What Are Some Things Every Designer Needs?

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in graphic design? These days, there are plenty of courses on the internet so you can learn everything yourself. And once you get some experience and reputation, finding a steady job should not be that much of a difficulty.

Nevertheless, some people are having doubts about whether the pursuit is worth their time. Moreover, you need quite a lot of stuff, and it can be pretty overwhelming to a number of potential future graphic designers.

The fact is that everything is not as complicated as some people might make it out to be. All the essentials that you need will be mentioned below, so if you decide to become a graphic designer, use the list below as your reference.


A computer should certainly be the first item on the list. Finding a graphic designer without a computer sounds like an impossible task.

Some designers prefer laptops, whereas others would not trade their PC for anything else. Each has its own pros and cons. Laptops are portable, and you can work from places other than home with them. Though they are not as powerful. So if you decide to pick something like a Macbook, do not be surprised to experience more stuttering and other performance problems, just like they are indicated on this page.

The bottom line is that a graphic designer needs a reliable computer. And be sure to take proper care of it. Otherwise, you will need to invest money into renewing hardware and taking the computer.

Pen and Paper

There is no better method than pen and paper if you want to transfer ideas from your head into reality. A simple and quick template or a doodle will suffice, and you can look to transfer that into a digital form later.

Sketching is what a lot of graphic designers have started with, and it does not sound too bad if you have to go back to your roots now and then. Have some paper and a pencil in your bag at all times so you can draw when there is even a slight spark of inspiration.

Graphics Tablet

It is no secret that digital graphic design is taking over the world these days. And a graphics tablet is more or less mandatory for those who are serious about working as graphic designers.

The prices vary, and you can find a solid choice in the range of 50 to 100 dollars. Of course, there are tablets that cost about 500 dollars but ask yourself if you really need one like that or if you can afford to spend so much.

Connecting the tablet to your computer and drawing while you watch it on the screen is a popular method these days. If you have not tried it before, you definitely should.


A smartphone is not exclusive to graphic designers, as most people have it. But the point of a smartphone is to make use of all the features that a gadget like this has.

You can keep in touch with clients. There are simple editing applications that you can use for a quick template. Lastly, you can take a quick picture and use it as a reference for something later.


A good digital camera is going to be necessary if you have a project that requires photo editing, and you have to be the one to take the photos. While good cameras are expensive, you can always look to save some money and invest later if you believe that doing so would accelerate your career.


You may find that having everything on your computer is not optimal. And not just because of the lack of drive space. You cannot predict when the hard drive will break down and deletes all your data.

Transfer the most important stuff to clouds. External storage devices are also a good investment. Finally, you should use backup software, such as Time Machine, on macOS.


Graphic design and editing software depend entirely on an individual. Different people will have different preferences. When looking for the right software, the most important thing is to make sure that you are comfortable using it and that it has all the necessary features. Anything other than that is a bonus. And the more time you will spend using particular software, the better you will become.


Build your portfolio as soon as you start working. Otherwise, you may realize that finding gigs is difficult. There will be other graphic designers who are applying for the same job. And even if you do not have a lot of experience, you can still gain an advantage over them by showing how good your designs are.

Social Media Presence

Register on LinkedIn, as well as other social media platforms. Have the presence and look to connect with your clients as well as peers. Join relevant groups so that you are one of the first to find out the most recent trends and news in the industry.

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