5 Best Online Writing Courses

Every writer wants to become a big shot someday. If you’re reading this, there’s a huge chance that you’ve been trying to unleash your inner Sidney Sheldon for a long while. If this is the case, then taking a writing course is your best bet.

Well, when you read “writing course”, an image of a stuffed classroom with a teacher droning out motivational quotes probably popped into your head. But in today’s world, there are tons of writing courses that you can take from the comfort of your couch. Whether you’re a fresh essay writer or novelist, these courses will teach you everything you need to know about professional writing.

However, there’s a slight catch. With so many online creative writing courses out there, choosing the right one can be a tough call.

That’s why we’ve outlined this list of the best online writing courses that will definitely unleash the literary beast in you.

Ready? Let’s get started.

Copy School

Looking to improve your copywriting skills? You’d definitely love this course then. Copy School by Copyhackers is an in-depth course that teaches you everything you need to know about professional copywriting. Here, you get access to all of Copyhackers’ writing courses, such as:

  • 10x Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • 10x Emails
  • 10x Landing Pages
  • 10x Sales Pages
  • 10x Web Copy
  • 10x Funnels
  • 10x Launches

Each of these courses costs about $1000- $2000 individually. However, with Copy School, you can get everything for a one-time payment of $2997. If you’d like to pay monthly, this course has a 12-month payment plan pegged at $697 per month.

Hosted by renowned marketing experts and pros, this course is a perfect choice for any budding copywriter who wants to learn how to convert sales.

The 90 Day Novel

If you’ve been trying to let your inner Ernest Hemingway out, then this course is definitely the one for you. Just like the name implies, the 90 Day Novel will help you write a Nobel-prize worthy book in just three months.

This course offers over a hundred lessons on creative writing, as well as online mentorship sessions with a tutor. However, that’s not the best part yet. What we love about this course is the fact that you get to choose your tutor from a long list of published authors and writing experts.

Whether you’re an expert or newbie to the art of writing, the 90 Day Novel is just what you need to polish and refine your skills.


Ever dreamed of learning from world-famous experts? Maybe you want to write magical thrillers like James Patterson? Or create legendary television series just like Shonda Rhimes? Whatever the case may be, Masterclass has got you covered.

This online school offers a wide range of classes hosted by celebrities and experts in the game. Whether you’re searching for grant writing courses online or creative writing classes, Masterclass will definitely help you achieve your goals.

Each class is broken down into a multi-video lesson plan hosted by the writers themselves. There’s also a large community of students which you can interact with during course assignments or projects.

For us, Masterclass’ best feature is its pricing system. You get to pay only $15 per month for unlimited access to its entire catalog of courses. Isn’t that awesome?

Write of Passage

The first thing you’d notice about this online course is its witty and pun-laden name. Founded by David Perell, Write of Passage is an intensive five-week online writing course that teaches students everything they need to know about building an audience and writing online.

It is divided into seven separate modules that cover all aspects of online writing, from building a community of readers to actual writing. But that’s not all. In this course, you’d also learn how to network and make the right connections with people.

As such, it’s a great choice if you’re trying to make connections within your niche or industry.

The Novelry

Founded by the award-winning novelist, Louise Dean, The Novelry offers creative writing courses for new writers looking to publish a novel. If you’re a beginner who’s eager to hop on the author train, you’d definitely love this writing course.

The Novelry walks you through the entire writing process, from creating ideas to writing and publishing. It has a unique approach that helps students finish a novel in just 90 days.

What we love the most about this course is that it is self-paced. You won’t have to struggle to keep up with the rest of the class. Just take your time and go at your own pace. In no time at all, you’d be a bestselling author.

On the downside, The Novelry is a little expensive but it’s definitely worth every cent.

Tips for Choosing an Online Writing Course

So you’ve decided to take an online writing course. Congratulations! However, there’s one tiny bridge that you haven’t crossed yet. How do you choose the right course for yourself?

When it comes to opting for a writing course, there are two major tips that would help you make the right choice:

Establish your goals

What exactly are your writing goals? Are you trying to get rid of the writer’s block? Are you looking to learn the basics of copywriting? Establishing your goal or purpose would help you decide on the writing course to take. It will also help you to motivate yourself and turn your vision of your future success into reality.

Which are the steps to the best goals planning? You should start from creating a “big picture” of your next 10 years for example, and identify it on larger scale by choosing the goals you want to achieve now. After that, you break these down into small targets, which you should accomplish them to reach the final destination. In conclusion, once you created the plan, you start working on it to achieve these goals.

For instance, if you’re trying to improve your copywriting skills, Copy School is a great choice.

On the other hand, Novelry will be a better choice if you’re trying to write a book.

Set a budget

What exactly is your budget? Once you’ve established your goals, the next step would be to set a budget. When using your budget, keep a watch on what quantity you’ve got spent. Once you’ve reached your spending limit, you may either got to stop spending too much per month or find more income sources to cover your further expenses. Some online writing courses are more expensive than others. As such, you may want to go for cheaper options if you’re working with a tight budget.

Pro Tip: If you write academic essays, there are a few essay writer free online courses you could take. This way, you won’t have to break the bank just to improve your writing skills.

Final Thoughts

The courses listed above will not only help you become an A-list writer, but also plunge into the creative pool of expert writers, novelists, and real celebrities whose expertise is unquestionable. Simply choose the course that suits your goals and budget, whip out your credit card and get down to it.

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