sentences or phrases used every day This is because these are easy and daily words that can help connect the individual with the song easily.

3. Jump out of Your Comfort Zone

For a hit song, it’s not only that you focus on your lyrics or melody but sometimes it is essential to jump out of your comfort zone. If you are a guitarist, write a song with a piano this time. If you love slow songs this time you go for a hip hop genre. It’s never too late to always experiment with something new and exciting for example how about going with the drummers this time.

4. Lyrics

Talking about songwriting the most troubling part is lyrics writing. If you are a beginner you can try only with some lyrics. Repetition is not bad if your lyrics are catchy. While song writing tries to understand the Story, your lyrics can cross someone’s heart if an individual had the same Story in their past.

5. Crafting

Composing an entire song is a step-by-step process. Focus on words, then try creating notes, later turn your notes into verses and then in choruses. Remember your song should have leading and ending notes so your brain readily captures the song.

6. Incorporate Melody, Lyrics, and Rhythm

Once done with lyrics writing, crafting, play different melodies which work with your lyrics well. While writing lyrics it is important to incorporate rhythms so it’s better sung well.

7. Inspiration

While songwriting, you should sing your song, play your song multiple times. Repeat several times, see how well your brain responds. Your brain must be excited all with time. When you can inspire others with your songwriting skills that song will promise to provide you with a hit. Some musicians have shared their experiences of hitting a clap every time they sing their favorite part of the song.

8. Myth Buster – Songwriting is only Possible with Great Gears

Many young artists feel that songwriting with a great guitar would be a hit than with their old nylon string guitar. Some artists write songs with guitars in their hands and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have great gears in the beginning. Well, let’s bust this myth and songwriters should expand their thinking. Think like an artist and most importantly focus on their content. Work over the quality of your content.

9. Listen

The last but not the least secret for songwriting is to listen and re-listen your content. Try singing your song with the guitar then try singing your song without guitar.

In the end, Thesongwriter should assess himself that what story he portrayed in his mind is that story visible in your song. Your words do add a perfect vision of your story. Moreover, focus does the melody is beautiful enough to share a place in your audience’s heart. Above all, songwriting is a beautiful yet tiring process but once you got a hit song you will never regret pouring all your efforts into one song.

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