5 Best Software Tools to Make Your Home Maintenance Easier

A home is the biggest investment in many people’s lives, so it is very important to keep it in a usable condition. However, like every property, a house has to be maintained and fixed from time to time.

Do you know what a new garage door cost is? Or how much you’ll have to pay to have the broken pipe replaced? Many problems can be prevented by doing regular maintenance and taking good care of your property. Here, you will find a list of 5 best software tools to make your home maintenance more manageable and regular.


Angie is an app that provides a directory of service providers you will need in order to keep your house going. You can look for plumbers, electricians, roofers, mechanics, and many, many more. It is a total of more than 700 categories. It has been helping homeowners for 20 years now (before it was known under other names such as Angie’s List), and you can find hundreds of thousands of reviews submitted by users during all those years.

They include quality of work, punctuality, cost, customer service, and more. Every business with at least one review is required to keep an average rating of 3 or higher. The business’s owner, principal, or relevant manager must pass a criminal background check, and the business must maintain all applicable state and local licenses. If they do not meet those requirements, they are deleted from the app.

Now, with Angie’s app, you can do far more than just look at the services you need. Using only this one app, you’ll also get access to instant booking, upfront pricing, project financing, and more to make caring for your home even easier. You can use it freely, as the app earns money from advertising providers and premium memberships, giving homeowners access to discounted home services and more for an annual fee.

Home Zada

It is an excellent tool for people who want to keep up with the maintenance schedule, improve the value of a home, or avoid early replacement costs. It’s an app that allows you to supervise the overall management of your property. It can also help you to stay on top of all your finances related to a property, like taxes and mortgage payments.

The tool comes with a specially designed calendar that is created and personalized for you. It includes all the essential tasks you need to remember about. Based on your personal preferences, the app will create an individual To-Do list. You can change and personalize every created task, so it is best suited to your current situation.

Smart alerts and notifications will help you remember everything and do it on time. The tool allows you to connect it to your email and other online tools, so you get the best user experience possible. You can also share your Zada calendar with other people from your household so that you can keep them up to date.


If you are a fan of a clean and aesthetic house, it is an app for you! BrightNest is developed by the same people who created Angie, and it is full of tips and tricks that will make your home a better place to live.

First, you have to answer some simple questions like “Do you compost?” with Yes or No, and the app will deliver short articles and inspirations about your home’s needs. You will get articles like, for example, 5 Things to Remove From Your Closet Right Now. You can flag the content as a favorite and come back to them later. Moreover, you can even receive them on email. Additionally, on BrightNest, you will find some free, printable stuff like a spring cleaning calendar for March.


TaskRabbit is an app we have all been waiting for for years. When you have something to do but don’t have the money to hire a professional, you can just call your personal Tasker for help. Whatever you want to do, you can hire someone to help you with everything, from buying groceries to mowing the lawn.

It is a same-day service platform that instantly connects you with skilled people near you. It’s a great way to find help quickly. Moreover, it allows some people to find odd jobs and earn money for living in a fair exchange.

There are two ways you can find needed Taskers. One is to select a task from the list that contains the most popular chores and allow the app to match you with the best person for the job. The second way is to find the most similar task for the one you have and ask the contractor if your task can be done.

Home Styler Interior Design

Designing your interior is a very challenging task, especially when you can’t draw. However, many people don’t have the money to hire an interior designer, so they decide on using tools like Home Style Interior Designer. Thanks to the app, you can render a 3D image of your room and see how your chosen furniture will look inside.

The app works by starting with a snapshot of your room. Then, you can choose from thousands of design products to see how they present themselves. You can check out everything you need, from boho-style tables to glamour sofas. You can also flip on other people’s concept arts if you look for inspiration.

The Bottom Line

Taking care of your home is not an easy job. You have to consider many factors and keep up with your schedule. Additionally, you never know when some problem will occur, and you will have to spend a large amount of money to fix it. As you can see, being a homeowner is a big responsibility, but fortunately, technology can help you keep up.

All tools and apps listed above will save you time and money, and most importantly, they are specially chosen to help you with the maintenance of your home. We can assure you that downloading them will make your life easier. Don’t wait; check them out today!

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