Predictions: 5 Digital Workplace Trends for Nondesk Workers

Digital workers have become a household term in today’s day and age. With a need to implement social distance and new health measures, non-desk workers are increasing in number and are dictating the trends which will transform non-desk industries in the coming year.

2020 called for necessary innovations. Digitizing the way we communicate has become the need of the hour. Companies had to champion digital transformation, and workplaces have adapted these successfully. To that effect, here are the top 5 Future Workplace Trends That Will Transform Non-Desk Industries in 2022:

Hands-free technology is getting better

Frontline workers are a category of the non-desk workforce that have varying communication needs. They are constantly moving, and their hands are also always busy. Many times, their jobs may not even have the option of using tools like WhatsApp or social media when they are out on the floor working. For these workers, having a sorted and safe internal communication tool is crucial. These are the reasons why a digital workplace needs to start adopting more efficient hands-free technology. This is why technologies like voice messaging are time efficient and are growing so much. It is difficult to do important work and still manage to text all the time manually. Hence, hands-free technology is going to take a leap, and we will see a lot of evolution pertaining to this particular field in 2022.

It won’t be about conventions but efficiency

When it comes to a non-desk workplace, there are plenty of future employment trends that are at play. So, for instance, the first thing is that companies would prioritize doubling down on the output and get maximum revenue on each dollar spent. It won’t be about clocking in eight hours anymore but flexibility where productivity would be the main aim. As per a recent Harvard Business Review survey, 86% of the respondents said that frontline workers need better technology, as well as about 72%, saw increased productivity by prioritizing their frontline workers. Additionally, a trend that will help non-desk workers is enabling better technology. For instance, on average, frontline workers spend about three hours each week just looking to use the information they need. So, the one trend that will come up in the future is a perfect combination of agility and flexibility.

A centralized platform for all

Internal team communication and proper efficiency in a digital workplace are the most important. You have one dedicated team communication app that can help you navigate your communication better. One trend that will dominate 2022 includes processes that revolve around being able to pivot and make crisis communication better. It can give employees instant access to crucial information, irrespective of the location. The adoption of such communication apps is going to be quite prominent. It can help in saving time, money as well as resources. Everybody wants to prioritize communication. By empowering the workforce and having a reliable communication channel, you can encourage them to make decisions with proper information at all times.

Connectivity and Digital Transformation

While this is the most obvious need of the hour, both connectivity and digital space are constantly evolving. A non-desk workforce requires flawless connectivity. While you cannot invest in conventional wi-fi for frontline workers, you still have to look for data plans that help your workers continue their work without any hassle. Additionally, digital transformation is constantly taking place with supportive technologies that keep everybody in the organization connected. So, the trend of adopting different technologies and transforming continually will keep happening in 2022 and till we can get back to work full-time post the effects of the pandemic.

Frontline Digital Enablement will become a priority

Even though frontline workers make for the maximum global workforce, just 1% of the IT spends of an enterprise go into enabling frontline workers digitally. This poses a problem because it creates an issue in all industries. When it comes to manufacturing, Industry 4.0 is constantly changing how frontline employees speak to each other. Without proper digital tools, employees are not exactly equipped to work efficiently. When it comes to hospitality, without a digital tool, companies can risk the safety of their patrons in an emergency. So, all frontline workers need to have their tools sorted. While this was a need in 2020, it will become more of a growth protocol in 2022. It will not only help frontline workers but also help employees who are working from home. They would be the primary concern in this particular year.


With a new wave of pandemic over us, companies need to transform into an efficient digital workplace, and these will help the non-desk workforce to work better. Even so, we cannot ignore the basics of communication in a digital organization. First off, you need to make a proper team collaboration software on board. A suitable hybrid model for work is the most crucial step for companies to take in today’s scenario. With this flexibility and productivity growth, the progress in the world will keep growing. A lot is getting revolutionized for non-desk workers, and we are sure that many trends associated with digitization will develop over time.

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