5 Ways How Customer Support Services Drive Digital Transformation In Your Business

Many of you may find us crazy while reading this statement. But the truth is if you end up improving your customer support services with digital solutions, you can certainly find your jaw dropped witnessing a massive digital transformation in your business. Be it an ecommerce industry or education industry, all organizations irrespective of their types fall for call center services to acquire great results.

Digital transformation is what every business is looking for in order to keep up with the pace in the competitive market. In other words, this digital era is the compelling business to accept and adopt new technologies and change their marketing models simultaneously. This is when education, utility, banking, and ecommerce call centers like agencies popped out like mushrooms in rain.

Before we head on to how customer support services offered by a call center can dramatically change the outlook of the business, let us learn about a few data gathered from a recent survey.

A few statistics on digital transformation

The recent research was done by IDC, the total global expenses on digital transformation in the year 2018 were $1trillion, while the number is expected to reach $2trillion by the year 2022. However, with the COVID19 pandemic hit, it is found that 79% of companies have shown interest in digital transformation. They have even increased the budget so as to meet the proper requirements.

Getting started with digitally advanced customer care services

Customers are always a key to drive a high success rate in the business. Agree or disagree, but improving the customer’s journey and magnifying their customer experience is equally essential compared to other digital marketing needs. This is when call centers and their advanced call center services are taken into consideration.

Here are a few digital solutions that when integrated with customer support services digitally transform the entire marketing picture.

5 Ways customer support services can contribute to digital transformation

1. Provide omnichannel customer support: Most of you go confused with omnichannel and multichannel support. Sometimes they are used interchangeably. But do you know they possess a sleek difference?

Customer support services that include omnichannel integration are much better than normal multichannel support. Both the support system allows users to communicate with the call center agents across several channels like email, social media, voice call, live chat messaging app, video conferencing, etc. But in the former case, all the channels are interconnected and operated in an integrated way while the latter is isolated. This implies whenever a user chooses any mode of communication in multichannel support if he changes the mode all data will be deleted and hence need to put the data again for commencing the job.

Omnichannel support adds value to the customer experience and thus contributes a lot to the digital transformation. The education industry looking for an education call center often take this support system seriously so as to offer quality support to the students and their parents.

2. Trigger customer experience with live chat support: Answering queries over phones is not just time-taking but even sometimes leads to a huge call abandonment rate. Keeping the caller waited for a long time or in a queue are some common issues faced by the customers earlier. However, today, with the inception of the live chat support system, the picture of inbound / outbound call center services experienced a lot of change.

Live chat support allows customers to put their queries or issues and get them solved immediately without any holding time. This is what customers actually looking for. The technology improves the customer experience by throwing immediate solutions as per the questions, provide constant support regardless of time, and set up a good rapport for the agents. Beyond this, it even improves team productivity and informs the marketing department of product decisions.

A live chat support system unlike other traditional forms of customer support system is highly preferred by customers worldwide. Therefore, adding this to your call center service process can give you a big breakthrough indeed.

3. AI-based integration: Live chats are wonderful but what if live chat agents are offline? This is the extreme cases when a business thinks about AI-enabled applications. Many businesses utilize AI-enabled chatbots to turn their business digitally effective. The chatbots are well-engineered to perform human functions that are especially mundane, repetitive, and complex in nature. In order to gain leverage, virtual assistants have been introduced to every business operation including customer support services.

Advanced call center agencies utilize AI chatbots in place of agents so as to reduce human efforts and assist the customers round the clock. It is certainly not possible for every agent to work 24/7. To fill the gap, chatbots play a great role. They resemble the agents, providing the customers with accurate answers whenever they require a solution to their queries.

The best thing about chatbots is they are intelligent enough to answer any question. They research the entire business website and gather information related to the question raised by the customer. All the entire process is performed within seconds. That’s a pro!

4. Focus more on self-service options: Beyond live chat support and chatbots, there is something that every customer desires – self-service options. Why do you need to depend upon others when you can drive a solution to your problem yourself? Self-service options give the users the flexibility of finding an appropriate answer to the query or a solution to the issue raised.

Suppose an ecommerce buyer is stuck while making payment. Exploring the self-service options provided by the ecommerce call center, the buyer can easily come to a conclusion.

Self-service options work best when issues or queries are common. However, for serious problems, the issues are escalated to the higher levels where agents are assigned to take care of the problem.

5. Optimize mobile support services: Do you want to improve customers’ digital experience through call center services? Don’t forget to add mobile support services to your customer care process.

With the rise in demand for smartphones and mobile devices, it is natural that customers are likely to communicate with the customer support agents using their mobile devices. Whether you talk about placing orders at an ecommerce platform or registering and subscribing for education and banking institutions, buyers make use of their mobile devices to attain any solutions.

Introducing the mobile-friendly feature in the customer support services, excels the overall support system, allowing the customers to get their requirements on a fingertip. Whenever you talk about an enhanced customer support system, make sure the customer support portal is easily accessed by the users and contains a friendly interface to navigate.


Digital transformation triggers better conversions, encouraging more buyers to connect with the company, get engaged, and deliver optimum results providing a high-quality customer experience. In order to succeed, addressing customers with digital solutions is a major requirement.

Check out the enhanced BPO services of an ecommerce, finance, or education call center as per your industry type and get your work done with perfection.

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