Why You Should Seriously Consider a Serviced Office for Your Business

There may be many solutions available when it comes to finding your own business space, but for many enterprises today, the serviced office has proven to be just what they need. And what’s not to like? Serviced offices provide you with affordability and the facilities and amenities you require. You can take advantage of your own space where you can meet your clients and have meaningful discussions with your staff. It’s not just a place where you can operate – it’s also a place where you can benefit from reception services and business services, maintenance, office furniture and equipment, and network and communications capabilities as soon as you move in. But if you’re still wondering whether going for a serviced office is the best decision for your business, here’s why you should seriously consider a serviced office – and what it can do for you.

It is a flexible solution for a growing or startup business

If you have to move into a traditional or standard office space, you would have to sign a long-term contract and lease, and it doesn’t even come with communications facilities, which you would have to apply for yourself, most likely. You would also have to make arrangements with providers for cleaning and maintenance, electricity, and more.

But the thing about serviced offices is that they already come with what you need to run your business, and all you have to do, essentially, is move in. It is also entirely flexible in that you don’t have to sign a lengthy lease contract – you can move out the next month if need be without worrying about not getting your deposit back. So it’s a flexible solution for businesses that are growing or just starting because you aren’t tied down and can continue your lease or leave as you please.

It is a professional environment where you can be as productive as possible

Another aspect about serviced offices that you may be delighted to know is that since the serviced office provider manages the space, if anything breaks down, you have to inform them, and they will have it fixed for you. Some serviced offices even come with office furniture and equipment, so you don’t need to worry about finding furniture or the equipment you need to operate. It leaves you with as little downtime as possible, and you won’t waste any hours setting up or applying for utilities because everything is already set up for you.

It gives you the perfect opportunity to be productive. What’s more, you are in a professional address with meeting and conference rooms you can rent by the hour, communal spaces for collaboration and networking, and reception services where you can hire reception staff on an as-needed basis.

It’s in a prime location with easy access to other businesses and clients

Many serviced offices are located in prime areas, such as the serviced offices offered by Cariocca.com. When you are in a central location, it’s easier for you to connect and network with other businesses and your clients, and your clients will also have a good impression of your location and premises. If you go for a standard lease, it may be difficult to afford such a location, and you may have to settle down elsewhere. It is precisely why serviced offices are ideal for business startups and those on the verge of expansion because you will not only benefit from a more affordable space compared to a standard office lease – you also have convenient access to like-minded individuals and businesses.

It comes with a set monthly fee, allowing you to budget your finances more easily

Serviced offices will have a set monthly fee. This fee will already include the rental of the actual space plus all the utilities and even add-ons such as on-site parking, 24/7 security, maintenance and cleaning in common areas, and more. Since you have a set fee per month, this allows you to budget your finances more efficiently. More importantly, you can set aside the money you save for investments in other assets, a great advertising or marketing campaign, or hiring new employees.

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