Outsourcing IT Services: A Startup’s Guide to Growth and Success

As continuous technological advancements continue to grow and evolve across all aspects of your lives, businesses worldwide are now continuously looking for external services. Outsourcing IT services provides businesses with tech support but also helps them efficiently manage their IT infrastructure.

According to statistics released by the Public Service Professional Institute of Canada, from 2011 to 2018, the Canadian government alone outsourced IT services worth $ 12 billion. At the same time, personal and private outsourcing has reached more than $ 2.2 billion nationwide.

Whether self-employed individuals, administrative bodies, startups, or a well-established business, professional entities from every industry opt to outsource IT support services rather than developing an in-house IT infrastructure.

So why are businesses around the globe doing this, and what makes outsourcing IT services for a startup beneficial? But, first. Let’s start with answering the question:

What is IT Outsourcing All About?

IT services are when a company hires external IT service providers to manage their internal IT processes and technical requirements.

Outsourcing IT services is very much like outsourcing customer support and HR services. These businesses hire third-party providers that can deliver a wide variety of services as required by your organization.

The most common IT services that companies outsource are:

  • Managing Technology
  • IT Security
  • Virtual CIO services
  • Cloud IT
  • Data Backup
  • Co-managed IT
  • Business Essentials
  • Remote Workforce
  • Technical Support and Help Desks

So, if you are still in a fix if your Startup should outsource IT service or not, then the next thing you need to know is:

Why Outsource IT And When You Should Do It

We all know that technology is changing and growing more complex and specialized as technology evolves with modern technological breakthroughs. For this reason, businesses now need highly trained and expert individuals to manage their everyday IT operations and core business processes.

However, hiring these professionals comes at a high cost, which could be difficult for a just getting started. Consequently, it becomes difficult for small businesses to afford an in-house department. Therefore, startups and small companies are now frequently trying to find professional IT staff outside of their operations at a minimal cost.

Therefore, when you are searching for outsourcing IT services for your growing business, the first thing to do is to know the scope of technology your business will require and the skill level of the employees who can efficiently manage your business process. And when you are a business owner, you need to ask yourself what kind of IT support your Startup will require?

For instance, your Startup has an eCommerce website, and you need to keep updating your websites’ database and security. So, working with an outsourced IT staff equipped with the latest technology and trained workers, maintaining and securing your website becomes a lot easier.

Plus, not only with your business IT requirements, but Managed IT services can also help you with your customers with help desk support. They can expertly help you deal with your customer’s queries and difficulties regarding business operations. As a result, with Outsourced technical support, you streamline your business operations and get better results from your efforts. Therefore, you find more reasons to focus on your core business operations rather than managing the everyday IT demands of your Startup. In the end, your Startup finds more reasons to grow and succeed in the long run.

This brings us to the next topic of discussion:

Advantages of Outsourcing IT Services

Below you’ll find only a few of the many advantages your business could get when opting for managed IT services for your business.

Access to Bleeding-Edge Technology in the Industry Sector

Managed IT services, providing firms with industry-leading technology hardware and bleeding-edge technology to perform their IT roles. As a result, your Startup will benefit from the use of firewalls, the latest computers, secure routers, switches, and other advanced hardware and software.

And that means when you are outsourcing your company’s technical needs from these external sources, your company will enjoy the benefit of faster and more efficient equipment without having to invest in such expensive equipment.

Higher Knowledge and Expertise to Work With

The constantly changing landscape of tech requires IT professionals to have up-to-date training on the latest softwares’ that are in trend and widely used by businesses around the globe. These softwares’ can range from most advanced coding languages, encryption services, cloud-computing functions, and data management. These systems can be highly specialized, and perhaps a business will need a trained professional in each field. But, most startups don’t have the required finances to cover the salaries of these experts.

By hiring an IT outsourcing company, you give your business the benefit of expert knowledge and advanced skill set without spending a fortune on IT costs or paying high payroll expenses. Hiring an IT team with highly skilled and experienced professionals can also help you enhance the user experience for your customers and clients.

A Robust Security Protocol for Sensitive Information

One of the essential services that managed IT services providers can avail to your business is protecting your company’s sensitive data and disaster recovery. Moreover, cybersecurity continues to advance as more and more hacking and phishing attacks are becoming more common to individuals and businesses alike.

For this reason, it becomes essential to your business and to your customers to give the benefit of robust IT security. It’s because your customers and clients trust you with their personal information that they could face the risk of theft and manipulation if you don’t take the required security measures. And if there is ever a security breach in your company, your customers will quickly lose their trust and faith in your services. Hence, make sure you are keeping everything safe and secured with managed IT services.

Decreased Operational Costs

With a small working staff on the payroll and no necessity of buying specialized IT equipment, outsourcing IT services can also help save your business a lot of money. Simply put, fewer operating expenses mean more profits. With the money you save, you can improve your business functions or add to your capital and further use it to expand your business. This way, you are buying into your business rather than buying for your business.

Higher Job Security for the Current Staff

So when you are saving money with your managed IT services, you have more money for the business and its current employees. Reducing business expenses gives your business a greater level of security and to the employees. Apart from social security, quality managed IT services can also enhance the chances of your Startup’s overall success and add additional job security for your staff.

More Time to Focus on Other Important Business Functions

When your business contracts out its IT needs, it makes essential time for in-house workers. As your managed IT services providers take up the responsibility of everyday tasks and operations, you and your employees have more time to perform other essential business functions. As a result, outsourcing allows startups to take better advantage of their time.

To Sum it Up

Outsourcing IT services can make your business more successful and specialized in its particular field. And also, with their help and support, you get better results from your attempts to become a successful business.

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