Tech Guide to Fantasy Sports App Solutions

Sports fantasy is one of the most successful ways to improve mobile apps. A few years before, no one could have imagined that technology would produce amazing athletes. But today, we have more than 100 million unique gamers around the world who love to play the fantasy sports app.

Considering the recommendation of amazing sports players worldwide, the global market for fantasy sports apps is expected to grow by a CAGR of 33.4% over the next five years. Soon, the industry will fall to the mark of 86.3 billion USD by the end of 2025.

What is the Fantasy Sports App Development

Fantasy sports apps are designed for smartphones, desktops, and tablets that allow users to play sports in fantasy mode. With the help of the internet, players can become part of a sports game or sports team and play it using their digital device. Here instead of a portable sports team, you will have a visual sports team with performance figures, which includes each player. Developers of amazing sports apps have designed these games to deliver real-time sports results on the field.

Here the virtual team receives tangible points that are converted into cash or prizes according to applicable terms and conditions. The mobile sports league committee gets all the records of the players and teams to give them a better chance in the future. It’s like a fantasy but it has all the features of a real sports tournament.

How Does a Fantasy Sports App Work?

To answer this question in more detail and with an understanding of technology, it is important to consult a fantasy sports app development company. However, I would like to add a few points to help active investors of mobile apps know how a fantasy app works.

The whole idea of ​​developing a fantasy sports game is to bring different sports enthusiasts with their favorite sports team or players through the mobile app. The crazy growth of smartphone apps and sports apps is driving these sports fans crazy to download and use amazing sports apps.

The sports app category is extensive. Here athletes can choose from a variety of sports, including cricket, hockey, soccer, Kabbadi, volleyball, etc. It all depends on the favorite game of mobile app users, and rightfully so, they will choose their own fun game app.

Fantasy Sports App work in the following way

  • First, users will download the app and select the games they wish to play.
  • There will be different categories of games; the right choice for the user’s interest will be selected.
  • After the selection of a particular game, the next step is to develop the team. Team development is one of the most important steps in a fantasy sports app. Here the players will have their own choice of team selection. Thus, group segregation occurred.
  • Like a real sports game, once the team has improved, the next step is to choose a captain and vice-captain.
  • Team transformation is also happening here, as is the case with a regular sports game.
  • After the end of a match or tournament, the winners are announced as the winner. Here prize points are allocated to the team and the player.

Fantasy Sports App: Highlights Of Features

While planning to contact a fantasy sports app development company to build a fantasy sports app like Dream 11 or Draft King, you need to make sure the features are the best.

If you embed the relevant and enhanced features in your sports fantasy game, you will get more users with an advanced% of save. Let’s take a look at the most talked-about features of the sports fantasy app.

Basic Features: Let’s take a look at the basic features of a fantasy sports app development.

  • Register, sign in and sign up for confirmation
  • Create a team, team managers
  • Live results updates
  • View prizes and earnings
  • Digital wallet for players
  • Sharing on social media
  • Payment management
  • Join the competition

Advanced and Highlighted Features: Uncovering advanced features of the amazing sports app helps your app to be different and more talked about among users.

1. Live streaming of the game

Live streaming of the game is one of the most popular features you need to embed in contact with the developers of your amazing gaming apps or team of developers. Here is the owner of the mobile app; the app owner works with an official sports broadcaster to schedule live game broadcasts. It is indeed one of the most talked-about aspects of 2021 regarding sports fantasy application development.

2. Chatbot Support

The next important feature is live chatbot support. There are many users who have many types of queries or questions in their mind while accessing your app. What about keeping these users by answering their questions on time? It helps to improve customer satisfaction, thus increasing the number of users of your game.

3. Push Notifications

App notifications are very important in improving the level of user engagement. It needs to be introduced to help your app users stay active and connected to the latest matches or contests.

4. Loyalty Programs

How can you win ever-increasing competition in the market to develop amazing sports apps? Every day new fantasy sports apps come to the market, thus influencing users with their features and promotional offerings. Therefore, you need to define your promotional offer through customer loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs help your users to stay active and engaged. It helps to build trust between the app and the user. In addition, the possibility of converting points into cash is one of the best ways to help your customers stay loyal to your app.

5. Real-time Analytics

Statistics have always been helpful in predicting the best. Here an amazing sports development software company like us can help your users with real-time sports prediction using the statistics feature. Users can predict the outcome of a game or move using the real-time statistics feature found in the app.

The Cost of Developing a Legendary Game Application App

The cost of developing a fantasy sports app varies from company to company depending on team size, company location, developer information, and the solution offered. Moon Technolabs offers 100% customizable fiction fantasy sports app development software for customers worldwide within an estimated budget of 8K USD to 15K USD.

Hire Fantasy Sports App Developers

Moon Technolabs has powerful mobile app developers to build gaming apps for customers like you. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and experienced project leader help your next sports fantasy app built to be well-designed. However, we are following an aging process, of developing a mobile application to provide complete justice to your app development requirements. We offer a variety of development models, including full-time, part-time, and hourly development models such as mobile app development services.


Fantasy Sports apps are one of the most popular mobile apps that clients focus on to make good money with in-app investments. Moon Technolabs provides amazing sports app development services at a reasonable cost. If you would like to generate revenue for your next digital app project, we are considering choosing the same sports fantasy category.

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