3 Ways in which Web Design Related to your Business is Akin to Storytelling

Storytelling has been a part of our lives since childhood. We all have grown up listening to stories from our elders. Maybe they were motivational stories, fantasy tales, or just folklore, but no one can deny that they have entered any story and that it hasn’t affected their lives or at least their childhood. The geographical region that we call the Middle East nowadays has also been the subject of lots of stories and fantasy tales.

When businesses try to come up with a website, they need a theme for a layout on which they can plan the entire website. There are many ways to do this, and one of them is true, incorporating storytelling on the websites. But exactly how to do that and how can companies be sure that it can attract their target audience? This is what I am going to discuss in this blog in detail.

There’s a Story Behind Every Website

I’m not sure about billions of websites that we can access, but I am talking about some of the finest and exceptional websites that also have a presence. Have you ever wondered why you like a particular website in comparison to all of the others? Like a website selling jackets as there are hundreds and thousands of other sites selling the same product? The price may be a factor, but for a new visitor on that website, the design and content matter a lot.

Through incorporating storytelling in the web design, businesses can offer good and interesting user experience in which visitors will be eager to know what’s in store next. I am sure most of my readers and especially those who own small businesses are trying to establish are wondering how to implement storytelling in web design?

Let me offer you three distinct features through which you can create an interesting web design that can tell a story to your audience while making them stay on your website. And above all, you will be able to showcase your product and the overall philosophy of your company.

1. Divide your Design into Different Segments

Just like a story that has a start, a middle path, and the ending, you need to design your website accordingly. If you want to emphasize the story further, they could be an introduction, details about the characters are the main story, the high point of the story, and then a fitting end so that your audience is satisfied. Similarly, a website’s design and layout can be divided into sections.

When dealing with websites, your home page is your introduction. This is where you can get the attention of the visitors, and that’s why the design and the story behind it should be impeccable. Similarly, when they move on to browse through different pages of your website, design, and content, your visitors should get exactly what they are looking for. And through unique design and layout, you can give them so much more than an ordinary website.

The first few design elements need to be extremely engaging in order to make sure that they get the user’s attention. For this, you need to add information that must be new for the visitors. in this way, you will definitely get them hooked on your homepage and then the subsequent pages too.

2. Simpler Navigation Must be your Target

Another important design element is a simple navigation. We all agree that if there is even a hint of difficulty in navigating through a website, most of the visitors simply leave. No one wants to look here and there as to where to go in finding the product or information they are looking for. as you cannot verbally guide you are visitors, your design must speak for itself.

Storytelling related to navigation is all about making things easy for your visitor. Just like stories are divided into chapters to make the reading easy, you may also divide the design elements so that it doesn’t look too overwhelming or in-your-face type of design. Make sure the navigation is streamlined, and the design elements on every page are perfectly related to the product with all the information mentioned.

Apart from the homepage, too many options and links will distract the visitors. So, try to limit the number of links on each page and offer a design that is perfect according to your product. If you are finding this difficult, you can always consult a website design company in Dubai, which has the right expertise in this concern.

3. Connecting the Written Content with Visuals

Now, this is where the storytelling part in web design comes into play and is really necessary. The written content is vital as it describes a product and what it is all about. And the visuals that are related to it are also positioned near the text. That’s why connecting the images to the text is critical to success here. You need to offer visuals that complement the text aptly so that you don’t have to put in lengthy paragraphs to define a picture or a graphic.

The use of images that are of high quality and resolution is the need of the day. Don’t put small thumbnails or images that are not clear. You need to use professional images that are unique and not copied from other websites. Visitors who frequently visit other sites will find out this glaring error and will not get a good impression about your website.

Final Word

One aspect that is not directly related to design but is equally important in the storytelling and optimization of your website is the SEO part. Every business website needs to be wary of this feature as great web design, and the content will be of no use if your target audience won’t be able to find your website online. Your strategy in this consent needs to be right on the money, and with the help of SEO Dubai services, you can be sure of getting good traffic on your website. This will be beneficial for you as it will undoubtedly translate into the leads that you are looking for.

If you think you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask any question, you are more than welcome. Please use the comment section below in this concern.

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