Start a Fitness App Company with These 3 Fitness Apps

When Google created its Google Health Service in 2008, it seemed promising but unfortunately, in 2011, the company was forced to abandon the project despite the promises and possibilities.

The big WHY behind this could be because personal health was an unpopular opinion then and people subjected health to be a doctor’s business, until when health services are needed.

But over the past few years, health has become a trending issue. People are becoming increasingly aware of diseases caused by obesity, malnutrition, and sedentary office work. People now see a healthy lifestyle as a matter of being beautiful, successful, and fit.

Fitness app development is so popular today and with the great evolvement of technology, it can only get better. In fact, a chart from Market Research Future showed that the global market for fitness applications will be worth more than 14 billion in US dollars by 2026, with a 23% CAGR through the forecast period.

Starting a fitness app company might just be the next big deal for you.

What are fitness apps?

Fitness apps are mobile applications designed by companies to keep you fit and healthy. It focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle for the different users. There are various fitness apps which are not necessarily gym apps or personal trainer apps, the apps can range from nutrition and diet apps to simple activity tracking apps or an app that offers health solutions and advice on the go.

This article will focus on 3 types of fitness apps that you can start with when building your own fitness app company. These include:

  • Nutrition and Diet Apps
  • Activity tracking Apps
  • Workout, gym and exercise Apps

Nutrition and diet apps

People are increasingly becoming more aware of diseases caused by malnutrition or poor diet, and this has led to the general embrace of a nutrition and diet app that can keep track of daily diet consumption.

When you create a nutrition app, the goals are to make the users’ nutritional goals achievable and measurable. The daily calories intake can be measured, users can have access to personal health dietary advice, unrestricted access to an online food library.

A fitness app company with the nutrition and diet apps components, should be prepared to provide a platform for support and accessibility for users coupled with accurate updates and information.

Activity tracking apps

Tracked activities build motivations for users. Every user who uses a fitness app is interested in every milestone, result, and growth. The activity tracking apps is one of the best fitness apps you can start with when starting a fitness app company because of its numerous benefits and returns.

As a developer, you have to build a fitness app that meets the users’ activity goals. These include but not limited to; Keeping logs of jogs, time spent during physical exercise, track records, etc.

An example of a tracking app is the Pedometer apps, where a user can keep track of steps and distance walked. Other mobile apps are Gyrometer, Peloton, etc.

The information provided by these apps help build motivation for the users and this leads to wide acceptance of healthy habits and lifestyle, hence, increasing the demands of activity tracking apps in the industry.

Workout, Gym and Exercise apps

People love to workout at their own pace and that is why an individual would prefer to have a mobile workout rather than going to a gym filled with instructors and coaches.

A gym app could also be an activity tracking app, but the major difference is that it delivers exercises and workout activities to the users.

They may also offer lists of exercises that a user can access, and personalized data for users to track their growth. Create standardized workout apps that can help users access vigorous activities, relaxed exercises, and even meditation apps.


These fitness apps have great potential for monetization, as users can be allowed to subscribe to exclusive features on the apps. It could be a personal appointment with a doctor, or access to a personal gym coach, or monthly checkups of all vital organs.

Paid apps, Premium packages, In app purchases, Ads and sponsored content can also be embedded during the fitness app development, this in return will generate money for your company.

With these 3 types of fitness apps, you can start your own fitness app company.

Ensure you work with great developers, understand the market and hire the right people.

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