Latest Revolutions in Android Applications Development

Phil Nickinson, Editor of Android Central once said “Your mobile device has quickly become the easiest portal into your digital self.”

And there is no denying how accurate it is and the portal (our mobile devices) is becoming the most significant part of our lives, especially with the latest trends in the Android mobile app development, it is about bringing out a change in the mobile industry.

Back in 2008, the share of Android mobile phones in the OS market was around 85%. And, quantities are anticipated to increase at a 5-year CAGR of 2.4%, with purchases equaling 1.41 billion by 2022.

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The prospect of Android development is considerably engaging because of a collection of modern and unique technologies. Users and developers aspire to have a magnificent experience and to become competing and boost user engagement, you need to keep up with all the latest Android app trends in mind.

However, before digging in, examining and driving on the ripples of the latest trades or recruiting an Android mobile application creator to produce an app, it is essential to concede the latest Android app development trends and their involvements in the Android economy.

Here in this blog post, we bestow an expeditious over the latest and trendy Android application development technologies that will provide you with a better perspicacity that how you can rule the digital world in the year 2021.

The Rise and Evolution of Android App Development in The Digital World!

One of the biggest of our lives is Mobile applications, they are an inseparable part. Whether it’s for socializing or shopping or travel or watching our favourite entertainment shows through a mobile device, for all the tasks all you need is a mobile application.

However, among millions of mobile applications on the Google PlayStore and Apple’s App Store, creating an application that could attract more and more users is a hard task especially for Android users, but the latest trends technologies in android app development have made the task easier.

Android phones have developed from mere conversation devices into smartphones, allowing users to perform online shopping, digital trends, payments, and transfer records.

These android phone applications are substituting the work of computers, raising the requirement of mobile phones among folks for more lasting and smoother methods such as purchasing, supplies orders, and networking.

Most of the mobile phone market relies on Android technology, enhancing the performance and requirement for android app programmers in the app development realm.

The latest report of Statista registers that the mobile app development division is developing with 50 billion development in-app downloads in 2016 and 2017.

And in 2016 and 2017 the number of downloads were 149.3 billion and 197 billion, on the other hand, forecasts anticipate this number to expand to 352.9 billion in 2021.

Top 8 Latest Trends in Android Application Development!

#1 Internet of Things (IoT)

The alliance of the IoT and Android app development is on the acceleration as users embrace innovative technologies to control devices such as wireless headphones, transfer photos, videos, written conversions, and artworks.

Android mobile app development companies like, like are leveraging and promoting this period by producing smart gadgets on current software and hardware platforms such as flutter and Raspberry Pi.

These technologies applied for the plan are the Android SDK and Android Studio, providing secure, exclusive access to performances and cameras.

Android programmers also combine apps with supplementary peripherals utilising APIs or Google assistance. These advancements have allowed corporations to launch innovative products, digital services, and specialities to Android app users, along with security updates.

As per Statista, the IoT market might reach $1.6 trillion by 2025, advancing Android app development as an indispensable technology for enterprises such as eCommerce, teaching, healthcare, and logistics.

#2 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The use of AI and ML is common for us on our mobile phones every day. This technology has blown the mind of its users with its incredible features and developing apps that could make us feel we are in the magical world.

The smart Google Assistant supports everyday tasks, also, there are various AI-based photo editing android applications such as Prisma, Face App and others.

However, in 2021, the Android mobile app development trends are performing to be equivalent to AI-based innovations such as chatbots, voice and language translators.

The mixture of AI and ML affects many modifications in the prospect of Android development. For instance, these technologies examine user action and interplays with an application and obtain more specific instructions.

Social networks contribute to the content companies who are occupied in it, it’s a great marketing way for an e-commerce company. Users recognise the product they require and gain purchasing via an application.

Although AI isn’t the latest technology for Android app development, the craze of this technology has not gone away among the developers.

