Top 10 of the Best Education ERP Software Providers

ERP or enterprise resource planning plays a terrific role in the present education industry. This is because this software can automate all crucial activities that take place within the school premises. This incorporates fees, examination, admission, examination, recruitment, payroll and a lot more.

As the education industry is the most significant catalyst in nurturing and honing the skill-set and talent of children, this sector needs to invest in enterprise-ready and robust software. This will help this sector be abreast of all the advanced and latest tools that help in simplifying the whole education process. If we look at the present era, there is a massive transformation in how schools tackle the administration and manage numerous responsibilities. This is the time to leverage agility within the education sector and conduct better every passing day. Best Education ERP Software Providers are now empowering colleges and schools like never before in running more efficiently.

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ERP software helps mitigate the day-to-day complexities of this sector in a better manner. How schools, colleges and universities can tap into informed decision-making with ERP software systems is what we will learn here. Read on to know more.

Significance Of Education ERP Software

Education ERP systems merge the functionality of human resources, financial management, student information systems and school administration software. Universities and colleges can receive needed academic-related support from ERP education software solutions. Such technology is now substituting the practice of running several software programs for managing particular needs like financials, administration and overall management. ERP education software vendors are currently developing fully-integrated alternatives that are enabling educational institutions to extend best practices for teachers, administration, students and many more.

The Top 10 Best Education ERP Software Providers that are helping colleges and schools scale are mentioned below:


ExactllyERP – With 600+ appeased active schools, ExactllyERP tops the list as it is pioneering education ERP software with analytics and automation. The experts here function by extending a list of options so that schools can choose as per their specific ERP requirements.

Modules like admission, operational controls, performance management and fees optimization can help schools handle tasks such as timetable management, admissions and fee management conveniently. It is an all-inclusive school management solution that will enable schools to fulfill their core needs. The two elements that best define this product is the low cost of maintenance and ownership. The reports and modules are customized to fulfill the precise requirements of educational institutions.

  • Meets All Your Core Business Needs
  • Drives Value for your Business
  • Multi Dimensional Reporting
  • Solution within your Budget
  • Client Server Architecture
  • Built-in controls


Camu – This cloud education ERP software bags the second position as it helps schools and colleges to manage the complete student lifecycle from registration to graduation with ease. This provider’s student information system allows store, collect, analyze, retrieve, and monitor student data with privacy, accuracy, and efficiency.

The attendance management module within the software also relieves teachers from cumbersome tasks of taking the attendance of numerous students in a class. Teams can make crucial decisions efficiently with their student database management system as it mobilizes the processes related to the student lifecycle. All the official information remains secure and safe with the student record management system.


Ellucian – Education institutions, given the kind of competition in today’s time, need to power their business with robust ERP software solutions like Banner. Educational institutions can remain scalable, efficient and agile with these software systems.

The solution is accessible in a private cloud as well as SaaS. A school can personalize the experiences for students with this software as it extends tools that are designed to fulfill their challenges and ignite their success. The staff and faculty can also experience convenience as the software automates everyday tasks and streamlines workflows. Institutions can now quickly recognize challenges and embark on proper planning to generate new initiatives that will ultimately strengthen the constituents’ experience.


ERPNext – If you want to use uncomplicated software to back your school, college or university with the best technology, then look no further than ERPNext. This next-gen technology solution boosts productivity and enables institutions to focus only on academics. This solution is for employee management, expenses and student information management that stores important information in a single integrated system.

The student doctype module of this software maintains details such as photo, address, personal information, date of birth and a lot more. The educational institutions deal with a humongous amount of external documentation regularly. ERPNext enables you to upload & share multimedia files like videos and images where the staff can easily access crucial details for each student.

  • Student Applicants
  • Student Information
  • Document Storage
  • Instructors
  • Program Enrollment
  • Programs & Courses
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Fees
  • Assessment Plan
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • On-The-Fly Customizations
  • Multilingual Open Source Education Software
  • Self-Onboarding & Implementation


Fedena – This school and college management software help in automating daily operations, making faster and better decisions, and crafting insightful reports. Educational institutions can largely simplify their administrative and academic process with this software. Most importantly, this software system helps students gain education from their homes.

Students can use the application to download content and go through recorded lectures that are in offline mode. This multipurpose management system can help institutions escalate their productivity in innumerable ways.

Education management

Education management – This ERP education software by Focus Softnet extends technical support to schools and universities by automating complex data management procedures. The integrated management systems you will find here offer enterprise-wide transparency to colleges, universities, and schools, thereby helping the management prevent resource wastage by plugging in possible misuses. Storing and sharing data with key stakeholders becomes a breeze with these systems.

Jenzabar student

Jenzabar student – Schools are now primarily benefiting from Jenzabar student information systems as they can conduct operation optimization that boosts satisfaction and engagement via the total student experience. The software is designed by keeping the mobile-first approach in mind to make it convenient for students. There are fully-integrated modules that help educational institutions manage services and student information effortlessly.

My Class Campus

My Class Campus – Now, schools and colleges can go digital with the best ERP education software by My Class Campus. The cloud-based and advanced student information system platform comes with an integrated mobile application ideal for private educational institutions, colleges and schools. This platform is designed to offer an easy interface for parents, stakeholders, students, etc. Some of the tasks that the software can automate are lesson planning, paperless online admission, ID cards and certificates generator, communication with parents and students on the app, etc.

Oracle for education

Oracle for education – Now, educational institutions can modernize education and stay connected with staff and students at all times with ERP software solutions like Oracle for education. With this ERP system, students and colleges can now deliver an exclusive experience across the total student lifecycle. Educational institutions can now make higher education reachable for more students with the help of an automated financial aid experience, which is personalized for every individual. The software system features robust AI solutions as well.

Tyler technologies

Tyler technologies – The ERP software solutions of Tyler technologies can simplify human capital, faculty management and financial requirements of educational institutions. With the software, colleges and schools can actively schedule for transformation, obtain organizational goals, function within approved budgets and recruit the right employees. The solutions you find here undergo constant innovation that can help educational institutions scale effortlessly.

Parting thoughts

The power that an education ERP software holds is immense as it helps schools, colleges, and universities function more efficiently. However, it is imperative to implement the best ERP software system for desired outcomes. As per our take, ExactllyERP is the best ERP education software as it entirely emphasizes “people experience” to assist educational institutions scale and grow. Maintain stability effortlessly amidst change and innovation with this ERP software. Watch the free demo on their website and make an informed decision today.

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