How Has Mobile Technology Transformed Construction?

In a world that is dominated by smartphones where the rapid evolution of technology has left no industry untouched, mobile technology is transforming the construction landscape today. Construction technology is making its presence felt and mobile technology is increasingly connecting the office to the job site.

Construction mobile technology that brings value to the business can be a key differentiator for a firm to establish its global presence and strengthen its operations. Mobile technology is constantly bridging the gap and improving collaboration between highly fragmented teams equipping construction managers to grapple with complexities that arise due to remote work.

Technological advances such as increased visibility due to mobiles can help construction players to embrace the next normal. The construction industry is in a flux where there are tight margins, high competition and players are looking to deploy a technology which will fetch them improved profits and return on investment (ROI).

When it comes to mobile technology, it is changing everything for the better. It is making construction businesses increasingly accountable to their customers by offering faster services, refined internal communication and data protection. Construction industry is utilizing mobile technology in an increasingly forward thinking capacity.

Let us now look into the reasons how mobile technology has transformed construction:

Ability to access construction data from anywhere

Construction businesses have always had a complex relationship when it comes to technology adoption. The advent of mobile technology has been a harbinger of change as construction owners can now access data anytime, from anywhere in the world. It allows the flexibility that construction players need to work in remote settings and helps them strengthen control over their projects.

As mobiles are easily accessible to workers, it improves communication and enables teams to collaborate whenever the need arises.

Faster and Improved decision-making

Mobile access and utilization to retrieve data has resulted in faster and improved decision making. This also enables real time decision making no matter where the workers are and improvement as far as on-site communication is concerned.

Mobile devices provide immediate access to data that is relevant for making a decision. It also makes getting real time updates related to change orders, or any other communication from office to workers in the field possible at all times.

Other than that, built-in cameras provide another level to the way information is disseminated. This allows workers to take photographs and talk to their managers by sending them if there are issues with design or any aspect of a project in progress. Managers also feel empowered to take stock of situations and make quick decisions based on information provided. It also prevents error as the work done can easily be evaluated which might have to be undone later on had the construction manager not received information on time.

Paves the way for better management

Mobile technology is truly transforming the construction industry as it helps in managing staff and keeping operations transparent. It is easier to keep tabs on everyone and ensure a smooth workflow as with the help of mobile information is updated within seconds to keep the team aligned on key tasks.

All in all, communicating an important piece of information, instructions that are accurate, clear and easy to read can easily be conveyed via mobile devices. It ensures better management as Contractors can keep sensitive data safe and exchange it with the team for better coordination. Mobile also offers extra layers of security and provides access to passwords, databases and usernames and results in better management of resources.

Ensures More Efficiency

Mobile is transforming the construction landscape like never before. Right from having crucial information at your fingertips to managing projects, mobile devices ensure greater efficiency.

It’s easier for contractors and foremen to record all information on phones and tablets so that the entire team has a single source of truth. No matter wherever the team may be, all members have a consolidated source of information.

It also helps in reducing inefficiencies when it comes to project delivery. Mobile technology also helps with employee tracking as digital time cards ensure greater transparency. Now, accessing blueprints, drawings, designs, documents, field logs, project reports and job costs can easily be stored on mobile devices.

With the help of geo-tagging, it is easier to report any incident and you can easily avoid project delays. Construction managers can easily delegate work and stay more connected, productive and informed.

Makes worksites Safe

With the help of mobile onsite safety can be improved as well because it is easier to notify the entire team at the same time. For instance, if a worker on-site is injured you can inform the relevant authority as soon as possible.

It also makes sure no one is left uninformed and ensures everyone is updated on safety practices.

Way Forward

Mobile technologies are truly transforming the construction landscape by improving communication, there is greater collaboration and better management and safety. Today the construction ecosystem is far more efficient as it is easy to seek instant results and improved mobility in our day-to-day activities due to mobile technology.

Today mobile devices have become a repository, an all-in-one device that is taking construction to another level. From keeping track of hours worked to adopting new technologies, mobile has transformed the way construction players work as it is leading to big efficiency gains and streamlines business.

It has permanently changed the way construction businesses operate today. There are numerous benefits that owners can accrue as with mobile you can send photographs of jobs in progress, easily access the site plan and change orders whenever required.

Thus, the mobile era is here to stay and is in full swing now. It is here to improve many facts of business like timely field data collection, resource and equipment management, and cost control. Hence, it is time to embrace mobile technology as it fetches significant returns and is already being used for payroll, supply chain management and accounting. All in all, it is here to deliver the quickest and biggest returns.

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