EaseUS Video Editor Review – The Best Video Editing Software for PC

In our modern era, there are many things we need to do using our laptop or PC. From attending online meetings to editing photos and videos – we must master the basic tricks so that we can do our daily tasks faster.

Of course, to do the said things, we need to use a software of high quality. In this article, we will review a video editing software called EaseUS Video Editor. Can this video meet our basic needs? Can it deliver high-quality editing software?

Pros of EaseUS Video Editor

After experimenting with the editing software, we have found many satisfactory aspects of this Windows 10 video editor.

Complete features

If you need a one-stop video editing software, then EaseUS Video Editor is the perfect software for you. They are many features for your basic editing needs, such as:

Basic Features

Examples of basic features from this software are trimming, cropping, recording voice-overs, and many more. The basic features are easy to master, allowing us to use the said features as quickly as possible.


This section is used to upload the video we would like to edit. Besides video, we can also import other files such as images and audio. We can slip the said files to the edited video.


The music section is for us to edit the audio we have uploaded. Here, we can decide which part of the music we would like to slip into the video or how long the music should play.


Text is a special section where we can import, edit, or even create our subtitles. Just like music, we can edit the duration of the subtitle and where we would like to place them.


Just like its name, filters are a part of the software where can apply special effects and special color effects on the video. If we want to look at the result, we can always preview the video in the right section of the software.

There are 20 filters ready to use, of which you can upload your own.


The concept of an overlay is to “stack” another layer of texture on the video. Of course, you still can do the said technique using EaseUS Video Editor. There are 25 layers here, although most of them are in the form of frames. Don’t worry, you can also upload your layer here.


Transition is a technique where we can combine two or more different shots without having to make them look unnatural. Wipe, fade, cut, you can import them here and apply them to any section of the video.


Do you have other elements, such as animation or stickers, you want to apply to the video? Sure, you can! Just upload them and place them where you would like the animation to show up.

There are other features such as a green screen cutout where we can change the green background from another background (image or video), not to mention the Speech and Text Converter option. When you save the video, they offer an audio save-only, making it easier for you to extract the audio of the video.


This software can also work as a free video converter. It allows you to convert your video to 6 video formats, including MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV and GIF. In addition, you can also use it as a free audio converter to convert your video/audio to MP3 or AAC.

So many features that are not mentioned here, all from free editing software. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Drag-and-drop system

Another plus point is the smooth drag-and-drop system where you can drag everything to upload them. So far there is no lag during the dragging, and the files appear immediately in the software. The same goes with dragging the timeline. It’s smooth, and there is no interruption or freeze, preventing us from getting frustrated.

Online manual and support

EaseUS provides a complete manual that covers every nook of the software, which is pretty neat especially for beginners. You can contact their online support through direct email too, and they will answer within a few hours.

Cons of EaseUS Video Editor

There are some drawbacks to the video editing software. Unfortunately, they do not affect the technical parts of the software.

VIP-only features

While most of the features are free, some VIP-only features can decide the quality of the video. While this is not a problem for personal videos, it might be hard for those who demand high-quality results or when the video is used for professional purposes.

A unique system of payment

Usually, most editing software would offer a one-time payment for their product. Although EaseUS does the same, they also offer cheaper solutions – in the form of subscriptions.

At present, you can get all the VIP features for the price of $17.97/month (billed monthly) or $49.95/month (billed yearly). There is also the option of getting a lifetime upgrade for $79.95/month. All the packages come with one license that can only be used for one device.

The system might be confusing for many, as not a lot of software does such kind of offer. However, it is not completely odd, as the cheapest subscription allows students to access the VIP features at an inexpensive price.

No Mac support

Unfortunately, EaseUS Video Editor does not offer Mac support. So those who use Mac will have to wait for a while until their version is released. Thankfully, EaseUS’s other software is available for Mac, so you can always download them while waiting for the video editor version.

Conclusion: everything is there for you

Everything about EaseUS Video Editor is pretty satisfactory. The basic features are there and easy to use, so even the most beginner of all beginners can conquer it easily. There are many add-ons too, giving us lots of variety for our video.

The only setbacks are the confusing payment system that might be inconvenient for some (but beneficiary for other people too) and the lack of Mac support. Although accessing high-quality videos are only for VIP, the normal quality of the videos are pretty satisfying. The drawbacks of this video editing software do not stop it from becoming one of the video editors that is loved and recommended by many people.

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