Best Flyer Types for Effective Marketing

Regardless of whether you’re setting up a new business or looking to expand your customer base, you require eye-catching flyers to get your message across to your audience in a compelling and engaging way.

A beautifully crafted flyer design is memorable and thought-provoking. The best part is that it engages your customers as they can touch and reach out to it.

Blending intelligent design and compelling storytelling makes print flyers one of the most effective forms of marketing. But did you know there is no one-size-fits flyer?


For different marketing requirements, you have different flyers.

Ready to explore some flyer types?

Let’s dive in!

1. Flyer ads

Companies worldwide use flyer ads to promote limited-time sale advertisements and discounts. Rather than emphasizing on your design, the flyer ads focus on the content and information. Such flyers help a customer get information about your sale, its location, and the products available.

Usually, designers use highly legible fonts to make their flyers easy to read.

But, what should a flyer include to convince customers to take the desired action?

  • Product details
  • Contact details
  • Prices

Including an image of what you’re selling is an excellent way to attract potential customers.

Example: Look at this print flyer ad from McDonald’s – it’s creative, compelling, and attractive.

2. Handbills

Unlike flyer ads that contain full information about a product’s sales, handbills are flyers containing minimal text. Most businesses prefer handbills for mass distribution. For example, they may insert a handbill in newspapers and magazines.

Example: Here is an example of a handbill from Pizza Hut.

3. Corporate flyers

Businesses worldwide use corporate print flyers to create awareness about their brand. As the name suggests, corporate flyers pack a lot of content while maintaining a clean design. They contain lots of information and usually focus on having a neutral or subtle color. A corporate or work flyer usually has contact details and a company logo.

Example: Here is an example of an elegant and professional-looking corporate flyer.

4. Pamphlets

Pamphlets or leaflets or brochures are similar to flyer ads. But, they are of superior quality because pamphlets are an excellent option for targeting a specific group or promoting products or services with higher value to a niche market. So, it’s easy to justify the comparatively higher production price.

Also, leaflets are usually folded and not flat like flyer ads. The presence of this third dimension can help you stand out, and you can be more creative with your design.

Marketers usually love brochures and pamphlets because it helps in giving more information about their offerings. The print quality of brochures or pamphlets is high, and as a result, they’re often referred to as visual business cards of your company.

The main goal of a pamphlet is to boost sales, so remember to include a strong call to action.

Example: Here is a sample layout for a pamphlet.

5. Photo-centric flyers

For businesses looking to grab the attention of their customers, photo-centric flyers come as a boon in disguise. It’s a kind of flyer that lays great emphasis on vibrant colors. Usually, bright colors play with people’s minds in a way it compels people to attend the event mentioned on the flyer. By simply looking at a flyer, people know what to expect from the event.

Example: Here is a good example of a photo-centric flyer.

Key takeaways

Whether you choose a flyer ad, pamphlet, or corporate flyer, an effective print flyer has a harmonious combination of clear messaging, flawless finish, and striking design that resonates with the person reading it.

The design and choice of colors make your flyer attractive and convince your target audience to take some desired action. So, choose a flyer type based on the marketing message you intend to deliver.

Which type of flyer are you planning to use for your upcoming marketing campaign?

Please share your thoughts with us!

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