How To Make An App Like UBER? (Features+Estimated Time+Cost+UBER For Xbusiness)

An app creator is considered a mini version of an architect where the person builds an app with so much customization. This amount of opening is because app building is not an easy task and involves more processes to finish. Similarly, app building for taxi services has gained prominence all over the world. There are numerous opportunities available. Taxi services, through an app, not only offer business but also generate employment for people. But taxi app development needs in-depth analysis and an accurate financial report regarding fares and app management services.

In this article, the similarities in building a taxi app will be discussed by comparing Uber’s app development features. Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick created a uber taxi app ten years ago to provide convenience to customers in taxi services and promote business by increasing the number of taxi drivers. One of the Uber app development program experts shared his views as to the essential requirements that need to be focused on building an app like Uber.

How To Build A Taxi App

There are features under the Uber Development Company and for its drivers. They are:

Uber Development app for Company

The primary feature of the Uber Development Company is the trip allotment, which is made for the drivers according to their geographical locations. Admins can assign the drivers the trips after having peak prices. The next feature is where the Company Admins will maintain the financial accounting ledger regarding the drive performance and the journeys made by them. The ledger will have all the details regarding the money earned from the trips and the commission for the drivers after deductions, etc. The commission quotation can be made by the Admins as per the performance of the drivers and their trips. This setting will be applicable for all the drivers. The next feature will be the interactive user dashboard, which will be enabled in the company software to track the driver’s movement. The Company can know the request, ratings, completed rides, canceled rides, and the location of the drivers. They can manage everything on a single screen.

Uber for Drivers

There will be real-time ride requests for the drivers which they select or cancel as per preference. The preferential request enables the drivers to choose their riders according to their convenience. They will also prove themselves by giving out the best services they have to the riders. The daily reports and the minutes of the rides conducted by the drivers will be there on his behalf to claim extra earnings. The additional earnings and referrals can also be obtained by the drivers in the Uber app as per their daily rides. The extra earning options will be authorized based on daily reports on the rides and the performance evaluation obtained through those reports. With all those things, the drivers will be paid accordingly. Apart from these features, there are personal features for the Uber drivers such as personal profile editing, advanced route optimization, active/inactive status, calling to a passenger from the app, etc.

Features to be focused on building a taxi app: The taxi app needs to have multiplex features on both aspects of services. The Minimum Value Product regarding the customer data and geographical location process like booking management, accurate global positioning system, SOS access, App customer registration, routing, push notification, fare chart, messages, in-app calling services, driver details, One Time Password services, etc. Apart from that, classification further needs to be extended by adding some other services such as:

Picking up destination and arrival place: Customers can pick their favorite destinations for any business by either pinning it or typing it using the geographical location system.

Receiving details about the ride: After sending a request for their ride, customers can wait and will receive the driver details, OTP, and the fare amount. The driver on his side, after accepting the offer, will drive to the arrival point to pick his customers.

Payment options: After the ride, passengers can use any of the payment options to pay.

Time estimation for building the app: Normally, it would take about 5 to 6 months to build a high precision app filled with all kinds of customer features. The tech stack is also huge considering the numerous accessories of commands used in the app, which involves the usage of top programming languages. They are Java, Python, Linux, etc., to make the app stronger and to defend every existing vulnerability outside the cyber world. The app is configured to match both the iOS and Android devices. If the entity has a mindset to reduce the inventory hours for creating the app, they have three options:

  • On-demand apps: Entities that are all in a hurry to start a taxi business can use these services to create their app. They are also known as a ready reckon app, where entrepreneurs can add their name and their company name and can start to use it as soon as they finish the script. The script for coding the app will also be ready so that the coders will finish it in a jiffy.
  • Readymade apps: Unlike the on-demand apps, app developers went to another step by providing the app to their customers programmed earlier already. The customers or the business owners who expect their app won’t have any delay in the delivery of the app. Customers who avail of their services can modify their apps according to the requirements. They can remove or add anything they want.
  • Custom configured apps: If the app owners are looking for an app with more recognized features, they can go for a perfect pitch by ordering for extra customization. But the options mentioned above are sufficient for building a rich-featured app.

Cost Management for creating apps: App developers, as mentioned before, charge for the app developing process. But the app development fees will be varied based on the work quota and pay scale declared by them. Some app developers will charge based on an hourly basis, whereas some app developers charge after they finish work on a fixed basis. The fixed cost can be analyzed where the app development fees can be set up to $30,000 to $40,000 per app.


Many accept that taxi organizations’ disappointment to get clients to their objections rapidly enough is the thing that permits Uber to flourish. The taxi organizations frequently reprimand their drivers for not calling and driving travelers conveniently. The cab drivers react by grumbling about the low passages clients pay for short-distance trips, making a shortcoming pattern for taxi organizations.

Uber’s clients commonly invest far less energy holding up than clients of conventional taxi administrations. Riders likewise have the choice to impart to share rides with others heading a similar way through UberPool, the application’s ride-sharing component.Creating an app like Uber may seem like a big task, yet it is accomplishable. Viewers can understand that making the app is a serious process and involves a lot of procedures and investments to go through. The investors in other terms, the owner of the app must be very cautious before investing in the taxi business through the app.

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