Top 7 Tips for A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is a very innovative and popular strategy for marketing your business to a large audience. Similarly, one can take help of digital marketing for making correct connect marketing strategies. As per the research of CMI, 72-75% of buyer engagement could be increased through content marketing. If you are a digital marketing enthusiasts, you must be well aware of the saying, “Content is the King”. This make sense as content is the most important point of communication between a brand and the audience.

However, going beyond this, the industry leaders and experts believe that “content is the king, but the engagement is the queen and lady always rule the house!”. Well, this is quite an interesting and fun way to convey how audience engagement is integral to the success of any digital campaign. And to achieve this, you need a strong content marketing strategy. Writing great content is not enough, you must also know how to make your content reach the right audience in the right manner to boost up the engagement and in turn, the brand value! So, here are some tricks and tips that could help you in marketing your content to the potential audience.

1. Choose Your Target Audience

The target audience of every business is different and based on their business type. It depends on what service or product they are selling. So, try to categorize your audience based on their age, gender, and interest. It helps in marketing the content in a better way. Choosing the right target audience gets you halfway there. Irrelevant target audience would mean that all your efforts would go in vain. Even if there are people who are viewing your content, they are not the right audience who would actually engage with it.

2. Analyze the Behaviour of Target Audience

Behaviour means how your audience reacts to a specific product or service. So, try to interact with your audience and use digital notepads to create some online competitions. Online competitions are the best way to engage your audience and know their interest. Apart from this, you can get some feedback forms filled and analyze the interest of the audience through it. You should also check and analyse the engagement of various content regularly. By tracking and analyzing your regular content, you can get a better idea about the demographics for eg., which section of your audience is interacting more with a particular type of content you post. This would help you in targeting the best group in your future campaigns.

3. Make a list of Main and Long-Tail Keywords

Keyword research is the firstmost step before writing content. Keywords usually don’t leave any impact on your readers, but it helps Google to rank your blog post. Google analyzes any blog based on its keywords and how effectively the writer has answered all the questions. If your blog contains quality, then automatically, Google will give reference to your blog. However, choosing the right keywords for your content and including them creatively is crucial. While selecting the keywords, keep in mind that you choose a mix of main as well as long-tail keywords. Usually, people tend to search for long-tail keywords and with voice search becoming popular, long-tail keywords are surely not to be missed.

4. Write Content better than Competitors

After researching the keywords you want to use for ranking of your blog, the very next step is to analyze the competitors. Always try to make better content than your competitors. Find the loopholes on your competitor’s blog and try to fill them. Provide answers and information which is not available anywhere on the internet properly. More you provide accuracy and quality; more you will receive authority. Having said that, it is well-understood that you must avoid plagiarism. Also, try to include the expert advices from the industry experts, or interviews of industry professionals as and where required.

This would add a more credibility to your blog. Including insights from the experienced leaders, also makes your content more reliable. If you are using any other source of information for creating the content, it is always advisable to mention the sources at the end of your content. All this might not have a direct effect but a long-time effect in building a reliable, accountable and valuable image of your blog or website.

5. Promote the Content with Potential Readers

Promotion is part of digital marketing. You have to finalize the platforms to promote the content. Most of the users and target audience are available on social media. So, make decent profiles on social media platforms and share your blog post. Try to gain more followers which could be converted into traffic on your site. Also choosing the right social media platform for your blog is important. Not all social media platforms are suitable for all types of content. For example, LinkedIn is a professional platform and posting informal, personal and funky content over there would not make a great sense. Similarly, if you wish to target the youth, the best platform to promote your content would be Instagram. Therefore, choosing the right platform to promote different types of content is important. Make sure you carry out a thorough research about the same before selecting your social media platforms for promotion.

6. Fix Duration for Each Post

Fix the duration that is time, date and day of your every post. It helps to show the punctuality and consistency of your work. People will wait for your next post on the same day, and your brand will be promoted. However, top build this audience loyalty and consistency, you need time. Brand image is build over time and not overnight. So, initially, you might need to post more frequently, telling about your brand/story and fetching maximum audience. In some cases, you might also need to post 2 times a day. All this depends upon the type of content you are promoting, your target audience and the platform that you are choosing to promote your content on.

7. Repurposing your content

Until a few years ago, content repurposing was a buzzword in the digital marketing industry. But now, it has become an interesting and effective practice to put your old content to use and generate more engagement. It also shows that you are active and up with the latest industry trends. If you have a blog which resonated with your audience very well and sounds evergreen, you may get many opportunities to use it again and generate more results with the same piece of content. It might be in an infographic format, a video, or just editing the blog with some new additions and other changes. Creating a highly impactful content takes a lot of time and efforts and repurposing your content would help you generate a good ROI from the same.


In this way, one can make the best content marketing strategies by using digital media. 80% of people spend time on social platforms, and it influences their buying intent by reviewing various blogs. Hence, digital marketing is the source of influence for people. One should use all the strategies appropriately to get a hike in business. Work puts efforts on the right plan and learn.

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