7 Best Movies About Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have been two of the trendiest topics of the past decade. It did not take the film industry long to catch up on this tech’s popularity and to cash in on the hype. A number of movies about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology surfaced in recent years. All of them have the goal of educating viewers on the concept of blockchain.

Whether you are a crypto novice or already familiar with Bitcoin and the history of cryptocurrencies, these crypto-related movies are a perfect fit for you. These films provide viewers with insights into the uses of blockchain and its effects on our daily lives. It also helps in refining basic knowledge of this emerging technology.

Today we have gathered the top-rated blockchain movies for you. So sit back, relax, grab some popcorn, and enjoy watching these movies about cryptocurrency.

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Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution

This is an eye-opening documentary film that unravels the mysterious origins of Bitcoin and how it became the world’s most popular digital currency. Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution seeks to explore the role of Bitcoin, how it works and where it began.

The movie covers key areas regarding the creation, rise and use cases of Bitcoin, all while painting a picture that shows the viewers a future shaped by cryptocurrencies. The film shows a hypothetical future where people control their money and strip power from financial institutions around the world. It also seeks to answer the bigger question: is Bitcoin truly the future or a nine-day wonder?

The director of this film, first released in January 2017, is the renowned Tim Delmastro (who was behind 2012 film End of the Road: How Money Became Worthless). Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution can act as a perfect entry point for people who want to join the world of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It

Directed by Torsten Hoffman in collaboration with Michael Watchulonis in 2015, this film traces the history of currency from the barter system of the ancient world to the digital currencies of today. As with most crypto-related movies, this film presents the concept of money and digital assets in a new light. It highlights the practices of financial actors in the creation of money and the influence of government in the production of money, as well as how it causes inflation in the economy.

The film exposes the actions of global institutions and how these institutions create money backed by debt. It answers the question of whether Bitcoin is the alternative to government-backed currencies. The film is a concise guide to the controversies and history of national currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain

Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain is a documentary film that explains the origins and utilities of blockchain technology. It attempts to separate the concept of Bitcoin from blockchain while showing how each of them can be used to improve financial systems. The movie shows how blockchain can be used to solve major humanitarian concerns, such as poverty and hunger. At the same time, it argues that those in power will not stop to keep the old ways alive and maintain their monopoly.

The film was directed by Alex Winter and released in 2018. It follows the case of British activist and hacker Lauri Love who was accused by the United States of stealing top-class government data. Epic from start to finish, this movie is one of the best blockchain movies that focuses on the fundamentals of technology and internet freedom.

Life on Bitcoin

When it comes to movies about cryptocurrency, Life on Bitcoin truly stands out from the crowd. The plot of the movie follows a newlywed couple planning to spend their honeymoon using only bitcoin to pay for necessities. The movie seeks to explore the uses of the cryptocurrency at an individual level – the couple must pay for gas and tickets, among other necessities, with bitcoin.

The film tests not only the merits of cryptocurrency but also the bond between a young married couple. It provides insight into how difficult it is to convince someone who has never heard of Bitcoin to accept it as payment. Directors Travis Pitcher and Joseph Lebaron reveal how Bitcoin will fare in real-life scenarios in this 2014 documentary film.

The Bitcoin Phenomenon

Crypto-related movies all seek to educate viewers on the industry and The Bitcoin Phenomenon is perhaps one of the most thorough films. The film explores Bitcoin in its entirety, as a group of experts consisting of top-thinkers, entrepreneurs and capitalists analyse the strange phenomenon that is Bitcoin.

The film was produced by SQ1.tv and released in 2014. It provides an in-depth analysis of Bitcoin, its rise in popularity and highlights its worth in billions.

Deep Web

Deep Web reveals the dangers related to decentralised and encrypted technology not bound by law. The movie follows the story of Ross Ulbricht, the supposed creator of a darknet website known as Silk Road, which facilitated the sale of narcotics with bitcoin.

Unlike other movies about cryptocurrencies, Deep Web tells the untold story of Bitcoin and its uses in the darkest corners of the internet. This 2015 film was directed by Alex Winters and features actor Keanu Reeves as the narrator.

The Blockchain and Us

The Blockchain and Us is an award-winning short film directed by Manuel Stagars in 2017. The film stars cryptologists, capitalists, consultants and authors as they explain the impact of blockchain on today’s society. The film explores the role of blockchain in our daily lives and how world economies can benefit from it.

The Blockchain and Us shows the wider implications of the technology and presents more questions than answers, unlike most blockchain movies on our list.


Movies about cryptocurrency and blockchain present an excellent opportunity for viewers to get a better understanding of the technology underpinning them. They explain the utilities, the future and the effects of the crypto industry on everyday lives in exciting documented film pieces. So if you’ve wanted to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology but couldn’t find the time to do the research, this is a perfect chance for you to make an easy start in the industry.

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