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On Wednesday, 24th March 2021, Elon Musk announced that Tesla would be taking Bitcoins so that you can buy the car with them. This is another huge boost for the cryptocurrency as it has breached the $60,000 mark. This is another step taken by Musk to boost the cryptocurrency as the world is going crazy after it. Another news story is making rounds that ten years ago, a person bought a pizza with 10,000 bitcoins which are more than 600 million dollars in current value!

Crypto currency’s marketing is one reason why it has become so profitable. While word of mouth is also one reason, good marketing and strategy can be effective for every company. While the scenario with crypto currencies like Bitcoin is a bit different, let me offer you the example of Apple as to how it has managed to get its target market’s attention over the years.

Apple, the Undisputed King in Its League

Last year, Apple overtook ARAMCO as the most valuable company globally in terms of stock prices. Saudi ARAMCO has been long turned into the most valuable company, and since its debut, it was on top of the list. But Apple dethroned it last year. After the release of the iPhone 12 and other accessories, it has gained the market leader’s position.

Many critics of Apple termed its success as just a one-trick pony and nothing else. We all know that the iPhone is the premier brand that it sells. People across the world are crazy about the new edition of the iPhone or iPod, for example. So much is the craze that iPhone 12 was sold without a charger and still experienced brisk sales worldwide!

So, it is all due to Apple’s brand, but still, with their marketing, they continue to lure new customers too. But what can any new company or a small business do in terms of digital marketing to get close to Apple’s success? For small businesses, there can be many other factors that can make them a success story. In this blog, I will now describe some of the most critical aspects in this regard.

Getting to Know the Digital Marketing Landscape

Most businesses think about digital marketing divided into paid marketing or organic. These are just two of the branches of digital marketing, as this is a very vast field. Companies need to think about their product, competitors, and the marketplace in which they worked to devise a strategy according to all of the above factors.

In essence, digital marketing utilizes the Internet and uses digital technologies like mobile apps and PCs to promote any product or service. SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media optimization, etc. are just a few of the.

Digital marketing is not just about getting your website ranked high on Google, but it is about spreading a positive image of your product. Above all, if your target audience is not familiar with your product, instances will see below that they will even try out your product. Because the traditional ways of marketing like print and outdoor are very expensive and with relatively small reach, small businesses and startups have to rely upon retail marketing to make their presence felt.

Customer Retention

This aspect may surprise some of my readers as they will think that digital marketing must focus on getting the customers rather than retaining them. But you can go through research in the past and current ones to clearly indicate that getting new customers is more expensive than retaining the current one. And the customers you will retain will also spread positive news about you through word of mouth. This is the fastest way of marketing and doesn’t cost a penny to any company.

Businesses across the world experience a cutthroat marketplace with stiff competition throughout the year. Whether you consider a big metropolitan city like Dubai or a small town in Damascus’s suburbs, you will experience some level of competition everywhere. While there is a tiny segment of people who want to try new products, most of us like to stick to our favorite ones. Apple is a prime example of it as dozens of other smartphone manufacturers try their best to woo their customers but seldom get any foothold in Apple’s market.

Let me offer you an example so that you can understand my viewpoint easily.

While Samsung’s customers may switch to Xiaomi or vice versa, in all those years since the iPhone’s debut, just a fraction of Apple’s loyal customers have switched to Android phones. And this is a big achievement, regardless of any factor. The customers loyal to iPhone and other accessories like iPod and iPad haven’t ditched Apple for the last 12 years. And the trend is likely to continue for several more years.

What are some other ways in which you can retain the customers? It is through building trust on different digital platforms like social media, different communities, and on professional networks like LinkedIn or GitHub. Let’s talk about this aspect in some detail.

Growing your Reach

Building trust and growing your reach is critical for a successful digital marketing campaign online. It is the trust in the capabilities of the device that Apple users buy new models of iPhone year after year as they are sure of the available options and features. In the same manner, you need to devise a digital strategy that can infuse trust in your brand.

No one likes to spend a huge amount on products like smartphones that can cause them over $1000 for a flagship one. Without trust, your marketing campaign won’t bear fruit. For loyal customers, communities play an important role as they visit them for reliable news and assistance. These communities’ authority is that only if you provide quality products and support for your customers can you have a positive rating on them.

On LinkedIn and GitHub, too, you can market your product reaching professionals and people who are genuinely interested in your product rather than on Facebook or Instagram, where not even a few hundred out of millions will buy your product. Apart from that, a great online presence is also a requirement so that any prospective customer looking for more information about your product can get it easily.

A reputed web design agency in Dubai can offer just the type of design for your portal so that everything in this concern can be taken care of.

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