#3 Android Instant Apps

Google Play Instant provides Android users with an incredible feature that lets them try out an app without the installation. Instant Apps don’t demand users to download the Apps, they are simplistic for the website and are performed immediately from the cloud. It means these apps don’t require extra space in your mobile phone.

These apps reduce the disarray of random apps on devices. Google has lately ejected numerous innovative features for Android app developers to execute cautiously to create smaller applications that download quicker enabling possible users to attempt a new app without installation.

The Android App Bundle, the latest app publishing form of Android, is a move in the way to allow a Google Play Instant practice immediately.

#4 The Rise of Chatbots in New Android Apps

Approximately 50% of customers require DIY custom service accessories to facilitate producing online marketing. And chatbots are an excellent idea to continue that consumer relationship management.

In 2021, the combination of chatbots with mobile apps has increased from existing moderately simple to an ardent level.

As Gartner has predicated by 2022 Chatbots will deliver $8 billion in cost savings.

For now, there are about 2.5 million applications in the Google Play Store and nearly 1.8 million in the Apple App Store. Nevertheless, you will be surprised to discover that there are a few applications that have extended chatbots to expedite more excellent UI/UX services.

#5 Blockchain Technology in Android Mobile App

Blockchain technology was introduced back in 2018 but the hype of this tech is still at the peak in 2021 for Android users. Blockchain technology has major business establishments and investors draw tremendous profits especially for the assets.

As per the Transparency Market Research, the blockchain technology market is expected to score the $20 billion target by 2024. This implies that the trend is expected to gain headlines in 2021 as mobile apps are installed to obtain on the decentralized platform.

Also, app developers are keen to drill to use the opportunity to achieve business growth by obtaining the technology available to more personalities and investors.

#6 Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack is a set of libraries, accessories, and guidelines that support developers’ design of exceptional applications. The prime goal of this position is to analyse conventional development businesses.

Google proposes structured documentation delivering it simple to commence applying this tool. Although there are four central elements:

  • Architecture: Different architecture elements support producing sturdy and maintainable Android apps.
  • Foundation: This segment gives cross-cutting functionality like experimenting and Kotlin programming style integration.
  • Behaviour: The elements of this section guide developers to execute various Android services such as information, permissions, and others.
  • UI: UI proposition widgets and assistants to secure Android application user-friendly.

The most excellent Android development trends introduce Android Jetpack because it performs development quicker and easier.

#7 Wearable App Integration in Android

Wearable app technology is profusely increasing all across the world. As per the Statista report, the applicable wearable devices number has spread to 453 million in 2017 and is anticipated to touch 929 million in 2021.

As this technology improves, the expectation of wearable applications to quickly convert an essential component of our daily lives is crucial.

At the WWDC conference, Apple proclaimed its WatchOS update, where Apple watch apps will not necessitate a protector iOS app and have their own App Store.

Android is inspired to launch similar technologies for their users and the acceleration in wearable technology is the most essential Android mobile app development trends in 2021.

With apps that function independently from the Apps, it’s enhanced the development of the Android Watch app to that of an autonomous device that users utilise for digital needs.

#8 Enhancement of App Security

The last technology we are discussing is one of the most vital for the Android app users, as the number of mobile applications advances in the market, app creators will be advertising the security innovation.

There have been instances where Android apps have been handled by hackers.

This has sceptically associated with the damages acquired by businesses and distrust among customers.

Also, global firms are seeming ahead to decreasing trends as it stains their reliability. So, it is demanded that the app performs on the top property provided in mobile applications.

And so providing top-notch security in the Android app has become the priority. The development of Mobile App Development in the market is another vital requirement for all applications.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Android application development trends recapitulate to develop and fly by, it is necessary to appraise the most advanced technology and perceive opportunities using them in your business immediately.

Therefore, we conclude that Android mobile apps have grown to a suitable cause of the association within businesses and customers. Although when it appears to choose the best technology to build excellent Android apps.

However, it is also important to understand which one to implant and which one to avoid as some of them might not be the ideal one for your business so be careful and while implanting this latest Android app technology in 2021.

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