What Is Email Validation And Why Is It Important For Your Email Campaigns?

Email validation has often been overlooked while creating email marketing strategies. However, using email validation is essential for creating a successful email campaign. Hence, here is everything you need to know about email validation and why you should be using it.

What Is Email Validation?

Email validation, also called email verification, is the process of confirming an email address to show that it is active and valid. When a potential or an existing customer of yours subscribes to your newsletter or registers on your website, they get onto your mailing list. However, you can’t possibly know whether their email is real or still used by them.

That’s when email validation is can be used. Email validation can be done by using an email validation service. Once you have a mailing list, you will need to upload it to the service, run it through, and download the results to see which emails weren’t validated. Alternatively, you can use an email validation API which is a software that you will have to integrate on your platform to check email addresses in real-time somewhat like a filter.

#1 Focus on The Right Audience

While this may seem like an insignificant benefit, it is actually one of the most important ones. Focusing on the right audience allows you to make your email campaigns more effective, specific, and streamlined. If you target the wrong people, you will end up with a reduced response rate, decreased sales, and a diluted audience. Better targeting, on the other hand, can lead to many benefits both in the long run and for short term results.

When you don’t use email validation as a part of your email marketing strategy, you will have numerous inactive email addresses, non-existent addresses, and addresses no longer used by their owners. When you do use email validation, you will have a mailing list that consists of addresses that will actually get your emails.

Of course, there will still be people who simply don’t read your emails, but you will know for sure that you aren’t sending newsletters and other emails to the addresses that simply don’t work the way you want them to. In other words, you won’t be performing pointless actions and spending your time, effort, and money on email addresses that don’t actually belong to your potential or current customers.

#2 Save Money and Use the Budget Wisely

Obviously, as a result of making your mailing list more filtered and accurate, you will be able to cut down on your expenses associated with sending out emails. For example, if you use a certain kind of email sending tool or program that costs $20 per 1000 emails and you start sending 5000 emails instead of 6000, you will save $20 that you can then use for other aspects of your email marketing or any other kind of marketing you use.

As Joseph Lambert from custom writing reviews site Pick The Writer notes, “One of the biggest reasons for ineffective marketing campaigns of any kind is that the budgets for them are not big enough. Businesses simply can’t afford to use the techniques they’d need to use to achieve the necessary results. Consequently, if you can save on some aspect of your business, make sure to invest this newly formed budget wisely and use it for marketing, for example.”

Of course, this will work only on the condition that you use an email service that charges you by the number of emails. There are some tools that charge you based on the functionality you get instead of the number of emails you can send, so you can’t really save any budget on those types of email tools. Alternatively, you can simply switch to a service that charges by the number and reduce your expenses by filtering your mailing list.

#3 Improve Your Return on Investment

Your ROI or return on investment can also be improved by integrating email validation into your email marketing strategy. Basically, ROI is the return you get on what you have invested in your email marketing campaign. When you have a more specific audience and you start spending the budget in a more responsible manner, you start getting more engagement and gradually increasing your sales and, in turn, improving your ROI.

The reason why increasing your return on investment is so crucial is that it helps you grow your business by getting more income and investing a part of it back into your company. ROI determines the success of your every business endeavor, so you should be doing everything you can to increase it. Besides, more targeted email marketing with the help of email validation will eventually let you improve your campaigns as well.

When you target and personalize your email marketing, you are testing some of the assumptions about your audience to an extent. If you see that a certain tactic works in email marketing, perhaps it could be applied in your other marketing campaigns as long as the audience is largely the same.

#4 Get More Accurate Data and Insights

When you have many inactive, non-existent, and unused email addresses in your mailing list that you use for your email campaigns, you will have a very uneven distribution of the data you collect. It will be extremely skewed because of all of these addresses that either don’t get your emails at all or get them but aren’t used by their owners. If you do use email validation, you will reduce the percentage of “bad” addresses to a minimum.

As Carol Higgs from the writing service reviews site Writing Judge puts it, “For proper data analysis, you need to have accurate data. If you have too much unnecessary information collected in the first place, you can’t possibly get the desired accuracy in your data analysis. Some business owners and markets just don’t realize how important it is to have this analysis done right. But it is crucial for the success of your campaigns – after all, most of your predictions and actions will be based on this very data analysis.”

#5 Enhance Your Reputation

Last but not least, using email validation can help you enhance your reputation. It’s true that not everyone uses email verification. Small businesses and entrepreneurs especially prefer overlooking it and considering email validation an unnecessary step that will only cost them money they think they could spend on other aspects of their business. But that’s exactly why using email verification in your strategy will enhance your reputation so much.

Once you start using email validation, you can advertise this process on your website to show that you take communication with customers seriously (unless you’d prefer for your clients to be unaware of the process) which will, in turn, help you enhance your reputation. In addition to that, integrating email validation into your campaigns is not a difficult procedure and can be done fairly quickly.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, using email validation can help you significantly improve the effectiveness of your email campaigns. Consider the benefits of email validation listed in this article and decide how you want to integrate it into your email marketing strategy.

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