How to Utilize Email Marketing To Sell Your Home

Many realtors are aware that a home purchase is one of the most important purchases any person will ever probably make. Houses can be classified as high-ticket assets that require a lot of consideration and thought before making any financial commitments. This is why potential home buyers have to gain a high level of trust in you before considering buying your home. If you are trying to move and need to sell you home, you have to spend time nurturing prospects to gain their loyalty. It would work against you to push potential buyers or expect them to jump straight to the deal. This is why you need email marketing. It is one of the most effective ways of establishing a connection with prospective buyers of your home.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns Used by Realtors

Contrary to what most people believe, email marketing is effective and efficient for large companies with databases of millions of addresses. Email marketing is not about the number of addresses or contacts. It mainly about what and how you write to those contacts. Below are several effective real estate email campaigns you can use to sell your home.

Introduction Email Campaigns

It is tempting to bombard your contacts with real estate emails. An introductory email should be the first email your potential clients should receive from you. This email should be friendly, professional, and short. Most realtors use this introductory email to thank their clients for subscribing to their email lists. You can also use this opportunity to tell your contacts what to expect in future mailings.

Cold Campaigns

This type of email campaign is mostly applicable to prospective clients you have never communicated with before. These are probably people you happen to know that they are looking for a house. If you want to pitch your home sale to such prospective clients, it is recommended that you start the process with a cold email campaign.

Drip Email Campaigns

Drip campaigns can be used to keep in touch with clients that you are not working with daily. They are mostly a series of automated emails to prospective clients. You can send such emails to contacts who have recently viewed or searched for properties in your neighborhood. This can help you get prospects looking for the exact type of home you’re selling.

Event and Open House Campaigns

It can be used to alert potential clients of an upcoming open house or other events. Such emails encourage your contacts to attend your open house and interact with you directly about the event.

Targeted Email Campaigns

These are focused on a particular group of potential customers. This grouping can be based on interest, demographics, or location. For example, if you are selling a retirement home, you can focus your email on people aged 60 and above.

Best Practices in Email Marketing

There is a reason as to why this age is called the digital marketing era. Email marketing can help generate more leads to increase the probability of selling your home easily and quickly. Here are some of the best practices that will form a perfect foundation for your email marketing.

Build Your Email List

The first step in creating a successful email marketing campaign to sell a home will focus on your email address list. You probably already use email to communicate with potential home buyers and other clients. To grow your list of email addresses, add the addresses you get when socializing or networking to the list as soon as possible. You can even use available apps to scan business cards directly to your contact list. Such contacts should also be added to your email marketing list as soon as you can.

Segment Your List

You should have sufficient knowledge of the people you are marketing to. Such information can help identify similarities and group your contacts. To segment your email list, identify all your contacts by generation or age. This should provide insights on how to word your emails and which other email marketing strategies to employ. If you get your leads through other conventional lead generation forms like advertising, there are built-in methods of segmenting your email lists. Separate lists can be created by categorizing the generated leads, such as family home vs retirement homes and home buyers looking for suburban versus urban homes. This comes in handy if you intend on marketing specifically towards the preferences of your customers.

Scrubbing Your Email

Regularly go through your email list and eliminate non-responsive clients. Eliminate all those who have not clicked on your emails. Regularly go through your growing email marketing list and scrub every three months to keep it clean. Prioritize quality over quantity. Don’t waste any of your energy or time on clients that are not in any way interested. Such clients may even be turned off by receiving continuous marketing emails from you. You can try and re-engage them by crafting one last email. If they still don’t respond, scrub them off your list.

Use Smart Subject Lines to Steer Clear of the Spam Folder

You wouldn’t want your well-crafted and planned marketing emails to end up in the spam folder. Avoid wordings that may trigger the spam filter and get your emails thrown in the promotions tab. Sure, the promotions tab serves its purpose, but for your intended accomplishments, steer clear of it. There are buzz words that will automatically have your email dumped in the spam folder. Use an appropriate subject line to avoid such occurrences.

Be Conversational in Your Emails

Your initial introductory email should be set up as a more informal ‘hello’ letter. The easiest way to achieve this is to use plain text in your emails. This means no bogus images, links, or attractive fonts. Using plain text when creating your emails ensures that they are viewable to all email recipients. It would also help ensure the emails don’t feel like a typical sales pitch but instead a friendly and personal message to your potential buyers. This should be something simple and not overly sales-focused emails that would work against your intentions.

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