Web2app: Build Android Apps With Zero Coding Skills

Indeed, the rise of technology had a great impact on human lives. There are various changes due to the advancement of technology – one of these changes is the use of mobile phones or smartphones wherein people prefer to use mobile apps to connect with others or play favorite games like the Book of Ra. And with the popularity of smartphones, mobile applications became too popular as well. There are various “must-have” Android apps that you’ll love to have installed on your mobile phone.

We all know that professional programmers can create Android apps from scratch, but this could be very costly too. That is why there are other ways on how to code an app without spending a lot of money just to hire professionals.

Why Are Mobile Applications Important?

Most top Android apps are built to perform a certain task, whether for communications, entertainment, online shopping, e-tickets, banking, etc. We couldn’t deny that the ability to have a portable connection to the world has improved our lives and made them a lot easier. Also, time consumption has been reduced in terms of doing typical tasks, and services are also available in just a few clicks.

In connection, it is vital for businessmen to know how to make an app since it could have some significant positive results. Well, mobile apps can do the following:

  • Increase selling
  • Increase brand visibility
  • Reinforce the brand of the organization
  • Build loyalty
  • Connect with the on-the-go customers

All of these can be simply reached by making the apps useful, attractive, and easy to control.

Other reasons why you need mobile apps are the following:

  • Mobile apps are a lot more convenient for users, and they are a lot easier to navigate. They provide the owners with a lead over other competitors in engagement.
  • App monetization is a lot better than the revenue a site could provide these days.
  • The industry of mobile apps is considered one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.
  • Most consumers prefer using mobile apps than browsing on websites, which would impact your business.

Think of these reasons why having a mobile app is important so that you can easily plan on what to do next – to create your app.

So, how to create an app?

It could take a very long time to learn how to code an app from scratch all by yourself, especially if you aren’t familiar with any coding techniques or programming languages. Also, hiring a professional to build android apps could be so expensive too.

If your goal is to make a complex application or simply a game, there is no actual shortcut. Only professional developers could do the job. And it can also take a while to code it.

However, if you simply want to make a simple app based on content or creating a shop to sell something, you can use some easy to use platforms that require close to zero coding skills. And one of the best options to consider is Web2app.

What is Web2app?

Web2app is the leading global platform for making mobile apps from existing sites. This platform is the easiest and faster way to generate a mobile app instantly. It provides code-free solutions for businesses, professionals, and organizations to build real-time intuitive Android auto apps even without any technical experience.

Since mobile technology has radically transformed the world, Web2app is helping businesses harness leading-edge technology, drive real business results, and capture more mobile customers. With their innovative platform, businesses and professionals could build uniquely customized mobile applications with no coding or even technical experience needed.

Plus, it is a do-it-yourself platform that has been assembled from the ground to meet all the business types’ needs. With Web2app, you can create apps for all platforms in real-time quickly. You actually don’t need expensive developers or months just to develop a mobile application. Simply get it instantly and begin using it.

It’s as easy as 123!

What Are The Features of Web2app?

Here are the best features offered by web2app:

  • Build mobile apps in real-time. Because of the powerful cloud-based engine, you could transform any site into an app in real-time.
  • Upload your own custom icon and splash screen. You can add character and visual appeal to the mobile app. Also, add spirit by choosing a splash screen of your choice and customizing it into a high and crisp density splash screen.
  • Custom push notifications. You can also send eye-catching messages to app users anytime you want into the smartphones.
  • Facebook and YouTube app builder. It allows you to create an app for Facebook or YouTube page with your preferred style and design.
  • ADMOB. And finally, you could monetize the app and earn extra funds through the AdMob integration. This AdMob works as a mediation platform, putting highly targeted ads in the app.

With the use of refined targeting systems, Web2app automatically optimize ads for visitors.

These are the best features of Web2app that you can surely use to create an app even with zero coding skills.

What To Know Before Learning How to Make an App?

Of course, research is a cornerstone to success in any kind of project. Understanding what the user might need from the application could play an important role in whether it would be used or find any success.

So, here’s what you need to know before learning how to create your own app:

  • First, learn the competition. You can find many lookalike good apps for Android out there, however, the ones that found success is considered the most original ones. You must not copy anyone else’s apps. Once you have the same idea, just make it better. You can find the weak spots in the ventures of competitors and improve it.
  • Second, find out about the target audience. Though this is a bit challenging task, focus groups, surveys and market research data might help a lot. You can also research the segments of the target audience. You can think about the income, profession, age, and interests of the target audience.
  • And the third thing is the budget. Plan the budget for the other imperative factors like level of functionality, marketing, number of platforms, and the team that would work by your side. So, these factors could play a vital role in app development; that’s why you shouldn’t miss this.

It is important that you rethink these aspects before you proceed to build and Android apps online, using an online platform like Web2app.

Final Thoughts

To sum this up, you do not need to be a professional developer or know how to code an app to bring your ideas to life. An application itself may not be enough to be successful, but various factors should be considered. Learning how to build and Android apps can be a lot easier with the best online platforms like the Web2app.

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