The 7 Tips That Will Get You Your Amazon Best Seller Badge

You’ve made it to the top of the Amazon best-sellers list, but you still have one more step to go: earning your Amazon best-seller badge. Not only does this badge help you prove that you’re a trustworthy seller on Amazon, but it’s also considered a huge honor by most sellers.

But gaining and keeping that badge is no easy task. You must meet the sales numbers and other criteria imposed by Amazon for it. If you are new to selling on Amazon or new to this position in your journey, then check out these 7 easy tips to gain your Amazon best-seller badge.

1. Select The Right Category

Not all categories are created equal on Amazon. Some have more competition on them than others due to the nature of the products in those categories. Selling in a category with less competition will help you earn that Amazon best seller badge sooner than another with a higher number of sellers in it. It also makes it easy to retain that badge.

2. Be Unconventional

Following on from the previous point, one of the best ways to beat the competition is to offer something to your customers that they are not offering. This makes you gain exclusivity for that product, so you will gain all of the traffic and sales for that product, raising your chances of being recognized for the badge. It also makes retaining it easy. You could also gain such exclusivity by offering a service or add-on that no one else is doing.

3. Price Your Product Attractively

One of the biggest factors influencing your sales figures is price. So you should have a pricing strategy in place that gives you the profits you need while keeping it low enough to attract prospects away from your competitors. Revise your prices routinely to maintain this status. Occasional sales and promotions where your products are offered at lower than normal prices are a great way to establish customer trust and keep them coming back to your store. Also, keep the shipping costs as low as possible as this too is a big factor that customers consider when purchasing products.

4. Get Your SEO Game Right

Search Engine Optimization is the key to generating long-term, sustained traffic for your product pages. Hence, make it a priority to optimize your product listing to make the most of it. Research and include the most performing keywords in your product titles and description.

Add accurate information about the product but do it cleanly with the inclusion of various topics, bullet points, etc., for easy comprehensibility. Ensure that the product photos used flaunt the product from various angles and include brief information. Regularly update the listing information to keep up with changes made to the product or the algorithm.

5. Advertise Accurately and Frequently

PPC ads are one of the best ways to generate traffic and sales for your Amazon store. And Amazon provides plenty of ways to do it via avenues like Sponsored Ads. Create a bespoke and effective ad campaign strategy highlighting the best aspects of your products and store. Use the best available options to bid for the plum ad spots that are sure to give your ads the eyeballs they need. Keep the budget under check so that you’re not bringing down your profitability prospects. Do this as frequently as possible so your brand visibility increases.

6. Offer Attractive Deals to Buyers

Offering a discount is a great way to encourage your customers to buy, and it helps you build up trust. But don’t discount too much, or the algorithm might think that you’re losing money on each sale and bring down your value. Try offering several different prices, or offer limited-time discounts on items in your product catalog.

If possible, give away something special like an eBook or audiobook with each purchase this will help increase sales even more because people love getting new things for free. The higher sales generated this way, along with the increased number of positive feedback, will get your store soaring to the best seller candidate list.

7. Stick To Amazon’s Guidelines

One of the worst things you can do to your reputation on Amazon’s marketplace is flouting its rules and guidelines. This brings down your brand value in the eyes of your customers and triggers the algorithm to drop your status below that of your competition. Not only that, it may leave your product pages/store out of business for a while, reducing traffic.

Or, in the worst case, you may get suspended from the platform altogether. None of these situations are conducive to getting and keeping your Amazon Best Seller badge. So always follow the local listing and other guidelines of every region you’re selling in so that there is no disruption in sales operations anywhere.

Some other things you could do towards this goal include:

  • Having a bespoke Amazon storefront complete with brand logo and theme.
  • Doing market research to list the most popular products.
  • Performing analytics using various KPIs to know the effectiveness of your ad campaign, pricing strategy, etc.
  • Doing competitor research to understand their strategy, predict their future listings, and other important aspects.
  • Maintaining sufficient inventory always so that you’ll not have missed sales or get bad reviews for it.
  • Manage your customer feedback effectively to improve the number of positive reviews and ratings.
  • Keep returns low so that you’re not likely to get negative reviews and algorithmic value loss.
  • Employ a professional Amazon virtual assistant to handle your eStore and optimize your in-house resource elsewhere in more critical tasks.

In Conclusion

Possessing the Amazon Best Seller badge is one of the greatest advantages you can have in the marketplace against your competition. It creates a positive feedback loop where you get more sales that build your brand reputation and value, which in turn helps you retain it. It helps create the ideal high ROI with a low ACoS scenario that sets you up for steady growth.

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