Language Learning Gamification

The tedious repetition of vocabulary and grammar exercises should not be the only way to learn a foreign language. Two popular websites, Memrise and Duolingo, have demonstrated that this process can be effectively gamified. Consider each site’s gamified aspects, such as unique characters and their own cash, to ensure that you can study in a productive and enjoyable manner.

Memrise is a memory and space travel garden. According to Memrise’s creators, the platform is built on three pillars: science, pleasure, and community.


Because Memrise is more than just a flashcard tool, science is the foundation of remembering. The platform employs interval repetition tactics, which involve increasing the time between repetitions. For example, you may repeat the word every minute for a minute, then every ten minutes for ten minutes, then every day for three days. This is how a word is transferred from short-term to long-term memory.

The Ebbinghaus forgetting curve depicts how long it takes a person to learn new information, as well as what part of it he forgets and how quickly. Interval repetition means that we repeat the material when it begins to be forgotten, as indicated by the curve.

In addition to periodic repetition, each new card has the option of being linked to memes, which are associations made by the users themselves. Memrise is the platform’s name for a reason. A meme can be a picture, a video, a word, or a statement, among other things. The objective is to make an association with the term that will help you remember it.

Gamification is another educational movement that focuses on improving the learning experience for pupils. For example, the paper writing service goes out of its way to make students’ life as simple as possible.


Memrise’s core gamified component is design. Each new phrase is a seed, and a reminder to repeat a word is a reminder to water the seeds, according to the platform’s architecture. This is how the user creates his or her own personal memory garden. Watering phrases that have previously been retained in long-term memory (remember the interval repetition concept) is not necessary. At regular intervals, new words will remind you of themselves.

New words get user points. The more words you learn and repeat, the more points you’ll get. Extra points for correctly repeating 15 words in a row. A higher level is achieved by accumulating more points. For the levels, the creators created a unique character named Ziggy, who matures with the player. It debuted in 2017 as a supplement to the usual “word garden” and memes. The higher your Ziggy, the more points you earn.

This strategy is far more satisfying and pleasant (as well as likely productive) than doing homework at home. It’s no surprise that many students turn to an experienced essay writer to delegate the tedious work to specialists while simultaneously entertainingly strengthening their language abilities.


Community is another aspect of gamification. At Memrise, everyone has a rating: everyone in general, you and your friends, and each course has a rating.

On the platform, you can also organize groups to learn together. Teachers will like how easy it is to add courses, students to a group, and track their progress. By the way, if you need to write essays on specific topics like, for example, feminism essay, you could use specialized essay writing services.

Memrise creates the platform in the best gamification traditions. Scores, levels, and a community are available, as well as an effective method of memorizing words through interval repetition. Memrise also has its own smartphone app, which is even more like a game. The application’s entire learning process is designed to seem like a space voyage, and the commercial edition includes a bot with which you may “talk” in the language you’re learning.

Lingots For Regular Classes On Duolingo

A different philosophy underpins the Duolingo platform. It is recommended that instead of repeating words, translation assignments be completed. Almost every statement is spoken by a native speaker, and the meaning of each word is visible. Grammar explanations are updated to the training sessions as needed.

You earn points by completing a sequence of exercises. The higher the level, the more points you have. Lingots, the platform’s own money, is also available (lingots). Moving to a new level, finishing a thematic lesson (for example, on the topic of “family”), and repeating words for 10 days in a row are all ways to earn lingots. Surprisingly, the reward for consistency increases after 10 days: one lingot, 20 days: two lingots, and 30 days: three lingots. The platform keeps track of how many days you’ve completed in a row and reminds you every day if you’ve forgotten to do a few workouts.

Lingots can be used to purchase bonus lessons, one-day class freezes, and other items in the store. The more you learn the language regularly, the more currency you will have, and hence the greater your ability to learn efficiently (for example, with the same bonus lessons).

Technology Is Being Integrated Into Education

There is no avoiding the fact that technology and education are becoming increasingly intertwined. Whether it’s automation or AI-assisted classes, education will only grow more technologically advanced.

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