Pro Tips for Choosing a Good Webinar Topic

When it comes to planning webinar topics, some people may find it difficult when coming up with topics that pique the interest of their audience. Choosing a theme isn’t that easy because you have to balance the interests and needs while keeping the audience’s attention.

Here’s a guide according to expert Houston digital marketer, Johnny Chen to help you better understand and choose a topic that will surely keep your audience wanting for more. This guide will also help you in coming up with subjects in no time.

#1 – Repurposing content

There’s a big chance that you have a blog or an active following on your social media channel. If you do have one of these, then it’s a good idea to repurpose and modify some of the content that you already produced. A Guest posting service can benefit from this method.

Although it may sound like an easy excuse to just use previous content. Repurposing content is an excellent way to provide an in-depth analysis to better delve into the subject or to improve a topic for the better. You can also use some insights from your audience about your topic. Feedback from your audience is important because it tends to branch out to many ideas.

#2 – Those who know best

As mentioned earlier, the feedback that you get from your audience is crucial. Ideas from them tend to branch out and hit at particular points closely related to a topic. If you have a delighted customer or an audience member who sees remarkable results with your webinars, then it’s a good idea to let them speak and bear testimony to how your webinars, products, etc. are useful.

From that point onwards, a network that includes you and your audience will branch out and grow, only offering more opportunities for people to see you and your work.

#3 – Google is Good, Great, and Grand

Have that awesome idea in your head but can’t seem to bring out any productivity from it? How about knowing an idea that will captivate your audience but you just can’t seem to figure out something with your idea? This situation is where Google comes into play.

By doing a Google Keyword research, you can get the right words that jive with your idea or could agree with what your audience would want to see. For example, your audience is interested in “healthy food before going to bed.”

In doing a Google Keyword Research, you type in “What healthy food can you eat before going to bed?” Results will come out with relevant keywords that get an enormous amount of searches per month. These terms or “Keywords” are what you should aim for, making use of them in your webinar topics. To make it short, use keywords that have high search numbers instead of using your terms that you think can pique the interest of your audience.

#4 – Experts are also welcome

There will be times that your audience will have needs and complaints outside your service or product that you alone cannot solve. For example, your product is a CRM that’s for medical equipment. It’s a good idea to gather sales reps and users for these tools. You can even invite a doctor as a resource person for your webinar.

Due to the presence of such experts, your audience can divert these needs and complaints to them which can accurately satisfy their queries. It’s also a good idea to have a member of your group so that you and your team can get a look at how things are going financially.

#5 – Competition isn’t a bad thing

From a plain and straightforward business stand of point, competitors are a bad thing especially if they’re doing much better than you. However, at certain points, an opponent can become a good thing.

For example, have you ever seen a speaker or an article by your opponent which you felt was a bit lacking with their products and services or is currently out of tune with the trend? Use those observations to your advantage and add something to whatever it is that your competitors are lacking.

Not only does it open up a lot of opportunities for discussion with audience members and even your competition, but it also becomes an avenue for building and developing newer relationships.


Webinars are a good way for you to interact with your customers and audience. A webinar by definition is simply a seminar conducted through the web. A lot of people will attend a webinar on almost any subject. Some even attend just for the thirst of knowledge. Coming up with a suitable topic for a webinar is certainly not an easy thing. Themes for webinars can also depend on which industry you are staying in.

Certain methods such as repurposing content can help blogging services improve an individual topic which they have already made or discussed. Other methods like using competition, inviting in experts, and even including your audience are all ways to improve on choosing a topic for your webinar. Remember, a webinar is not only for giving out information to your audience, but it’s also a venue for opening up to new opportunities.

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