Smart Benefits of Having a Website for Small Business

Whether you have a startup, small, big, or enormous business running, you can always benefit from a professionally designed and fully functional website. Unfortunately, according to Wishdesk, 46% of newly formed small businesses do not have a website despite the availability of multiple online platforms that allow companies to design and develop decent websites for themselves at highly reasonable prices!

Hence, we are here to tell you the competitive advantages you have been missing on, which can potentially ensure not just the survival of your startup company but also a profitable future.

Online Presence is the Key to Your Existence

In the modern technological world, if your business, big or small, doesn’t have a website for online representation, engagement, and awareness purposes, then do you exist in the minds of your audience and potential customers?! When you or your business requires a critical product or service, you first search for it on the internet. The list of companies you will choose from depends on the search results you were presented through the online query. Meaning, companies that didn’t show up in your search results aren’t even on the list for consideration! Then how can you expect your customers even to consider your business, let alone choose if you aren’t even a part of their search results?! Getting your business and brand a well-designed and developed website, integrated with a visually appealing, organized, and user-friendly interface will give your business a fighting chance to win over your potential customers.

Low Cost – High Value

Understandably, small companies are cautious and hesitant in spending their limited budget. A typical mentality in these situations is to spend on ‘extra services’ when the company starts to make decent profits. The thing is, these extra services, like a website, are crucial for newly formed companies to get online traffic and convert them into sales. Basic, interactive and engaging website development services that companies can get their hands on at reasonable costs, provide small businesses with an online platform they very much need to allow visitors to check out their company using the internet and possibly be convinced to do business with their firm. The best part, with time, as your revenue and profits grow, you can convert your basic website into a fully functional online storefront that represents your company in a much better way.

Reach Wider than Ever Before

Internet is a portal to the global audience in the most cost-effective way that runs 24/7 without supervision. Meaning, once you have professionally created your website and made sure that it’s working without any errors, then after making it live, you can rest back and relax. Your online platform gets the traffic and converts them to sales, boosting your revenue. Since your business is now being represented on the internet thanks to your website, no audience is out of your reach! Through your online platform, customers located far away from your business location can still buy from your company. According to the statistics by Wishdesk, 60% of people execute online research through a search engine and 61% read product reviews before making a purchase. Online shopping is getting extremely popular, especially after the Covid19 pandemic; one prime example is the significant growth Amazon has experienced in the past two years. People are now more trusting and comfortable ordering online because of the return and insurance policy protecting their money from scams and fraud.

Global Awareness and Brand Recognition

Do you know what spreads faster than a forest fire? Things that go viral on the internet! A small business that desperately needs awareness and recognition can get it all through their website. When people visit your company’s landing page, they will see your brand, logo, and what your firm is all about. Anyone who has access to the internet can visit your website pages. After learning about your company, the visitor can potentially relay your website’s information to their family, relatives, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Your business platform will observe a rise in the traffic that visits you, thus creating a stable brand image with time in the market you operate in.

Cost-Effective and Result Driven Promotional Channels

Aside from the website itself being cost-effective, the promotional tools available that allow small companies to increase their website traffic and conversion rate are also quite reasonable, considering the amount of value they bring to the sales and revenue. PPC and SEO services are two of the most widely used marketing tools that companies of every size love to use, and for a good reason. Pay Per Click allows you to rank your website on the first page of the search engines using trendy keywords so that when your targeted audience makes a search query, they see your brand, business, and website before anyone else’s. The best part, you only have to pay when a person clicks on your URL, meaning no pointless expenses. You can also opt for Search Engine Optimization, which is a more organic type of promotion. You add the popular keywords into your website titles and content so that when anyone searches them, there is a good chance your website ranks well on the search query page.

Insights, Tracking, and Feedback

As your business grows and your company website develops further, you have the option to add an automated program that collects information on customer behavior and pattern. Using this data, you can gain invaluable insights about your customers to identify what they are buying most, when they are most active, and when you have the most traffic. Knowing all this will allow you to control certain elements that could save your business some money while maximizing profits. Similarly, you can add a feedback section that allows your customers to report back to you regarding your products, services, and after-sales services. This invaluable information will allow you to identify the current problems with your operations which you can work on to provide an even better customer experience.

Hopefully, by now, you have correctly understood how desperately your small startups need a basic website so that you can expose your company to the online world. The business world is changing; people have started to shop online. If you don’t adapt to this change, your competition will leave you behind, and you will soon run out of business.

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