5 Popular Communication Channel For Voice/Non Voice Process

Call center services are a great source of help for the company that needs assistance in certain services. For a developing business, it is most natural to struggle to find the right footing initially, providing quality service and still make revenue. It requires ample coordination and dedication between the working sectors. Lately, online customer service has gained much priority especially the non voice process.

As a progressing business venture, it has to manage the core business matters, meet the customer demands, be up for effective customer service, find the right candidates to administrate individual workload, and also look for chances to score profit, almost simultaneously. The company may not always be lucky enough to get all these done which is when call center outsourcing can make the difference.

Call center services are of the services providers that have a vast range of expertise. However, with such a range it also gets confusing for the business to choose a service provider for a certain service. This is the reason there have been classifications made to identify more clearly different call center services.

Basically, there are 2 sets of classifications made based on different aspects. These are respectively, Inbound or Outbound call center services and non voice process or voice process.

Inbound/Outbound Call Center Services- The Elementary Service Of A BPO

The first and one of the most popular classifications of call center services has to be inbound and outbound call center services. This classification was purely based type of services they individually provide. Inbound call center services are mostly catered to the need of the customers, thus, the customer contacts the company for certain purposes and the company is bound to assist them as much as in its power.

It is strategically important for the company to understand the need of their clients and try to improvise their goods and services accordingly. The importance of customer service has given birth to chat support services and other such online methods that are high on demand. However, a company not only survives upon the goodwill of its clients. Rather, it has to make their own reservation of profit if they wish to make a living out of it, the support for which can be acquired from outbound call center services.

Unlike inbound call center services, outbound call centers are centered around making revenue for the company. It is designed to pay close attention to the profit scenario and work on advancing it at a subtle rate. This makes outbound call center services, the direct and absolute pathway towards earning profit. In other words, they help the company get their due credit at hand. They are responsible for lead generation and driving sales.

Voice/Non-Voice Process- The Communication Modes

On the other hand, the classification of voice process and non voice process is based on the sheer technicality of these services. It has nothing separating it from inbound and outbound call center services. On the contrary, voice & non-voice processes are applied to inbound and outbound call center services to derive certain aspects.

As the name suggests, it is based on the method of conversation that takes place between the company and its clients. For vocal interactions, such as phone calls, voice notes & online conferences, the voice process is the breakthrough for many companies. Whereas, text messages, social media chats, and email support services are part of the non-voice process.

Both services have their own perks when utilized in the right manner. The voice process offers spontaneity on both ends as it requires both the caller and the receiver to be engaged in the conversation. While on the other hand, the non voice process offers reliability and control depending on the need of each party involved.

For example, when a potential customer is approached through chat or email, the individual can choose to go through the mail when they deem fit and might find something worth the lookout. In that case, the company may not even have to convince the client, rather planting a seed of curiosity now allows the chance for the company to bear the fruit in the recent future.

Popular Modes of Communication Used By Call Center Services

All the different call center services have one common feature to look forward to. That is, establishing decent and reliable communication between the company and its clients. While working on the relationship it has to keep in mind certain things about their clients, like the language they prefer, the or the suitable mode of communication for that matter.

The company has to be able to talk to its clients for their own propaganda and business as well as meet the demand of its audiences. Both cases are equally important for a company to succeed. For a company to reach a certain standard and be able to communicate with their clients through the means they deem as fit, here are a few options that have been popular in the current scenario.

  • Phone Calls: It is one of the primitive ways as well as it is the most available way through which businesses usually interact with their clients. Be it marketing or customer service, phone services have been on the priority list of business sectors to establish a relationship over a dialogue. It offers a personal human touch to the communication.
  • Text Messages: Soon after mobile phones became an almost ordinary commodity to most people, ext messages became an even popular way of communication. Businesses were soon to adapt to these changes and used text messages to most market their good and services. However, there were a few rare ways to communicate through texting which later opened a door for chat support services.
  • E-mails: Like chat services, emails are also in use for marketing, advertisement, information, and even registering dissatisfaction and complaints along with customer service. Emails have been a great component of business development and growth. Evidently, email support services are also been recognized for their role in building customer relationships.
  • Social Media Chats: Since the introduction of social media websites, almost every individual, and especially the youth were more intrigued by these online portals. Naturally enough, these gave the company a platform to reach out to a certain type of audience.
  • Webinars And Other Online Methods: Lastly, business conferences across borders an also be easily monitored in today’s world via online options such as the webinar. In the times of the Coronavirus pandemic, webinars have been the new face of business meetings and conferences all over the world. There are other similar online options that have made their way since then.

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