Outsmart the Competitors and Increase Your Small Business ROI

It is already a tough task to run the day-to-day activities of a small business, but if you don’t learn to increase your ROI, you are likely to find success hard to come by in your business. That is how important it is to increase your small business ROI. The low-profit margins, limited resources, and tight budget mean that covering expenses will always be a struggle. This has led many small business owners into trying to fill in for any shortcomings by themselves because of their desire to sustain the profit margins year after year or because of a lack of funds. As a small business, there’s not much room for trial and error. You have to be spot on with all of your investments.

If it is not going to drive tangible results, you can put your money in it. You have to account for every dime you spend has and be intentional about your decisions. This is an essential mindset for being successful as a small business. Making a good ROI on your investments is vital, but so is increasing your ROI too.

There are several ways that you can boost your ROI, depending on the kind of return that you want. Your returns can be reduced expenses, increased profit, or other benefits like increased brand awareness, improvement in operating efficiencies, etc. What is clear is that you have to define your goals and also set quantifiable benchmarks to track your ROI and measure your results. Since you are looking to increase your small business ROI, here are some ideas from custom essay writing service that you can try out.

Set your goals

Before you begin your marketing, you have to decide what you intend to achieve with your marketing campaign. Once you can set your goals, you can focus your marketing campaign, which has more impact and meets your goal. If you are looking for people to sign up to receive email newsletters from you, then you need to craft your message and other marketing materials to reach this specific goal. The same way your focus is to generate more revenue, you have to design your marketing campaign to achieve this goal. This means that you have to add a call to actions to your marketing campaigns for your audience to buy your product, or come back to their abandoned carts, etc. You can’t do too many things at the same time. Decide on what goal you want for your marketing campaign and pursue it.

Discover the channel that works best for you

The best way to discover the most appropriate marketing channel for you is with the use of real data and some experimentation as well. A marketing channel is how you can communicate and reach out to your audience. Some of the most popular channels are social media platforms (which include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), digital advertisements e.g., Google Adwords, and direct mail (door hangers, printed mailers, etc.).

It might take a while for you to learn and be able to decide the best channels for you. But once you find out, you then focus your time and marketing resources to reaching your audience through this channel. It would be best if you cut off channels that do not work for you. You could go back and experiment with them after a while to see if they are now profitable for you. But unless they are, you can’t invest or trust your marketing to such channels.

Integrated marketing campaigns

This approach requires you to market across platforms to enable you to create a seamless and cohesive experience for your customers to relate to or interact with. Ensure that your messages are recognizable and consistent so your customers can easily find it when they are watching TV, browsing online, etc.

With integrated marketing, you are able to increase the visibility of your brand and strengthen your message. According to a survey posted on the dissertation today platform, as much as 72% of customers claim to prefer the integrated marketing campaign.

Reach your target audience with optimized campaigns

At this point, you need data. It is possible that you run boosted social media campaign and not get as much as you should from it. You can be more effective in using your budget and be more impactful with your message by creating targeted campaigns aiming at specific individuals.

For instance, if you have a list of people that have signed in for your email newsletter, you can check the list with the ones for customers on your reward program. Send an email to those that did not sign up for your reward program telling them about it and how to give them details on how to sign up. That’s how you target customers.

Use content marketing

It has proven time and again to be an effective means to reach out to your audience. Content marketing obviously has a lot of long-term benefits. Some of the benefits are that it enhances your website visibility in Google search rankings and also has a high ROI on its own. It has compounding effects, long-term durability, and even minimal costs.

There are different types of content that you can create and use for marketing. If you are not able to create infographics or videos because of a lack of money, time, or skill, as many blogs do, you can still use other cheaper and non-technical content and enjoy the benefits. This is even more effective if you can publish these content multiple times within one week. However, it is essential to note that, although the quantity is critical, quality is far higher and effective for your campaign. That is how you can get the best results.

Automate your tasks

Task automation is essential for any business, small or big. It comes with plenty of benefits, but the chief of all is that it allows you to save more time and money. Many platforms give you the possibility to automate your tasks. And this is one of the pros of digital marketing. Examples of platforms that allow you to automate specific tasks are:

  • MailChimp: with this software, you can schedule your email marketing campaigns.
  • Facebook: Facebook gives you the freedom to schedule a large number of your posts.
  • WordPress: with WordPress, you can schedule your blog posts to publish them on particular dates and times.

With automation, you can schedule up to several months ahead. This allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Measure your campaigns and continue to improve

The only way you can be sure of the success or failure of your marketing campaign is by measuring. This allows you to know which of your marketing strategy is working and which one is not. Since your goal is to increase your small business ROI, you must consume a lot of data.

There is no way that you can tell if you are getting a big or small ROI if you do not measure your efforts. You have to be willing to use several free analytics tools (as many as possible). Some of them are built into some social media, but you would also need to invest in software like this so that you will be able to cover all the marketing channels you use.

You have to monitor how you are performing on a different marketing channel. Then you also track the performances of some other individual campaigns in which you are running on the same channel. With all this information, you can make the necessary adjustments that you need to and make sure that every penny that you spend in your marketing effort counts.


Maximizing your ROI is more important than anything to you if you want to keep afloat as a small business and continue to grow. Your ROI can either make or bar your business, depending on how much you are able to maximize them or not. You need to pay more attention to tracking your marketing efforts. If you haven’t, you should empower your sales department in using analytic tools to track your performance. This will allow you to see the area where you need to make a few tweaks or change your strategy entirely so that you can grow your ROI.

The tips in this article will help to work more efficiently to improve the ROI on your marketing campaign.

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