Top 8 Best Construction Estimating Software

Construction estimating software is a professional tool that can save you time and money and provide powerful functionality for estimating and tracking projects. Whether you’re planning a home renovation, building your own home or are a professional tradesman, using estimating software for construction can provide you with a uniform way to tackle the project. The software will increase the accuracy of your project estimates and reduce the time it takes to prepare a bid.

The features provided by construction estimating software includes estimate breakdowns, project templates, competitive bid tracking, automatic price updates, allowances, project scheduling, material takeoff lists, contract writing and customizable reports.

One of the challenges of estimating for a project is determining material quantities in accordance with the dimensions of the plan. Construction estimating software allows you to enter the dimensions for the whole project or room by room. Whether your building from the ground up, remodeling or just doing repairs, the software allows you to determine ballpark estimates or isolate by cost category. Using the software is a faster and more accurate way to produce overall cost estimates.

If you are a carpenter, plumber, electrician, roofer, painter or tiler, you can use the customizable reports to produce professionally finished estimates for your clients that are accurate and guaranteed to produce a profit from the job. With the ability to use your own business stationary, a construction estimating program is an indispensable aid that can help you to manage your business quickly and efficiently.

For larger jobs that require tendering or quotations, competitive bid tracking can allow you to log each of the bids that you receive from suppliers or subcontractors. You can also set up the software to record unit pricing for automatic calculation of dimensions. In some cases where you do not have the exact prices or specifications, the allowance feature lets you track the estimates and bill for them separately.

Project scheduling allows you to timeline projects, beginning with the start date, establishing duration and recording associated labor costs. This can provide powerful forecasting for jobs where labor allocations can be manipulated in accordance with the desired completion date. Software for construction also produces a bill of materials.

Estimating software for construction also creates spec sheets, subcontracts and contracts. These can be adapted in accordance with the text you type into the record, the contract clauses and packages, the scope of the work and the descriptions from the estimates. You can use the customizable reporting to create reports that can be used for tracking project administration. Construction estimating software is an investment that will bring you an improved return on your business endeavors by producing more accurate and timely project estimates. If you have not considered the benefits of this construction estimating software, many vendors provide a free trial where you can learn more about the functionality.


Estimator360 is cloud-based Estimating Software and Construction Project Management for Builders & Remodelers with patent-pending technology offers unlimited estimates, unlimited projects.

  • Patent-Pending Construction Estimate Technology
  • Project Templates Give Your Construction Estimate a Kickstart
  • Send Your Construction Estimate Directly to Your Customer
  • Estimator360 Creates Project Schedules Automatically


Highly flexible, fast and efficient measuring, take-off and construction estimating software for the building and allied industies.

  • The stylish, smart and contemporary interface is packed full of features which are intuitive and designed to make using EclipseCS more efficient
  • Powered by a unique hierarchical data structure, EclipseCS offers significant data mining and business intelligence capabilities using a suite of tools which simplifies the creation and manipulation of cost data
  • Developed for the modern Windows platforms, EclipseCS uses cutting edge Microsoft technologies such as .NET and SQL Server Databases to increase performance and reliability
  • EclipseCS comes bundled with tools designed to allow you to work faster, more efficiently and more precisely
  • As part of the EclipseCS software a full report designer is included. Create your own custom reports, title pages, headers, corporate logos and many more
  • Increase your efficiency, improve your accuracy, and take control of what you measure. Our Digital Measurement tool ‘PlanMeasure’ streamlines your take off and allows you to keep an audit trail for every dimension
  • Built into EclipseCS are a suite of smart features and tools designed to improve your confidence and prevent unwanted data loss


ESTIMATE is a complete solution which does much more than delivering accurate and fast estimates for the Construction Industry.

  • Multiple Capabilities
  • Project and Document Archival
  • Web Based Interface
  • User Friendliness
  • Powerful Administration


Affordable construction estimating software with quantity takeoff for small business.

  • Quantity Takeoff
  • Cost Estimating
  • Progress Claims
  • Reporting
  • Online
  • Multi-user


PlanSwift takeoff software for construction estimating saves time and money.

  • Concrete Takeoff and Estimating the Smart Way
  • Fast and Accurate Drywall Takeoff
  • Electrical Takeoff Made Easy With PlanSwift
  • Save Time on Flooring Takeoff and Estimating
  • Fast and Accurate Framing Estimates
  • Mechanical HVAC Takeoff in a Snap
  • Landscaping Takeoff and Estimating Software
  • Painting Takeoff & Estimating in Minutes
  • Fast, Easy and Accurate Takeoff for Plumbers


The EDGE Takeoff and Construction Estimating Software for Contractors and Estimators.

  • Smart Labor™ Technology
  • Trade-Specific Tool
  • Mutliple Bid Options or Change Orders
  • Speed, Depth & Accuracy
  • Smart Edits


Construction Estimating Software for Contractors, at a very low price, Home Improvement & Insurance Restoration Contractors, Commercial & Tenant Improvement. And ALL sub-trades including, Drywall-Metal Framing, Painting, Concrete, Lumber Takeoff, and more…

  • Template with All Common Items
  • Assemblies
  • Adding Markups
  • Bid Percents on all list
  • Preview Reports
  • E-mail Bid Reports
  • Clone or Copy A Bid
  • Add Unique Bid Items
  • Custom Item Level Modifiers
  • View Bid Cost – Check for Errors
  • Item Selection With Worksheet
  • Bid Information Form
  • Locations
  • Miscellaneous Field Grouping
  • Header Separator Lines
  • Standard Questions & Formulas
  • Super Assemblies
  • Bid Merge/Work package
  • Tag Menu & Column
  • FlexEst
  • Custom Markups
  • Load-Save Views
  • Cross Reference
  • Bid Categories w/Color Codes


STACK Estimating from STACK Construction Technologies is a cloud-based on-screen takeoff and estimating tool for professional contractors of all business sizes in most trades.

  • On-screen takeoff
  • Mac and PC Compatible
  • Autocount Functionality
  • Custom Assembly Formula Editor
  • Integrates with Excel
  • Works with PDF, TIFF & Google Earth Images
  • Summary & Detail Reporting
  • Pre-built Materials Database
  • Plan Page Autonaming
  • Bookmarking & Hyperlinking
  • Upload Plans from Anywhere
  • KEYWORD & Text Search
  • Runs in the Cloud – No installation
  • Printing & Exporting
  • No-Cost Software Upgrades

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