How Cost-Efficient Is Hosted Virtual Desktop Pricing?

Are you still using costly office desktops?

Is it getting difficult to manage these tangible units?

Managing office computers in-house is a hectic activity that drains all your energy and leads to multiple complications. From the costs of maintaining uptime through these systems to upkeeping every tangible unit, it is all challenging.

How much money are you wasting daily on reinstalling your software?

Are you consistently reconfiguring your hardware units so that you can use that high-performance software?

Hosted virtual desktops help eliminate these issues.

First, let’s understand what a virtual desktop is.

A hosted virtual desktop is a web-enabled instance of your desktop accessed through an internet connection. The cloud provider virtualizes your current infrastructure and offers different virtual units to your employees. The Cloud VDI vendor will take care of maintenance and upgrades of your dapps. This way, you can eliminate high-priced, labor-intensive, and cost-intensive desktop units and hardware.

What Is Virtualization?

Virtualization is the process of creating a virtual version of hardware or a physical system, such as your desktops. We get hosted virtual desktops through virtualization only. Here, we are virtualizing everything from operating systems to your servers and storage.

With the help of virtualization, we can virtualize one big server into multiple hosted virtual desktops. These units are not intertwined; they are individual virtual units of desktops operating on one infrastructure.

How Cost-Effective Is Virtual Desktop Pricing?

With the definition of hosted virtual desktop and virtualization, it is evident that you already have an idea of why virtual desktop pricing is low. In this section, we will discuss hosted VDI pricing in detail.

1. Flexibility in Resource Management

In traditional desktops, we don’t have the flexibility to use desktops as and when we want. As a result, whenever we want to allow work from home or remote work to any employee, the IT team needs to set up a laptop enabled with VPN to restrict personal access on that laptop. Hence, the hosted VDI pricing, in this case naturally high.

Hosted virtual desktops don’t make you go through this hassle. You can allow employees to use virtual desktops on any device without any hassle. There’s no risk of cyber threats, and your IT team doesn’t need to work hard. You don’t even need to purchase hardware for this; simply allow BYOD to employees.

2. Scalability of Resources

Traditionally, scaling means too much money. This is because when we scale our resources, these resources take some physical space. When using office desktops, we increase hard drives, PCs, etc.

On the cloud, you scale these resources on the cloud server, which is huge. So, you only need to talk to your CSP and increase your resources in minutes merely. There’s no charge for purchasing hardware, just the fixed charge of extra resources.

Further, hosted virtual desktops allow you to descale when you need to. For example, during the pandemic, the demand dipped for some time. At this time, you could have decreased your storage with the cloud. This feature makes virtual desktop pricing optimum for small and medium businesses.

3. Cost of IT Team Management

When you are managing hardware in-house, you need an IT team to take care of everything. This includes scalability, hardware management, OS patching, upgrades, maintenance, security, etc. There’s naturally a cost attached to these processes.

Hosted virtual desktops have lower pricing in this case because the cloud provider manages everything. Your team is responsible for taking care of the access hierarchy and office desktops. Hence, you can even manage with two IT resources when you are using cloud-based desktops.

4. No Capital Expenses

With hosted virtual desktops, there’s no upfront cost. This means hosted VDI pricing doesn’t incur your setup costs. The best devices you can use for hosted virtual desktops are the devices you already have in your office.

The essential requirement for the cloud is understanding office needs, getting the correct number of virtual desktops, and clarifying your performance requirements.

5. Long-Term Use of Office Desktops

Since we are implementing the configuration of hosted virtual desktops on the cloud, we can change this configuration anytime without impacting the hardware units of our office.

So, even when your office PCs are of old configuration but hosted virtual desktops are of the new configuration, you can work seamlessly. Cloud desktops would offer you the flexibility you are looking for. Hence, you can use these units for the long term till they wear entirely off.

6. Decreased Downtime

With office desktops, all the downtime you face is managed by your team, and these downtimes are caused because of a series of reasons—for example, system crashes, cyberattacks, wear and tear of PCs, and various other factors.

This downtime is costly. Every minute you lose your productivity, you are losing money. This is because your team needs to spend more time completing tasks at hand, which either delays other tasks or makes you pay the overtime.

You get 99.99% uptime on the cloud, which means few hours of disruption in one year. This helps you stay alive all the time, which means optimum hosted VDI pricing. Hosted virtual desktops save you money, which is why it is much more cost-effective than other structures for remote working.

7. Lower Costs of Security

Data loss at the enterprise level has increased by 400%. This is why security is essential to every organization.

In-house, we need to take care of the security, which costs money. You need to spend on all-time monitoring, firewalls, software firewalls, patching, upgrading, encryption, and other things. Hosted virtual desktops are equipped with the security offered by the provider. Hence, in virtual desktop pricing, you only pay the service charge and not the infrastructure.


Virtual desktop pricing is much more cost-effective than your in-house PC infrastructure or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). This is because you can use your hardware for longer, you don’t need to restructure your PCs that often, you can upgrade the config of hosted virtual desktops without spending on hardware, and the uptime is great. Only focus on finding the right cloud hosting provider to receive optimum hosted VDI pricing.

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