Performance Marketing, The future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a field that constantly evolves. There are new trends that are emerging in digital marketing with each passing day. Future of digital marketing is bright because of innovations that are coming every day. Here we shall discuss future of digital marketing in different industries.

Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence has phenomenally contributed to every sector. It has replaced humans for the simplest of tasks and doing it efficiently without any flaw. Artificial intelligence is providing phenomenal benefits in the field of digital marketing. There are many convincing reasons for adopting artificial intelligence in the business of digital marketing which are as follows:

Competitive advantage:

By incorporating artificial intelligence, you will be having a competitive edge over other competitors as very few have yet opted artificial intelligence as their business style.

New businesses:

Artificial intelligence is a flexible technology that due to it you can move into the new businesses.

Reduce costs:

Due to artificial intelligence, cost of every work is reduced eventually leading to a profitable businesses.

In short we can say that artificial industry cannot be ignored as no industry can make progress with speed without the incorporation of artificial intelligence.


Automation has tremendously accelerated the speed of processes and growth of businesses. Digital marketing companies have successfully launched the campaigns on different forums. Automation is beneficial in the long run. Also it depends on the smartness to implement the automation techniques. Most of the campaigns are efficiently handled by the machines but there are also the campaigns that are best handled by the person. So it depends on the type of digital marketing campaign that decides whether to opt automation or not.

Social commerce:

Social media is considered as the best platform for the promotion of the products and services. You can easily interact with the customers on social media. Mostly brand is been built over social media platforms. Nowadays social media has taken one step forward and now there are online stores from where people can buy their products online. This is called social commerce when people buy products directly from social media platforms. This has brought to maximum sales as consumers are given the choice of the convenient way of shopping through this form of digital marketing.

Micro influencers:

The concept of influencers is not new in the digital marketing industry as every business has hired the influencers for the promotion of their products and services. Due to massive use of this concept, influencers have risen their rates. Now small to medium sized businesses cannot afford influencers for the promotion of their services. In order to cater the needs of small and medium sized businesses, concept of micro influencers has emerged. Micro influencer is the one who has followers in the range of 10000 to 30000.In this way. So now small businesses can also promote their products and services at low rates.

Benefits of micro-influencers:

It is observed that micro-influencers have a more engagement rate as they generate relevant content for having particular followers.

Social media channels:

Commonly used social media channels are Facebook and twitter but there are alternative channels that are not very common but are very beneficial. These social media platforms include Snapchat, Pinterest, Medium and Reddit.If you want to promote a specific product then these alternative platforms are best in order to get a specific audience.

Video logging:

Video logging is emerging as the most popular form of digital marketing in order to engage maximum audience. Through video logging, you can build a strong relationship with the audience as video logging is direct form of communication and viewers get connected to it on personal level. You can live stream your business events and conferences through video logging.

Individual marketing:

No business can progress to a certain level without incorporating personalized or individual marketing. It is been observed that this technique is not utilized by most of the industries. So it is recommended to implement this technique in order to engage a wider audience.

Google galleries:

Galleries include the images and images leave a lasting impact on the viewer. As human beings are visual creatures so digital marketing has well assessed and incorporated this feature in marketing campaigns. Google gallery is very beneficial especially in the case if your business is based on images.

Voice search:

Research suggests that about 50% of the consumers will now search about the product and services through voice. It is recommended to optimize your content for voice search. Voice search along with artificial intelligence has opened new avenues of digital marketing. There are numerous voice assistants that have been launched. In order to cater the voice technology, use of words must be in a technical way by the marketers. Searching sense of a consumer through their voice must be assessed thoroughly before catering this technology. It is the most unique yet most beneficial marketing strategy that you can opt for your business.


It is been years chatbots have launched with the incorporation of artificial intelligence. The striking benefit of chatbots is they are responsive 24/7.Consumer can ask their query anytime.Chatbots are more comfortable to deal as there is no gender mentioned and a person interacts with a complete stranger. Most importantly consumers can ask as much as they want because chatbot never lose patience. So this is one of the reliable marketing strategy.

Visual search:

Visual search has completely changes the dimensions of digital marketing. After voice search, consumers are extensively embracing image search as it is more easy and beneficial. Now people can upload the image of the product and get the related answer.


Neuro marketing has just blown away the digital marketers. This marketing implies to create a certain stimulus in the brain of the person through the promotion of particular products or services. It assesses the person’s mind to generate a content that specifically engages the person.Neuromarketing is still in progress as work is being done on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).This technique can bring more customers by optimizing and generating the content that specifically induces a certain emotions or reaction in a person’s mind. There are many companies that are working on neuromarketing by utilizing biometric, neurometrics and algorithms in order to reach to the emotions of a person.

Conversational marketing:

Conservational marketing is based on quick and friendly response. It is actually a feedback driven technique that works on a causal and friendly tone that responds quickly to the customer’s queries.

Social media stories:

You can post your content on social media stories as now many people do not get time to scroll the entire feed of their account. So they scroll the social media stories and get insight. For instance if your content is about best parks in Chicago, then you can simply post the content in story along with the image of the park.

Omni channel marketing:

It is an integrated marketing that works by integrating all the platforms and user can operate in a seamless manner from start to end point.

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